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FBELE electronics has an average team of 10 people with more than 25 years of experience in the research and development of SIM card holder products, and will provide you with professional SIM card holder product design solutions within 24 hours

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Type of SIM card holder

There are many types of SIM card holders. Mobile phones and communication products used in our daily life can not be separated from the SIM card holder, so the types of SIM card holder connectors will continue to innovate with the changes in the electronic component market. Today, the commonly used SIM card holders include: SIM card holder pull-out / drawer type, nano/micro SIM card holder self-propelled type, micro SIM card holder flip cover type, micro SIM card holder flip cover type, nano/micro SIM card holder bracket, two out of three SIM card holders / one in one SD card holder, TF card holder, etc. The common welding conditions for SIM card holder and base plate are as follows: 1. Manual welding: no more than three seconds for soldering below 30 watts and 350 degrees Celsius or no more than five seconds within 270 degrees Celsius; 2. Reflow soldering: within 30 seconds at 265 ℃; 3. Wave soldering: 260 ℃ for 10 seconds; 4. Welding aid conditions: there is no protection plan for the product structure, and it is necessary to prevent the use of water-soluble flux; The SIM card holder belongs to the patch package. Do not put pressure on the terminal before welding to prevent the solder joint from loosening, deformation and deterioration of electrical characteristics; The second two back welding operations must be carried out after the first welding recovers to normal temperature. If continuous heating, the peripheral part of the SIM card holder will be deformed, the terminal will be loose and fall off, and the electrical characteristics may be reduced; In this way, the flux can be prevented from flowing into the restricted area to form defects; Combined products shall not be operated beyond the preset force setting value.

Why Purchase SIM Card Holder

Free Samples

Less than 10 samples can be provided according to customer requirements, and the sample delivery time is 3 days

All varieties

SIM card holder, SD card holder, TF card holder, micro SIM card holder, nano SIM card holder, two out of three SIM card holders, multi in one card holder, etc

Various capacities

Storage capacity of SIM card holder: generally, the SIM card holder has a storage capacity of 8KB. In addition, there are sim card holders with capacities of 16k/32k/64k/128k respectively


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for SIM Card Holder

FBELE card slot patent

the development of today’s terminal market, the number of multi-functional SIM card holders is increasing. With the continuous innovation and upgrading of electronic devices with SIM card slots, many products require the use of multi-functional SIM card holders. The commonly used multi-functional SIM card holders with card holders are: Sim nano+nano+tf, SIM micro+nano+tf, SIM nano+nano+tf, nano SIM card holder with card holder, and micro SIM card holder with card holder, The waterproof nano SIM card holder is equipped with a card holder. As the volume requirements of communication electronic products become smaller and smaller, the manufacturer correspondingly reduces the size of the SIM card to avoid being occupied by too much space. In order to facilitate the use of the above SIM card holders, the manufacturer also configures corresponding card holders for convenient use. The fbele patent application discloses a SIM card holder called “two out of three SIM card holders”, which is composed of nano, micro and TF card holders respectively, including an insulating body Three conductive terminal groups formed on the insulating body, a shielding shell covering the upper part of the terminal group, and a drawer seat that can be pushed and pulled between the shielding shell and the terminal group. The drawer seat includes three card holding slots, two of which are overlapped, the two overlapped card holding slots are TF card slot and the first s-top card slot, and the other card slot is the second SM card slot. The projection of the first top card slot and the second SIM card slot in the card insertion direction coincides, resulting in the contact part of the conductive terminals of the two SM card terminal groups in the projection coincidence position. When the drawer seat holds two SIM cards, in the process of inserting / pulling out, the gold finger of the SIM card on the front side of the card inserting direction needs to rub the contact part of the conductive terminals of the two SIM card terminal groups, resulting in the phenomenon that the gold finger of the SIM card on the front side is unable to recognize the card due to excessive wear.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

In What are the structures of the SIM card holder connector?

With the continuous development of mobile phone and other electronic products in recent years, the market demand has gradually expanded. Do you know the composition of mobile phone socket connectors? Fbele electronics shares with you the structure of the SIM card holder connector?

Insulator insulator is also often called base or insert. Its function is to place the touch pieces according to the required orientation and distance, and ensure the insulation function between the touch pieces and between the touch pieces and the shell. Excellent insulation resistance, voltage resistance and processability are the basic requirements for selecting insulation materials to be processed into insulators.

Contacts are the central part of the adapter to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, a touch pair is composed of a male touch piece and a female touch piece, which are electrically connected after the insertion of the female and male touch pieces. The male touch part is a rigid part, and its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square cylinder (square pin) or flat (insert). The male touch pieces are generally made of brass and phosphor bronze. The female touch piece is the socket, which is the key part of the touch pair. It relies on the elastic structure to produce elastic deformation when it is inserted with the pin, resulting in the elastic force. It forms a tight touch with the male touch piece and completes the connection. There are many types of jacks, including cylindrical (slotted, necked), tuning fork, cantilever (longitudinally slotted), folded (longitudinally slotted, 9-shaped), box (square) and hyperboloid spring jacks.

The shell, also known as the shell, is the outer cover of the. It provides mechanical maintenance for the built-in insulating device board and pins, and provides the alignment when the plug and socket are inserted, so as to fix the adapter to the equipment.

Accessories are divided into structural accessories and device accessories. Structural accessories such as snap ring, locating key, locating pin, guide pin, connecting ring, clamp, sealing ring, sealing gasket, etc. Device accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, spring rings, etc. Most of the accessories are standard parts and general parts.

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FBELE is a global company focusing on connector innovation and R & D. with 25 years of advanced engineering technology experience, FBELE has the full process ability from product innovation design to high-quality production, and a perfect global service network to provide customers with multiple connector solutions!

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