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What is Dip Switch & Rotary code switch

Dip switch, also known as dial switch, is a switch that can be adjusted manually. It is mostly a group of several switches in the form of standard dual in-line package (DIP). “Dip switch” can refer to individual switches or a whole group of switches. Dip switches are generally designed on printed circuit boards and used with other electronic components. The main purpose is to adjust the characteristics of electronic equipment.

Dip switch can be regarded as a substitute for jumper group. Its main advantage is that the switch is easier to switch state than jumper, and there is no short connector that may be lost or fall off. Dip switch with sliding lever applied for U.S. patent in 1976 [1]. Dip switch began to be used in 1974 and was used in the Flickr game of Atari in 1977.

Why Purchase FBELE Dip Switch & Rotary code switch

High Voltage
Free Samples

FBELE can provide free samples if the sample quantity below 5pcs is acceptable


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the Micro Switches

Convenient installation

FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Micro Switches

Feature introduction & Types of DIP Switches

mechanical properties

  1. Operating force: 800g Max
  2. Push button stroke: 2.00mm
  3. Service temperature: – 20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
  4. Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃

Electrical characteristics

  1. Electrical life: each switch is tested under the voltage of 24VDC and current of 25mA, and can be toggled back and forth for 2000 times.
  2. Rated current for infrequent switching of switch: 100mA, withstand voltage 50VDC.
  3. Rated current frequently switched by the switch: 25mA, Withstand Voltage 24VDC.
  4. Contact impedance: (a) the maximum initial value is 50m Ω, (b) the maximum value after test is 100m Ω.
  5. Insulation impedance: minimum 100m Ω, 500VDC.
  6. Withstand voltage strength: 500VAC / 1 minute.
  7. Inter polar capacitance: max. 5pf
  8. Circuits: single contact single selection


1 flat dial dip switch

  1. Key type dip switch
  2. Right angle dip switch
  3. IC dip switch
  4. Chip dial switch
  5. Rotary dip switch
Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Application for Dip Switch & Rotary code switch

Dip switch is widely used in industry standard architecture (ISA) computer expansion card to select interrupt request (IRQ) and memory address. Before the advent of cheaper battery powered ram, arcades in the 1980s also used dip switches to set game parameters, such as difficulty or the amount of money to be invested each time. Dip switch is also commonly used in garage door opener or some early wireless phones to set security code. The maximum length of the security code can be set with 12 switches, which can be used to avoid electromagnetic interference with other garage door openers or other equipment. The current garage door opener has been changed to a rolling code with high security.

The display cards used in early computers often had dip switches because of their compatibility with other display specifications. For example, color graphics adapter (CGA) graphics card allows compatibility with the specifications of monochrome display adapter (MDA), which can be achieved through the setting of DIP switch.

Dip switch is rarely used in consumer electronic products since 1990. The reasons include the trend of product volume reduction, the relatively simple setting of product configuration through software menu, and the price reduction of nonvolatile memory. However, dip switches are still often used in industrial products, mainly because they are cheap, easy to integrate with circuits, and can be set in case of power failure.

Dip switches can still be set on some remote control devices to avoid interference between different devices. For example, the remote controller for controlling ceiling fans and lamps. There will be a dip switch on the remote controller, which can set different RF for different transmitters / receivers. Therefore, the remote controller can be used in different rooms in the same house without unexpected mutual interference.

In X10 smart home devices, the rotary switch is also commonly used to set the home, room or device number. Rotary switches are also used in some transmitters (especially VHF and FM broadcast transmitters) to set the DC bias of the VCO (determine the center frequency of the carrier).

Dip Switch Cleaning and Soldering

1. During all operations, please make sure the switch is in the “off” position.
2. Wave Soldering: Recommended solder temperature at 500°F (260C) for up to 5 seconds.
3. Hand Soldering: Use a 30-watt soldering iron to control the temperature at 608°F (320C), and the soldering time is about 2 seconds.
4. Cleaning process: Ultrasonic cleaning can give better results. When using steam, the temperature should not exceed 125°F
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Dip switch selection elements
①Output code
2-decimal code:
Also known as BCD code, the 8421 code in the form of binary gives the decimal numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. 8, 9, requires 4
root signal line and a – a COM.
2-Hexadecimal code:
The hexadecimal numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A, B, C, D, E, F are given in 8421 code in binary form,
Requires 4 signal wires and a COM.
Decimal code:
The output adopts decimal code, output 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 signal lines and 1 COM are required.
②Type of terminal
PCB terminal, solder terminal
③Installation method
One-touch installation, screw-fastening installation
Connectors, end plates, etc.

dip switch

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FBELE The dip switch portfolio includes SPST, DPST and DPDT switches, as well as surface mount and through-hole dip switch options. Te switches are available in a variety of actuator styles and sizes

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Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.

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Genaral Questions About Dip Switch & Rotary code switch

Can the DIP switch be over high voltage (230VAC)

The dial switch is specially designed for low-voltage and small current circuits and cannot withstand high voltage for a long time. It is not recommended to use high-voltage circuits. The DIP switch is a signal switch and cannot be used in high-voltage and large current systems. So it’s impossible

Can the multimeter measure the 8-digit dip dial switch?

Yes, turn the dial switch and use a multimeter to measure whether it is good or bad 3. Where is the manufacturer of DIP switch? This kind of switch factory has good quality in Ningbo, among which FBELE is a large factory. Their switches have good conductivity and are available in all specifications.

Where is the manufacturer of DIP switch?

This kind of switch factory has good quality in Ningbo, among which FBELE is a large factory. Their switches have good conductivity and are available in all specifications.

How to classify dip switches?

There are many types of dial switches. According to the pin position, they are divided into dip and SMD. According to the way of the dial, they are divided into flat dial and side dial. According to the foot spacing, there are 2.54mm and 1.27mm foot spacing. According to the color, there are black, red and blue. According to the state, there are two states and three states. According to the number of bits, the normal number is 11 bits such as 1-10 bits and 12 bits. In fact, there are many kinds of subdivisions.it also can devide into DS,DP,DA,DIL,SMT type

By the way, can the DIP switch be used as a general switch?

Low voltage and small current circuits can be used, but not for 220 V voltage or large current. Answer: low voltage and small current circuits can be used [50 V, less than 1 A]

How to set FBELE DIP switch?

For example, if you have 8 dial switches, you can connect each switch to i0.0 ~ 10.7 in turn, and the value of ib0 is the corresponding value of your switch.

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