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FBELE DC gear motor and planetary reduction motor can be customized according to customer requirements Can provide a variety of micro reducer, DC reducer, to provide customers with professional design solutions

  • Small size and light weight
  • High power and torque
  • The speed can be customized
  • Long life time,good quality level

What is DC Gear Motor

DC reduction motor, i.e. gear reduction motor, is based on ordinary DC motor and matched gear reduction box. The function of gear reducer is to provide lower speed and larger torque. At the same time, different reduction ratios of the gearbox can provide different speeds and moments. This greatly improves the utilization rate of DC motor in the automation industry. Reduction motor refers to the integration of reducer and motor (motor). This kind of integrated body can also be called gear motor or gear motor. It is usually supplied in complete sets after integrated assembly by a professional reducer manufacturer. Reduction motors are widely used in iron and steel industry, machinery industry and so on. The advantage of using reduction motor is to simplify the design and save space.

Why Purchase FBELE Gear Reduction Motor

small size
Small Size

Because of its small size, gear reduction motor can be applied to electronic products with limited space.


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

long life time
Long life time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make gear reduction motor, so it has a long service life

long life time

FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for gear reduction motor

Classification of reduction motor

  1. High power gear motor.
  2. Coaxial helical gear reduction motor.
  3. Parallel shaft helical gear reduction motor.
  4. Spiral bevel gear reduction motor.
  5. FBELEseries gear reduction motors are widely used in the reduction transmission mechanism of various general mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, hoisting, transportation, cement, construction, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical and so on.
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Overview of reduction motor

DC reduction motor is a common micro reduction motor in the electromechanical industry, but it should not have much professional knowledge about the performance and materials of the reduction motor and how the manufacturer selects materials, which can not be understood in a day or two. It mainly includes: considering the magnetic field quality, considering the directionality and uniformity of the magnetic permeability of the hedge core of various gear reduction motors, cold rolling, and considering the working magnetic density of the reduction motor core, Considering the core loss and other aspects, but the selection of material and structure design for foreign high-tech reducer is not well understood, so the above are some knowledge of domestic DC reducer motor.

  1. The reduction motor is manufactured in combination with international technical requirements and has high scientific and technological content.
  2. Space saving, reliable and durable, high overload bearing capacity, and the power can reach more than 95kw.
  3. Low energy consumption, superior performance, reducer efficiency of more than 95%.
  4. It has the advantages of low vibration, low noise and high energy saving. It adopts high-quality steel materials, steel cast iron box, and the gear surface is subject to high-frequency heat treatment.
  5. After precision machining, the positioning accuracy is ensured. All these constitute the gear reduction motor of the gear transmission assembly, which is equipped with various motors, forming electromechanical integration, and completely ensuring the quality characteristics of the product.
  6. The products adopt the design idea of serialization and modularization and have wide adaptability. This series of products have extremely many motor combinations, installation positions and structural schemes, and can choose any speed and various structural forms according to the actual needs.

China Leading DC reduction motor Supplier


FBELE specializes in producing and selling gear reduction motors. All products have passed UL, ENEC and other international product certification and comply with ROHS environmental protection regulations Ensure the quality of products delivered.

FBELE is committed to producing and selling more than 40 series of DC speed reduction motors, brushless speed reduction motors, turbine vortex rod motors, micro speed reduction motors, DC speed reduction motors and hollow cup motors, with motor diameters ranging from 6 to 60 mm. The product price is reasonable and the models are complete

FBELE produces various specifications of speed reducing motors, DC speed reducing motors, micro DC speed reducing motors, hoists, hoist motors, which are directly sold by manufacturers, with low price, simple structure, convenient installation, reasonable design and complete parameters. They can be customized according to user needs

Please contact us immediately for you request,we will fully support.

What does customer say about FBELE Company


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