Detailed explanation of installation steps for forklift backup alarm

Backup alarm is widely used in real life.Many people don’t know how to install backup alarm, Today, FBELE will introduce it.

1、 Introduction to forklift backup alarm

The forklift backup alarm is a device used to indicate the danger of a vehicle moving backwards. It can alert drivers through sound or images to avoid accidents. The installation of the forklift backup alarm is relatively simple, and the specific installation steps are introduced below.

2、 Installation steps for forklift backup alarm

  1. Install the probe

Install the probe at the rear of the vehicle, usually adjacent to the license plate. Firstly, determine the position of the probe and then fix it on the vehicle body. It should be noted that the fixed position of the probe should be kept stable to avoid errors in the backward prompt caused by vibration.

  1. Install the controller

Install the controller on the vehicle, usually in a prominent position inside the driver’s cab. Firstly, make a small hole in the outer shell of the controller and extend the connecting wire inside the controller through this hole; Then match the connecting wire with the interface of the controller and fix the position of the connecting wire.

  1. Connect the power supply

Connect the power cord to the power source and turn it on. In the connecting wire, there is usually a red wire and a black wire, with the red wire connected to the positive pole and the black wire connected to the negative pole.

  1. Debugging and Testing

After installation, the first step is to debug and test the forklift backup alarm. When debugging, you can first test in an area without obstacles to see if the prompt sound or image can be emitted normally when stepping back. If the forklift backup alarm does not emit a sound or image, it is necessary to check if there is a problem with the power supply or connecting wires.

After debugging, on-site testing can be conducted. During testing, it is necessary to have a person stand behind to confirm if they can hear the back tone or see the prompt image. At the same time, drivers also need to observe the situation behind them through rearview mirrors and other means.

backup alarm

3、 Summary

Points to pay attention to during the installation process of the forklift backup alarm:

  1. The installation of the probe should be kept stable to avoid errors in the backward prompt caused by vibration;
  2. A small hole needs to be opened on the outer shell of the controller and the connecting wire needs to be extended inside the controller;
  3. When connecting the power supply, pay attention to the connection method of the positive and negative poles;

After installation, the forklift backup alarm should be debugged and tested to ensure its normal operation.

The installation of the forklift backup alarm is not difficult, just pay attention to some basic methods and precautions. After installing the forklift backup alarm, it can effectively help the driver issue a warning when reversing, ensuring driving safety.

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