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What are the necessary Electricians Tools?

Test pencil

Test pen is also called test pen, which is referred to as “pen”. It is an electrical tool used to test whether there is electricity in the wire. There is a neon bubble in the pen. If the neon bubble emits light during the test, it indicates that the wire has electricity or is the live wire of the path.


Screwdrivers, also known as drivers and screwdrivers, are mainly used to tighten or remove fasteners.

Electric soldering iron

Electric soldering iron, a necessary tool for repair by melting tin, is mainly used to weld pins between components.

A multimeter

Multimeter is an indispensable maintenance tool in electrical measurement. It is indispensable in detecting electronic circuits. With a multimeter, faults can be quickly located.

Electrical tape

The full name of electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation tape, and some people call it electrical insulation tape or insulating tape

Hot melt glue gun

Hot melt adhesive gun is a kind of decoration tool, which is widely used in electronic factories, food factories, packaging factories, and other hot melt adhesive strip bonding products

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Hot air gun

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hot melt gun & Glue

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soldering equipment

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Why Purchase FBELE Electricians Tools

Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production line, the cost of Electricians Tools is relatively low.

World Famous Brand

25 years of Electricians Tools industry, 2 million successful cases.

Long Life Time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the Electricians Tools.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Electricians Tools.

Low & High voltage electroscope

(1) Usage of low voltage electroscope

When using, you must touch the metal part of the pen tail with your fingers, and make the small window of the neon tube backlit and face yourself, so as to observe the brightness and darkness of the neon tube and prevent misjudgment due to too strong light. See the following figure for the use method. When the charged body is tested with the electric pen, the current passes through the charged body, the electric pen, the human body and the earth to form an electrified circuit. As long as the potential difference between the charged body and the earth exceeds 60V, the neon tube in the electric pen will emit light. The voltage range detected by low-voltage electroscope is 60-500v.

matters needing attention:

(1) Before use, the electroscope must be tested at the place with power supply to prove that the electroscope is indeed good before use.

(2) During the electricity test, the electroscope shall be gradually close to the object to be tested until the neon tube lights up. It is not allowed to directly contact the object to be tested.

(3) When checking electricity, the finger must touch the metal body at the end of the pen, otherwise the charged body will also be misjudged as a non charged body.

(4) When checking the electricity, it is necessary to prevent fingers from touching the metal part of the pen tip to avoid electric shock accidents

Usage of high voltage electroscope

During use, two persons shall operate, one for operation and the other for supervision. When outdoors, it must be used in sunny days. The personnel carrying out electrical inspection shall wear insulating gloves that meet the requirements and hold them correctly. As shown in the figure above. Before use, it shall be tested on the electrified body to check whether it is intact. Unreliable electroscope shall not be used. The high-voltage electroscope shall undergo a voltage withstand test every six months to ensure safety.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Electric soldering iron

Electric soldering iron is the heat source of soldering iron brazing. It has two types: internal heating type and external heating type. The shape is shown in the figure below. Before welding, generally remove the oxide layer of the welding head and apply tin with flux to make the front end of the welding head always keep a thin layer of tin to prevent oxidation, reduce energy consumption and ensure good heat conduction. There is no unified requirement for the holding method of electric soldering iron, and the principle is not easy to fatigue and easy to operate. When welding wires with electric soldering iron, solder and flux must be used. The solder is usually filiform solder or pure tin, and the common flux is rosin, solder paste, etc. The basic requirements for welding are: the solder joint must be firm, the tin liquid must be fully penetrated, the surface of the solder joint must be smooth and glossy, and “false welding” and “sandwich welding” should be prevented. The reason for “false soldering” is that the solder cannot flow fully because the surface of the weldment is not cleaned or the flux is too small, resulting in too little tin hanging on the surface of the weldment and insufficient fixation between the weldments; The cause of “sandwich welding” is that the soldering iron temperature is low or the soldering iron residence time is too short during welding, and the soldering tin is not fully melted.

(a) High power electric soldering iron (b) low power electric soldering iron

Precautions for electric soldering iron:

(1) Before use, check whether the power cord is in good condition and whether it is scalded.

(2) When welding electronic components (especially integrated blocks), safety measures such as power leakage prevention shall be taken.

(3) When the welding head does not “eat tin” due to oxidation, hard burning is not allowed.

(4) Do not throw tin when there is too much tin on the welding head to weld; Do not knock.

(5) When welding small components, the time should not be too long to avoid damaging the components or insulation due to heat.

(6) After welding, unplug the power plug and place the electric iron on the metal support to prevent scalding or fire.

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FBELE is a manufacturer of high-efficiency automatic welding tools, electric soldering irons and accessories integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Its products include numerical control constant temperature electric soldering irons, lead-free soldering stations, digital display soldering stations, constant temperature soldering stations, automatic soldering stations, soldering iron heads, hot air guns, testers, meters and instruments, etc

FBELE’s Electricians Tools are sold in more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 10000 cases. Provide comprehensive solutions for products, scheme design and engineering construction.

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