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Function of fascia gun: high frequency impact can help muscle and soft tissue relax and recover. Which fascia gun is more effective? The stability, amplitude, depth, frequency, weight and noise of fascia gun were compared experimentally. FBELE performed well

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What is Fascia Gun & Massage

Fascia gun, also known as deep myofascial impactor, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the body’s soft tissue through high-frequency impact. The fascia gun can be understood as a civil version of DMS (electric deep muscle stimulator). When used, the vibration frequency will change, and its basic function is similar to that of DMS. The use of fascia gun must pay attention to the methods. At the same time, the first use of fascia gun needs to be used under the guidance of professionals. It is best to use it step by step, otherwise it may cause damage. In the 2017 NBA Finals, Cavaliers guard Carey Owen, with the help of physiotherapists, relaxed his back and thigh muscles with a fascia gun and quickly returned to the court. Then the team service widely used in the US professional league began to enter the Chinese market at the end of 2017

Why Purchase FBELE Fascia Gun & Massage

Save Time and Money

Save time, effort and money. This advantage is mainly for artificial massage

Small & Easy Carry

Small and easy to carry, low price. The weight is mostly about 1kg, which is easy to store and carry

More Massage Areas

There are more massage areas. Compared with the foam shaft, the fascia gun can be used to massage the neck, shoulder, arm, Achilles tendon, sole and other parts with very small contact surface

Effectively Relax The Muscles

Effectively relax the muscles, impact the deep soft tissues, effectively defeat lactic acid, and rejuvenate the body

What is the Function of Fascia Gun


Fascia gun can help improve the pain symptoms of fasciitis patients, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote the recovery of muscle and soft tissue. The relevant person in charge of the rehabilitation treatment Committee of China Rehabilitation Medical Association said that vibration can promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues or eliminate fatigue, and indirectly affect the repair of tissues. In other words, the fascia gun can help improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote the recovery of muscle and soft tissue.

Exercise relaxation

After exercise, muscle tension, lactic acid accumulation, hypoxia, especially after excessive exercise, the muscle is very stiff, and it is difficult to recover by oneself. The outer layer of human muscle will be wrapped by a layer of fascia, so that muscle fibers can contract in an orderly direction to achieve a better functional state. After excessive exercise, muscle fascia will be expanded or squeezed, resulting in pain and discomfort. Fascia gun is used to solve muscle tension and other problems through external physical methods, which is similar to the role of ligament stretching, muscle stretching and auxiliary massage after the training of professional athletes in the past. There is a difference between using and not using. With the help of the fascia gun, the recovery time and efficiency after exercise will be improved. Reasonable and correct use of the fascia gun can indeed help relieve muscle soreness after exercise.

During exercise, the use of fascia gun can be divided into three parts, namely, warm-up before exercise, activation during exercise and recovery after exercise.

Before exercise, use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscle groups to be exercised, so as to increase the temperature and blood flow of the muscle groups, which is helpful to achieve the effect of rapid warming up.

In the interval between the two groups of exercises, use the fascia gun to activate the tired muscles again and get ready for the next group of exercises.

The fascia gun vibrates at a high or low frequency, and the effect of high frequency should be shallow. If it is a deep muscle, it uses more low-frequency, and the low-frequency impact will be slower and more lasting. The application of high frequency is more effective in friction, and heat is generated through friction, which is more suitable for relieving muscle stiffness.

After exercise, use a fascia gun to shock the exercised muscle groups for a long time according to the principle of pain points, so as to assist in metabolism of lactic acid and reduce muscle tension. For example, after doing push ups, use a fascia gun to impact the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor muscles for more than two minutes


How to Purchase Fascia Gun

Intended for

Not everyone can use the fascia gun. If the operation is not professional, it will also cause personal damage, and it has little effect on the repair of soft tissue damage. If it is operated improperly or for a long time, it may increase fatigue. Pregnant women or people with health problems should not use it.

Shopping guide

There is little difference between fascial guns with more than 1000 yuan. Those with tens of yuan and those with one or two hundred yuan have large impact, instability, large amplitude and small strength. In particular, the motor, the core part of the fascia gun, may be guaranteed by big brands. The cheap fascia gun on the market can not play a deep impact and relaxation effect at all, but a “vibrator” in the form of simple vibration, which obviously can not meet the demands of consumers. Most of the motors are brush motors, and some even use inferior motors, which lack a protection mechanism, and are easy to cause harm to the human body. There are some fascia guns in the market whose rotation speed is higher than 3000, so the vibration force is too large, and it is easy to cause damage. The fascia gun with 2000-3000 revolutions can produce better results.

  1. motor (brushless or brush motor); 2. noise; 3. battery capacity (maximum endurance). The battery should not be too small, otherwise the massage will be dead [10]; 4. effective amplitude; 5. the more gears are not the better. The three gears with obvious differences, namely, high, medium and low, are enough. For example, the more than 30 gears advertised by some brands are not practical; The quality of the entry-level fascia gun is uneven. It can only realize the basic vibration and is not a real massage tool.

The fascia gun on the market plays a relaxing role at most, and will not have the effect of weight loss. It does not have therapeutic function, nor is it omnipotent. Improper use of fascia gun will not relieve pain, but may also stimulate blood vessels and lead to muscle spasm. The fascia gun is not a medical device. It is publicized with the functions of prevention and treatment. It belongs to false and exaggerated publicity and is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the advertising law and the drug administration law.

China Leading Fascia Gun & Massage Supplier


FBELE is a fascia gun that can relax muscles and soft tissues, so that you can keep away from pain; It can relieve pain, reduce muscle friction, and stretch muscles

Which brand of fascia gun is good? How to choose one with high cost performance? FBELE has favorable prices, good product quality, first-class service, and immediate delivery from inventory. It is your first choice

Is the fascia gun an IQ tax or is it really useful? Recently, the fascia gun is very popular. Both basketball stars (such as Ross) and entertainment stars (such as Yang Kun) are using this gun. Many fitness coaches and yoga teachers have also bought this gun to let customers relax. Even in the rehabilitation department of many hospitals, rehabilitation doctors are using the fascia gun to relax the muscles of patients Please purchase FBELE fascia gun

What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We have cooperated with fbele for 8 years. Previously, we only purchased standard products. Since 2019, we know that fbele can also provide processing business of semi-finished products, which saves costs for our company. In the future, we also want to cooperate with fbele on other projects, and the price is also important.


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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