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FBELE is a company specializing in the production and processing of ceiling speakers, with a complete quality management system Integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry.

  • Diameter Sizes are: 4 “, 5”, 6 “, 8”, etc
  • Power: 3W, 6W, 10W, 20W, 40W, etc
  • Installation methods: surface mounted ceiling speakerand concealed ceiling speaker
  • functions: Waterproof ceiling horn, fireproof ceiling speakerand active ceiling speaker

What is Ceiling Speaker

Ceiling loudspeaker is an important member of public address system. It is an electroacoustic converter installed on the ceiling. It is used to convert the audio electric power signal input by the loudspeaker into acoustic power signal and radiate it to the space where sound needs to be supplied in the form of sound wave. It is generally used in public places to input audio power signal in the way of constant voltage. There are also places with less space to transmit signal in the way of constant resistance.

Why use FBELE Ceiling Speaker

Good sound quality
Good sound quality

FBELE ceiling speaker is one of the top 10 brands in China.with best sound level.

long life time
Long Life Time

Due to the adherence to the use of high-quality raw materials and strict incoming inspection, the product has a long service life

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the Ceiling speaker

Widely used
Widely use

It is widely used in guests, hotels, factories, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, clubs

Purpose of In-wall Speakers

It is widely used in guests, hotels, factories, schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, clubs, villas and other places as the restoration equipment of various sounds such as background music, fire broadcasting, paging broadcasting, public broadcasting and so on.


Purchase of ceiling speakers:


The greater the power of the speaker, the greater the sound pressure. The power of the power amplifier is usually 1.2-2 times that of the speaker!

Signal to noise ratio:

The ratio between the normal sound signal played back by the speaker and the noise signal (power) without signal is expressed in dB. The signal-to-noise ratio can only be tested by professional equipment,

The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the lower the noise. The lower the signal-to-noise ratio is, the more serious the noise is when the signal is input, and the sound in the whole range is obviously turbid. Ceiling speakers with signal-to-noise ratio lower than 80dB are not recommended to be purchased.

FBELE: Your Reliable Ceiling speaker Supplier in China


FBELE is a high-quality manufacturer of ceiling speakers, with many years of experience, patented technology and quality assurance. Its main products are exported to foreign countries, well-known audio manufacturers and reasonable prices.

FBELE Brand is one of the leading ceiling suppliers and all of our ceiling speaker can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

FBELE is one stop solution for ceiling speaker kits for your project.FBELE can provide OEM and ODM service.whether you are Distributor of ceiling speaker systems or you are manufacturer of electronic products.

Please donot hesitate to contact us immediately for your Inquiry!!

What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We cooperated with FBELE since 2018,what ever time I send massage to FBELE, I allways get their quickly reply even in middle ninght in BeiJing time, it seems we have no time difference with FBELE,It’s really amazing,it really very good service!


We are a manufacturer of medical accessories. We have purchased ceramic tablets from fbele for 5 years. We just started cooperation five years ago. We visited and reviewed the fbele factory. The equipment is very advanced and the test is very strict. Quality assurance.

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High quality ceiling speaker kits, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

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Genaral Questions About Ceiling Speaker

What are the application scenarios of ceiling speaker

Originally, ceiling mounted sound was mainly used in business scenes, various types of shops, stores, hotels, bars, gyms, schools and so on. With the improvement of modern people’s quality of life, more and more ceiling stereos have entered the family field. And occupy a considerable market share

How to choose Ceiling speaker ?

From the aspect of function selection: the main function of the type is on the host, and the function on the partition panel only controls the sound source, sound effect and volume of the partition. Each partition controller of the split type is equivalent to the function of the type to the partition controller. The main functions are on the partition controller. The energy conservation and environmental protection are different, the type power is relatively large, and the power consumption is relatively large. A large volume is bound to cause noise to the neighbors. Split type, low power consumption

What is the reason for the low sound of the ceiling horn?

Reason for the low sound of ceiling horn: you use a conventional power amplifier to connect to the constant voltage gear, resulting in insufficient output voltage, so the sound is low. Of course, some ceiling mounted sound systems have constant pressure input but no constant resistance due to cost savings

What is the installation method of ceiling speaker?

Basically, it is the positive pole. Connect the horn, and plug this wire into the snail horn. There is a Zhuangtou on the horn, which needs to be equipped with a wire plug, which is connected to the fixed screw fixing the horn.

What brand of indoor ceiling loudspeaker is good?

Fbele has been focusing on the production of ceiling speakers for 25 years. The top ten brands have good sound quality and reliability!

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