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What is Ethernet Connectors

RJ45 is a kind of information socket (i.e. communication outlet) connector in the wiring system. The connector is composed of a plug (connector, crystal head) and a socket (module). The plug has 8 grooves and 8 contacts. RJ is the abbreviation of registered jack, which means “registered socket”. In FCC (Federal Communications Commission standards and regulations), RJ describes the interface of public telecommunication network, and RJ45 of computer network is the common name of standard 8-bit modular interface. RJ45 is composed of plug and socket. The connector composed of these two components is connected between the wires to realize the electrical continuity of the wires. The core of RJ45 module is modular jack. The gold-plated wire or socket hole can maintain a stable and reliable electrical connection with the modular socket spring. Due to the friction between the spring piece and the insertion hole, the electrical contact is further strengthened with the insertion of the plug. The jack body is designed with an overall locking mechanism, so that when the modular plug is inserted, the maximum pulling strength can be generated outside the interface between the plug and Jack. The wiring module on the RJ45 module is connected to the twisted pair through the “U” shaped wiring slot, and the locking spring can fix the RJ45 module on the panel and other information outlet devices

Why Purchase Ethernet Connectors

2 Times of Touch Sensitivity

compared with similar industrial displays with USB touch signal input, the touch sensitivity of industrial displays with RJ45 network interface signal input is 2 times of the former

Anti Falling off

RJ45 network port design of industrial display meets the design standard of aviation interface, and the anti falling off interface is more stable

Poor Contact Prevention

touch the RJ45 interface of intelligent industrial display, adopt standardized production and operation procedures, fine technology, and measurement error is almost zero

Anti Rusting

RJ45 interface is made of anti-corrosion material, which can still be used normally in wet environment, so as to ensure that the interface is not rusted

Specifications of Ethernet Connectors

The commonly used RJ45 unshielded module is 2cm high, 2cm wide and 3cm thick. The plastic body is resistant to high voltage and flame retardance. It can be clamped into any M-series modular panel, bracket or surface mounting box, and can be installed at 90 ° (vertical) or 45 ° angle on the standard panel. The special process design provides at least 750 times of repeated plugging. The module uses t568-a and t568-b wiring generic labels. This module is one of the most widely used modules in the generic cabling system. Its shape remains quite consistent no matter from category 3, category 5, super category 5 and category 6.

Classification: the wiring structure and appearance of information modules from different manufacturers are also different, and the classification methods are also different. According to the installation position of RJ45 module, it is divided into four standards: embedded type, carpet type, table type and general type. It is divided into unshielded module and shielded module according to shielding performance. When installing the shielded cable system, the entire link must be shielded, including cables and connectors. Shielded information modules are required. The information modules are divided according to whether wiring is required during module termination. The information modules are wired and wire free. The wiring information module requires a special wiring tool to press the twisted pair wire into the wiring slot of the information module. The design of the thread free tool is also a reflection of the humanized design of the module, which does not require a special tool when the module is terminated. According to different wiring positions, it is divided into upper termination and tail termination. Most products adopt upper termination


Differences between RJ45 and RJ11 connectors

Ethernet cable is the most commonly used component in home network. It can also be terminated with various RJ connectors, such as RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector. The letter “RJ” represents the registered jack. It is a standard telecommunication network interface, designed by bell system and managed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and is used to connect voice and data equipment to services or long-distance carriers provided by local switching operators. Because these two connectors have similar appearance, many people often mix them together.

Although RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector have similar appearance, there are still some differences between them: I. application of RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector

The biggest difference between RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector lies in the position where they are actually used. RJ45 connector is used for network. You can connect computers or other network components to each other. RJ11 is a cable connector for telephone, ADSL and modem cables.

2、 Structure of RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector

In addition to applications, RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector also have different connector structures, which can be easily viewed and identified by individuals. If you carefully observe the two connectors, you will find that there are only four wires in RJ11 and eight wires in RJ45. Since more wires must be accommodated, the RJ45 connector is also a little larger than the RJ11.

3、 Wiring scheme of RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector

Another difference between RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector is their wiring scheme. A typical RJ11 connector has six terminals, and usually only the middle four pins are used. For example, pots (ordinary old telephone line) usually contains two pairs of wires, which are designed for two independent telephone lines. The center pin (red and green) contains the first telephone line, and the connection mode of the telephone system is also different.

For RJ45 connector, it has two different wiring schemes -t-568a and t-568b. These two routing schemes can be used to create cross cables or through cables. The crossover cable has a t-568a connector at one end and a t-568b connector at the other end. When no router, hub or switch is available, it is usually used for direct computer to computer connection. The straight through cable has t-568a or t-568b at both ends for connecting different types of equipment.

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