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What is Power Extension reels

Cable reel, also known as cable reel or cable reel, has become the mainstream solution in the field of mobile transmission (power, data and fluid media) by replacing sliding contact line with its characteristics of small installation space, convenient maintenance, reliable use and low cost. According to the driving form, the cable reel can be divided into two categories: non electric type and electric type; According to the cable arrangement, it can be divided into axial single row and axial multi row; According to the position of collector slip ring, it can be divided into slip ring inner type and slip ring outer type; According to the winding materials, it is divided into Kaihui cable drum and hose drum. The non electric type includes: elastic (TA) type, heavy hammer (ZC) type and magnetic coupling type (jqc); Electric type includes: magnetic coupling type (JQD), torque motor type (KDO), hysteresis type (CZ) and variable frequency control type (BP).

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Principle, performance and Application I

Elastic type

  1. Working principle:

The working principle of the elastic cable drum is similar to that of the steel tape. The worm coil spring is used as the power to wind up the cable. When the cable is pulled out, tighten the volute coil spring to store energy. When the external force is withdrawn, the spring releases energy and the drum will automatically wind up the cable.

  1. Performance and features:

Simple installation, good synchronization performance and low cable tension, but the spring is easy to fatigue and short service life.

  1. Scope of application:

Applicable cables: power cables with sectional area less than 35mm and signal cables with sectional area less than 24 cores;

Winding length: no more than 30m;

Applicable equipment: such as electromagnetic suction cup, grab, electric trolley, etc.

Heavy hammer type

  1. Working principle:

The heavy hammer type cable reel is a mechanical device that automatically reels the cable by using the principle that the heavy hammer is lifted and stored energy. When the cable is pulled out, the cable reel is driven to rotate, so as to drive the steel wire rope reel coaxially connected with the cable reel to rotate, lift the heavy hammer and store potential energy. When the reel needs to take up the cable, the weight drops to release the potential energy. Under the tension of the steel wire rope, it drives the cable reel coaxially connected with the steel wire rope reel to rotate and take up the cable synchronously.

  1. Performance and features:

The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable performance and convenient installation and maintenance.

  1. Scope of application:

Applicable cable: cable with cross-sectional area of 25 ~ 50 mm.

Winding length: less than 50m.

Applicable equipment: especially suitable for severe working conditions, such as metallurgical vehicles and mining vehicles such as all kinds of ladle cars, hot metal cars, slag jigs and so on.

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Principle, Performance and Application II

Magnetic coupling type

A Working principle:

The permanent magnet coupler is a differential adjustment mechanism, which outputs a constant torque to the cable reel. When the rated torque is exceeded, the coupler slips. When the equipment drives to the ground cable anchorage, the power drives the reel to wind up the cable through the permanent magnet coupler, and the torque output by the coupler to the reel is adjustable, so as to ensure that the linear speed of cable winding is synchronized with the running speed of the crane.

When the equipment drives away from the ground cable anchorage, due to the one-way clutch sprocket on the reel, the power cannot be transmitted to the cable reel. When the crane is running, drag the cable, so that the reel will produce a torque greater than the system resistance (cable release hysteresis) and release the cable synchronously.

According to the actual working conditions, the traveling axle (jqc Series) or motor (JQD Series) in the transmission system of mobile equipment can be selected as the power output.

  1. Performance and features:

Permanent magnet technology is used in the last stage of drum drive system, with low speed and no heating; The cable tension can be adjusted to protect the cable, but the axial single row should not be used to avoid excessive dry sound.

  1. Scope of application


Applicable cables: power cables and multi-core signal cables with sectional area of 25 mm2 and below;

Winding length: when the stroke exceeds 100m, in order to ensure the cable arrangement effect, a synchronous cable puller shall be installed.

Applicable equipment: various electric flat cars, trolleys, straddle cars and other electric vehicles,


Applicable cable: power cable with cross-sectional area of 10 ~ 35 mm;

Winding length: less than 300m;

Applicable equipment: various small tonnage gantry cranes, dam top gantry crane of hydropower station, etc.


Applicable cable: multi-core control signal cable (steel core is required);

Winding length: less than 100m in the vertical direction;

Applicable equipment: especially suitable for the main and auxiliary lifting, hydraulic grab beam and trash remover grab of dam top gantry crane in hydropower station.

Electrical requirements: the motor works when the cable is received, and the motor is powered off when the cable is released.

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