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Founded in 1997, FBELE is a comprehensive national non regional enterprise specializing in the design, research, development, production and sales of high and low voltage fuses, fuses and other national certified products. We have devoted ourselves to the R & D, production and sales of circuit safety protection products for many years

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What is the Function of Automotive Fuse Link

The function of fuse is: when the circuit fails or is abnormal, with the continuous increase of current, and the increased current may damage some important or valuable devices in the circuit, burn the circuit or even cause fire. If the fuse is correctly placed in the circuit, the fuse will fuse itself and cut off the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and a certain time, so as to protect the safe operation of the circuit.

During the use of the car, if any electrical equipment does not work, it may be caused by the burning of the fuse and need to be replaced in time. The methods are as follows: 1. Turn off the ignition switch and open the fuse box cover. 2. Replace the fuse. Precautions: (1) replace the fuse according to the rated current indicated on the fuse box cover, and do not use a fuse higher than the rated current. (2) If the new fuse blows again immediately, it indicates that there may be a fault in the circuit system and should be repaired as soon as possible. (3) Without a spare fuse. In case of emergency, replace the fuse on other equipment that has no impact on driving and safety. (4) If a fuse with the same current load cannot be found, it can be replaced by a fuse with a lower rated current than the original fuse.


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The function of automobile fuse: basic composition

The general fuse consists of three parts: one is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse. When fusing, it plays the role of cutting off the current. The melts of the same type and specification should have the same material, the same geometric size, the resistance value as small and consistent as possible. The most important thing is that the fusing characteristics should be consistent. Household fuses are usually made of lead antimony alloy; The second is the electrode part, which usually has two parts. It is an important part for the connection between the melt and the circuit, and it must have good quality

The installation should have poor electrical conductivity and poor contact; The third is the support part. The fuse melt is generally thin and soft. The function of the support is to fix the melt and make the three parts into a rigid whole, which is convenient for installation and use. It must have good mechanical strength, insulation, heat resistance and flame retardancy, and there shall be no fracture, deformation, combustion and short circuit in use.

Product Testing

The Classification of automobile fuse box:

According to the classification of fuse installation, it can be divided into fuse box and fuse box

According to the fuse size, it can be divided into large fuse box, medium fuse box and small fuse box

According to the material, it can be divided into plastic fuse box and bakelite fuse box

According to environmental protection, it can be divided into environmental protection fuse box,

According to the installation method: it can be divided into lead-in fuse box and circuit board fuse box, and the fuse box is installed on the instrument panel

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We have cooperated with fbele for 8 years. Previously, we only purchased standard products. Since 2019, we know that fbele can also provide processing business of semi-finished products, which saves costs for our company. In the future, we also want to cooperate with fbele on other projects, and the price is also important.


We have cooperated with fbele for 15 years. FBELE is very professional. Every time we need to buy products, as long as we give some small tips (such as models, pictures and even a little description of other companies), they can choose products for me, saving me valuable time

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