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What is Power Supply Adapter

AC / DC adapter AC adapter (AC adapter) (Japanese AC アダプター) (AC / DC converter), AC means alternating current, and AC adapter is AC power supply. Many electrical appliances use AC adapters. The name of AC Adaper is only used in commercial products. In fact, it is an AC power supply. In the industrial field, we call it switching power supply, but there is a little difference in appearance.

Why Purchase FBELE portable power station


75 national product safety certification,for example UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification

Free Samples

FBELE can provide free samples if the sample quantity below 3pcs is acceptable

Long Service time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make AC / DC adapter, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for AC / DC adapter

How to purchase AC/DC Adapter?

  1. Be sure to know the input voltage range of your power adapter. It’s best to use the world-wide AC100-240V voltage input, so that your computer can’t be used abroad, or it will smoke when you connect AC220V when you return home from abroad.
  2. Be sure to know the output voltage and current of your power adapter!

It is better to be completely consistent with the nominal voltage and current of your power supply. As for the brand, there is little difference in the quality of different brands, because many brands of power supply may come from the same power supply manufacturer and be OEM.

Although the output voltage and current of the power supply have a small variation range, the over-current and over-voltage protection points are accurately tested and set by the manufacturer. The load resistance values of different computers are different. Once some circuit faults occur in the computer, the power adapter can play a protective role. If the power adapter with non nominal voltage and current is selected, it may not protect the computer because its overvoltage and overcurrent protection point settings are different.

  1. Be clear about the aperture size of the DC output line end of your power adapter and the difference between positive and negative inside and outside. Don’t buy it home and find that it can’t be plugged in.
Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Safety regulations and standards

  1. Traceable to safety standards en60335, en60950, ul60950, as / nz60950, EN61558, j60950gb4943, gb17625; Electromagnetic compatibility cispr22, class B, en55022, FCC insulation class B.

2、19V4. 75A power supply, model: fy1904750, trademark: Fuyuan

  1. Stress test: each lead terminal of the product can withstand an axial tension of 2kg for 60 seconds without loosening, blocking or other damage.
  2. Drop test: the height of the product is 90cm, once in each direction of x-y-z. after falling on the pine board surface with a thickness of 1 cm, there is no abnormality. The insulation resistance test is 10m Ω at least. Refer to GB / T 4857.
  3. Wire swing test: the wire has a lifting weight of 200g and a left-right swing angle of 120 degrees. It must still be connected after 300 rounds. Refer to ul-817 / jisc8306.


  1. Working environment temperature range: – 29 ℃ to + 45. 5 ℃ 。
  2. Storage ambient temperature range: – 40 ℃ to + 75 ℃.
  3. Heat resistance: the tested product shall be placed in a high temperature box of 105 ℃± 3 ℃ and tested after 16 hours. The product must meet 4. 7 withstand voltage test requirements, insulation resistance: 500VDC, not less than 10 m Ω, between input and output, input and housing.
  4. Humidity resistance: place it for 8 hours under the condition that the ambient temperature is 40 ℃± 2 ℃ and the relative humidity is 90% – 95%. Take it out for 10 minutes and then test it. The product must meet 4. 7 withstand voltage requirements, insulation resistance: input to output, minimum 10m Ω under 500VDC.


Rated full load, operating temperature 25 ℃. The service life of the product is within 30000 hours.

China Leading Power Supply Adapter Supplier


FBELE- specializing in the production of power adapters, with professional products of high quality, full load aging, GS, UL, KC, PSE, 3-year warranty, serving more than 2000 customers in the world’s top 500 household appliance enterprises

FBELE power adapter, power switch, main power charger, manufacturer direct sales, charging line, data line, complete variety, quality assurance, professional manufacturer, source manufacturer and preferential price

FBELE electronics has been focusing on the customized production of power adapter for 25 years, and provides professional customized solutions. Welcome to inquire!

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.

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