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Distance measurement sensors are used to measure distance. These types of sensors use various methods to measure distance, which can be measured in different units. Flight time is a method of calculating the distance between two points using light waves (LiDAR sensors) or sound waves (ultrasonic sensors). This article will focus on explaining how ultrasonic distance sensor work and provide a detailed explanation using the HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module as an example.

What is a distance sensor?

The distance sensor of your application can be used to quickly measure and avoid obstacles in the application.

The distance sensor measures the distance by emitting a signal and measuring the time required to return to the sensor.

These sensors are used to determine the distance of an object without any necessary physical contact.

When using ultrasonic sensors for distance detection, transparent and irregularly shaped targets can be reliably detected.

According to the technology you are using, distance sensors can also be used to detect proximity in certain applications.


Using ultrasonic sensors for distance measurement?

Ultrasonic sensors, also known as sonar sensors, are one of the most common distance sensors because they measure the distance from objects by transmitting high-frequency ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic Sensor: How to Work Ultrasonic sensors emit high-frequency sound waves to targets.

Sound waves are picked up by the target.

After the sound wave rebounds, it reflects back to the ultrasonic sensor.

By utilizing the return time of sound waves, we can measure distance.



Do I need to configure an external power supply for my distance sensor?

Yes, an external power source is necessary to power the sensor, and FBELE sensors have very low power requirements, so they can be powered by batteries or even solar energy.

Can I use a distance sensor in a closed environment?

Ultrasonic sensors can be effectively used to measure distance in enclosed environments. You should pay attention to environmental issues during the sensor selection process. Temperature and condensation may affect the selection of sensors, even when used in enclosed environments.


In short, distance measurement sensors can help you measure distance in various situations. There are many types of sensors (such as HC-SR04) that are most suitable for different applications. Understanding which type to use and how it works will ensure that you fully utilize sensors.

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