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FBELE hollow cup motor has low noise and long service life High energy conversion efficiency, can provide customized development services Hollow cup motor, short product cycle, strict quality control and timely delivery .

  • Low noise
  • High power and torque
  • The speed can be customized
  • High energy conversion efficiency

What is Coreless Motor

Hollow cup motor belongs to DC permanent magnet servo and control motor, which can also be classified as micro special motor. Hollow cup motor has outstanding energy-saving characteristics, sensitive and convenient control characteristics and stable operation characteristics, and its technology progressiveness is very obvious. As a high-efficiency energy conversion device, it represents the development direction of motor in many fields. The structure of hollow cup motor breaks through the rotor structure of traditional motor, and adopts coreless rotor, also known as hollow cup rotor. This novel rotor structure completely eliminates the power loss caused by the eddy current formed by the iron core.

At the same time, its weight and moment of inertia are greatly reduced, so as to reduce the mechanical energy loss of the rotor itself. Due to the structural change of the rotor, the operating characteristics of the motor have been greatly improved. It not only has outstanding energy-saving characteristics, but also has the control and driving characteristics that can not be achieved by the iron core motor

Why Purchase FBELE Hollow cup motor

small size
Small Size

Because of its small size,Coreless Motor can be applied to electronic products with limited space.


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

good consistency
Long Service time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make Coreless Motor, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Coreless Motor

Classification & characteristics of Coreless Motor


The hollow cup motor is divided into two types: brush and brushless. The rotor of the brush hollow cup motor has no iron core, and the stator of the brushless hollow cup motor has no iron core. The winding adopts triangular connection method

Main characteristics

Hollow cup motor mainly has the following characteristics:

  1. Energy saving characteristics: the energy conversion efficiency is very high, and its maximum efficiency is generally more than 70%, and some products can reach more than 90% (iron core motor is generally 70%).
  2. Control characteristics: start and brake quickly, respond very quickly, the mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, and some products can reach less than 10 milliseconds (generally more than 100 milliseconds for iron core motors); In the high-speed operation state in the recommended operation area, the speed can be adjusted sensitively and conveniently.
  3. Drag characteristics: the operation stability is very reliable and the speed fluctuation is very small. As a micro motor, its speed fluctuation can be easily controlled within 2%.

In addition, the energy density of the hollow cup motor is greatly improved, and its weight and volume are reduced by 1 / 3-1 / 2 compared with the iron core motor with the same power

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Application of Coreless Motor

Because the hollow cup motor overcomes the insurmountable technical obstacles of the iron core motor, and its prominent characteristics focus on the main performance of the motor, it has a broad application field. Especially with the rapid development of industrial technology, higher expectations and requirements are constantly put forward for the servo characteristics of the motor, so that the hollow cup motor has an irreplaceable position in many applications.

After the application of hollow cup motor has entered the large industrial and civil fields from the military and high-tech fields, it has developed rapidly in the past ten years, especially in the industrial developed countries, which has involved most industries and many products.

  1. Servo system requiring fast response. Such as rapid adjustment of missile flight direction, follow-up control of high magnification optical drive, rapid automatic focusing, highly sensitive recording and detection equipment, industrial robot, bionic prosthesis, etc., hollow cup motor can well meet its technical requirements.
  2. Products requiring stable and lasting driving of driving elements. For example, all kinds of portable instruments and meters, personal portable equipment, instruments and equipment for field operation, electric vehicles, etc. with the same set of power supply, the power supply time can be more than doubled.
  3. Various aircraft, including aviation, aerospace, aircraft model, etc. Using the advantages of light weight, small volume and low energy consumption of hollow cup motor, the weight of aircraft can be reduced to the greatest extent.
  4. All kinds of civil electrical appliances and industrial products. Using the hollow cup motor as the actuator can improve the product grade and superior performance.
  5. Taking advantage of its high energy conversion efficiency, it is also used as a generator; Using its linear operation characteristics, it is also used as a tachogenerator; Equipped with reducer, it can also be used as torque motor.

With the progress of industrial technology, the strict technical conditions of various electromechanical equipment put forward higher and higher technical requirements for servo motor. At the same time, the application scope of hollow cup motor has completely separated from the limitations of high-end products, and is rapidly expanding its application scope in low-end products such as general civil products, so as to widely improve product quality. According to relevant statistics, hollow cup motors have been mature and applied to more than 100 civil products in industrial developed countries.

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FBELE specializes in the production of hollow cup (brush and brushless) hollow cup motor + planetary reducer + encoder “size range diameter” Φ 16mm. 20.5mm. 22mm. 24.5mm. 25mm. 28mm. 32mm. 35mm. 36mm. 45mm. Φ 65mm》

FBELE is committed to producing and selling more than 40 series of DC speed reduction motors, brushless speed reduction motors, turbine vortex rod motors, micro speed reduction motors, DC speed reduction motors and hollow cup motors, with motor diameters ranging from 6 to 60 mm. The product price is reasonable and the models are complete

FBELE produces various specifications of speed reducing motors, DC speed reducing motors, micro DC speed reducing motors, hoists, hoist motors, which are directly sold by manufacturers, with low price, simple structure, convenient installation, reasonable design and complete parameters. They can be customized according to user needs

Please contact us immediately for you request,we will fully support.

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We cooperated with FBELE since 2018,what ever time I send massage to FBELE, I allways get their quickly reply even in middle ninght in BeiJing time, it seems we have no time difference with FBELE,It’s really amazing,it really very good service!


We know FBELE in June 2021 ,we are new client,

When I first bought FBELE products, I was worried about the quality, but after receiving the first batch of trial order goods, my doubts were dispelled. FBELE product quality is very good! We will place big order this year, thanks for FBELE!

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