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FBELE,professional chip resistor, chip capacitor, chip inductor, optocoupler, diode and triode Supply a full range of SMD resistors, alloy resistors, high-precision resistors, SMD capacitors, CD wound inductors, NR magnetic rubber inductors

  • Large capacity
  • Heat and humidity resistance
  • Stable
  • Long service life

What is Capacitor

Two conductors close to each other are sandwiched with a non-conductive insulating medium, which constitutes a capacitor. When a voltage is applied between the two plates of a capacitor, the capacitor will store electric charge. The capacitance of a capacitor is numerically equal to the ratio of the charge on one conductive plate to the voltage between the two plates. The basic unit of capacitance of a capacitor is farad (f). In the circuit diagram, the letter C is usually used to represent the capacitive element.

Capacitors play an important role in tuning, bypass, coupling and filtering circuits. It is used in the tuning circuit of transistor radio, as well as the coupling circuit and bypass circuit of color TV.

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the updating speed of digital electronic products is faster and faster. The production and sales of consumer electronic products mainly including flat panel TVs (LCD and PDP), notebook computers, digital cameras and other products continue to grow, driving the growth of the capacitor industry.

Why Purchase FBELE Capacitor

Large capacity

Advantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitor (CD): polarity., Large capacity, able to withstand large pulsating current

Heat and humidity resistance

Polyester (polyester) capacitor (CL) advantages: small volume, large capacity, heat and humidity resistance

High Stability

Advantages of polystyrene capacitor (CB): stable, low loss

Long service life

Advantages of tantalum electrolytic capacitor (CA): minimal leakage current, good storage, long service life, small capacity error and small volume

Classification of Capacitor

According to analysis and statistics, capacitors are mainly divided into the following 10 categories:

  1. according to the structure, it is divided into three categories: fixed capacitor, variable capacitor and fine tuning capacitor.
  2. classification by dielectric: organic dielectric capacitor, inorganic dielectric capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, electrothermal capacitor, air dielectric capacitor, etc.
  3. it is divided into: high-frequency bypass capacitor, low-frequency bypass capacitor, filter capacitor, tuning capacitor, high-frequency coupling capacitor, low-frequency coupling capacitor and small capacitor according to the purpose.
  4. it can be divided into ceramic capacitor, polyester capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, tantalum capacitor and advanced polypropylene capacitor according to different manufacturing materials.
  5. high frequency bypass: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitor, polyester capacitor, glass glaze capacitor.
  6. low frequency bypass: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor and polyester capacitor.
  7. Filtering: aluminum electrolytic capacitor, paper dielectric capacitor, composite paper dielectric capacitor, liquid tantalum capacitor.
  8. tuning: ceramic capacitor, mica capacitor, glass film capacitor and polystyrene capacitor.
  9. low coupling: paper capacitor, ceramic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, polyester capacitor, solid tantalum capacitor.
  10. small capacitors: Metallized paper capacitors, ceramic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, polystyrene capacitors, solid tantalum capacitors, glass glaze capacitors, metallized polyester capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, mica

Functions of various capacitors

Function of capacitor in circuit: it has the characteristics of blocking DC, connecting AC and preventing low frequency. It is widely used in coupling, DC isolation, bypass, filtering, tuning, energy conversion and automatic control.

  1. Filter capacitor: it is connected between the positive and negative poles of the DC voltage to filter the unwanted AC components in the DC power supply and make the DC level slip. Usually, large capacity electrolytic capacitors are used, and other types of small capacity capacitors can also be connected in parallel in the circuit to filter the high-frequency AC.
  2. Decoupling capacitor: connected in parallel between the positive and negative poles of the power supply of the amplification circuit to prevent parasitic oscillation caused by positive feedback formed by the internal resistance of the power supply.
  3. Bypass capacitance: in the circuit of AC and DC signals, connect the capacitance at both ends of the resistance in parallel or connect it to the common potential from a certain point of the circuit, and set a path for the AC signal or pulse signal to avoid the voltage drop attenuation caused by the AC signal components passing through the resistance.
  4. Coupling capacitance: in the AC signal processing circuit, it is used to connect the signal source and the signal processing circuit or as the stage connection between two amplifiers. It is used to cut off the DC and let the AC signal or pulse signal pass through, so that the DC working points of the front and rear stage amplification circuits do not affect each other.
  5. Tuning capacitor: connected to both ends of the oscillation coil of the resonance circuit to select the oscillation frequency.
  6. Pad capacitor: an auxiliary capacitor connected in series with the main capacitor of the resonant circuit. Adjusting it can reduce the frequency range of the oscillation signal and significantly improve the oscillation frequency at the low frequency end.
  7. Compensation capacitor: an auxiliary capacitor connected in parallel with the main capacitor of the resonant circuit. Adjusting this capacitor can expand the frequency range of the oscillation signal.
  8. Neutralizing capacitor: connected in parallel between the base and emitter of the triode amplifier to form a negative feedback network to suppress the self-excited oscillation caused by the capacitance between the triodes.
  9. Frequency stabilizing capacitor: in the oscillation circuit, it plays the role of stabilizing the oscillation frequency.
  10. Timing capacitor: it is connected in series with resistance R in RC time constant circuit to jointly determine the length of charge and discharge time.
  11. Acceleration capacitor: connected to the oscillator feedback circuit to accelerate the positive feedback process and improve the amplitude of the oscillation signal.
  12. Shortening capacitance: in UHF tuner circuit, the capacitance connected in series to shorten the length of oscillating inductor.

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FBELE is a series of professional R & D, production, sales and high-end quality CBB capacitors, safety regulation capacitors, film capacitors, Y capacitors, wireless charging CBB capacitors, DC-link capacitors, X2 capacitors and correction capacitors. It now has a 10000 square meter standard independent factory

FBELE specializes in the production of solid-state capacitors, chip electrolytic capacitors, RVT electrolytic capacitors, super capacitors, farad capacitors, SMD electrolytic capacitors. It is a professional manufacturer of a full set of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Tel: 0086-18868647636

FBELE is an agent supplier of SMD capacitors. Its main products are SMD capacitors, SMD resistors, SMD inductors, SMD beads, diodes and triodes. The magnetic bead consignment brands include Fenghua SMD capacitors, Samsung SMD capacitors, TDK SMD capacitors, Guoju SMD capacitors, Murata SMD resistors, etc SMD resistor agent

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Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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