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FBELE produce Hi Fi electret microphone with high fidelity, good restoration Equipped with standard acoustic laboratory and B & K audio analyzer, 20-year production plant and 20-year quality assurance

  • Hi Fi electret microphone
  • Clear and powerful sound quality
  • Compliance with EU environmental protection
  • High signal-to-noise ratio

What is Condenser Microphone

Electret microphone is a condenser microphone that uses an electret that has been injected with charge and polarized in advance to replace the polarization power supply. There are two types of electret microphone. One is to use electret polymer film material as diaphragm (vibration mode). At this time, the diaphragm undertakes the dual tasks of sound wave reception and polarization voltage at the same time; The other is to use electret material as rear plate (back pole type), which only plays the role of polarization voltage.

Why use electret condenser microphone

low cost
Low Cost

Due to its small size and less material consumption, the cost of electret condenser microphone is relatively low.

Good sound quality
High Quality Level

High definition, high restoration, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion and low noise

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the Electret Condenser Microphone

Convenient installation

FBELE company’s electret microphone can be customized

Working principle of electret microphone

The electret microphone has two metal plates, one of which is coated with an electret film (mostly perfluoroethylene propylene) and grounded, the other plate is connected to the gate of the field effect transistor, and a diode is connected between the gate and the source. When the electret diaphragm itself is charged, the electric quantity of surface charge is Q, and the capacitance between plates is C, the ground voltage U = q / C is generated on the pole head. When the mechanical wave is irradiated, the capacitance C changes and the electric quantity Q remains unchanged, which will cause the change of voltage. The magnitude of voltage change reflects the strength of external sound pressure, and the length of this voltage reflects the wavelength of external sound wave

electret microphone

Production Process Of electret microphone

The production process of the electret microphoneis complex, mainly including piezoelectric film capacitance, group capacity meter, welding piezoelectric film wire, discharge piezoelectric film, pouring piezoelectric film, 1600H, glue, cover plate, testing, pouring Epoxy, aging, audiometry, printing, visual inspection, sealing paper, packaging. FBELE has first-class production technology in china

What is the difference between a microphone, microphone head, and a MEMS microphone?

Electret microphones and capacitor microphones all have junction field effect transistors, abbreviated as FET. It is the English abbreviation of junction field effect transistor. We don’t care what it’s called or why it’s called that name. At the beginning stage, we only need to know that this FET transistor is for signal amplification and impedance conversion. So, how to understand its amplifying effect? Let’s start with a metaphor today, and learn the theory tomorrow. See picture.
FET is a valve control system for a tank. The gate is the control electrode, which can be regarded as a valve. When we twist the valve a little, there will be water flow (the red dotted line cutting head) from the water inlet (S source) to the drain continuously, and then supply through the drain. to a place with water. For example, the valve on the water tank, as long as we unscrew 2mm, there will be at least 10mm of water (depending on the thickness of the pipe and the size of the valve). What if the valve is not a tank valve, but a dam valve? Unscrew it by 2mm, and the water should be at least 1 meter or even 10 meters from the reservoir. This ratio is even higher, hundreds or even thousands of times the magnification! Back to the FET, the gate is the valve. It is not the hand that is twisted, but the voltage on the gate. In the microphone head, the voltage on the gate comes from the pole on the “pole” formed by the plate, diaphragm and washer. Voltage charge! The water flow of the red dashed arrow in the above picture is the current IDSS of the FET, which we usually say is less than 500uA, and the value displayed on the tester. FBELE produces all kinds of microphones, I have what you want. FBELE understands circuits better, and FBELE can solve any problems in the application of microphones and microphone heads. FBELE now has a high-gain microphone, which can collect voice clearly at a distance of 100 meters, using a Korean chip. Strong anti-WIFI interference performance, the microphone is close to the wifi antenna, and there is no interference! This is something ordinary mics can’t do!


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