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FBELE earphones improve the performance of real wireless earphones to a new level. Active noise reduction and intelligent pause function provide high-quality listening experience anytime and anywhere Strong battery life, IPx4 level protection performance, enjoy excellent sound experience.

  • Excellent stereo effect,enjoy great sound.
  • Active noise reduction function,New audio experience
  • Strong endurance,Up to 28 hours of use
  • Fitting ear canal, comfortable and natural

What is Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets

Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets are a pair of conversion units, which accept the electrical signal from the media player or receiver and convert it into audible sound wave by using the speaker close to the ear. The earphone can be separated from the media player and can be connected with only one plug. It can listen to the sound alone without affecting others; It can also separate the sound of the surrounding environment, which is very helpful for people who use it in noisy environments such as recording studios, bars, travel, sports, etc. Headphones were originally used for telephone and radio, but with the prevalence of portable electronic devices, headphones are mostly used for mobile phones, Walkman, radio, portable video games and digital audio players.

Why buy FBELE Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets

Light Weight
Light weight

3.4g extremely light weight, 50-60% lighter than ordinary Bluetooth headset

Good sound quality
Lower power consumption

The headset adopts a newly upgraded Bluetooth chipset and supports Bluetooth V5 Version 2, lower power consumption, faster transmission。

long life time
Noise reduction function.

Noise control includes three modes: noise reduction, shutdown and transparent transmission

Convenient installation
Super long standby time

Under the condition of full power (500mah), the headset can be charged 5.5 times to increase the battery life of the headset to 32 hours

What is a high fidelity headset?

The main performances of high fidelity earphones recommended in IEC 581-10 document of the International Electrotechnical Commission are: the frequency range is not less than 50hz-12500hz, and the optimal frequency response of dynamic earphones is about 5-45000hz; The allowable error of typical frequency response is plus or minus 3dB; The slope of frequency response curve shall not exceed 9dB per octave; Within 250hz-800hz, the difference between the average sound pressure level of the left and right units in the same octave bandwidth shall not exceed 2dB; Within the range of 100hz-5000hz, when the sound pressure level is 94db, the harmonic distortion shall not exceed 1% and 3% at 100dB; The biggest advantage of headphones over speakers is in details. Actually listening to a pair of excellent headphones should have good sound analysis, rich details and no audible distortion; The low frequency is powerful and clear, which is effectively controlled; The whole frequency band should be smooth and flat, with low frequency but warm and high frequency but cold. For any pair of headphones, tri band cannot be perfect, and the smooth and natural connection between them is the most important


Purchase of Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets

Different earphones should be selected according to the purpose. If it is for general learning and listening to the news, you only need to choose the low-cost headset and ordinary electromagnetic headset. It is better to adjust the volume with earmuffs. If you enjoy music, choose high fidelity headphones. The most convenient thing to use is wireless headphones without connecting. In addition, there are earphones with radio, which can listen to all kinds of programs at any time.

Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets Supplier in China


FBELE is top ten Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets  manufacturers, you are trustworthy to buy from FBELE.

FBELE Brand is one of the leading Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets suppliers and all of our Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

Subvert the design concept of traditional TWS earphone box, bring the three-dimensional “lipstick” appearance of luxury sensory enjoyment, and integrate aesthetics and technology: semi open active noise reduction 2.0, air comfort, dual connection of equipment.

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


FBELE headphones are very cost-effective. After 3 years of agency by our company, the market share is very high. It also benefits from fbele’s stable quality and exquisite packaging


FBELE Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets are of good quality, low price, good service and fast development of new products. It is a rare high-quality supplier in China.

Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets
China Best Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets Manufacturer & Supplier

High quality Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

FBELE Certification

Genaral Questions About Headphones & Earbuds & Headsets

What is the difference between flat head headphones, in ear headphones and headphones?

Flat headset: the headset is located in the external auditory canal, with a certain buffer space for sound. The closure of the headset is low, and the sound is lost. Earphones: earphones are closer to the eardrum, with high sealing, good sound insulation effect and less sound loss. They can be centrally received by the eardrum, making it easier to hear the details. Headphones: they are non in ear headphones, which are generally closed, large in size and inconvenient to carry.

What are the drivers of headphones?

Dynamic headphones: dynamic headphones are the most common headphones, including headphones and earplugs. Generally speaking, the larger the diameter of the driver unit, the better the performance of the headset. (PS: large does not directly mean better sound quality). Moving iron type: the size of the moving iron unit is very small, which can be more easily inserted into the depth of the ear canal, and the structure of the ear canal is simpler than that of the auricle, so that it can achieve the effect of sound insulation and leakage prevention. Circle iron mixing: in theory, the circle iron mixing can achieve the ideal state that the advantages and disadvantages of moving coil and moving iron complement each other. Electrostatic: electrostatic earphones are expensive and expensive to locate, so they need to be used with external earphones and computers.

Which brand of headphones is good?

This is the most frequently asked question. In fact, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different brands, different models and series of the same brand have different sound styles and sound quality. The key is to see whether they are right or not. Fbele headphones are of good quality, top ten brands, and low price is the first choice.

How to choose the sensitivity of headphones?

Sensitivity refers to the sound pressure level that the headset can emit when the headset inputs 1 MW of power. The higher the sensitivity, the easier it is to make sound and drive. If you only want to buy headphones for mobile phones, MP3 players and other non ordinary players, try to choose headphones with low impedance and high sensitivity.

How to choose a suitable type of earphone?

Headphones can be roughly divided into E-sports headphones, Bluetooth headphones, sports headphones, hifi headphones, monitoring headphones and so on. You can choose the corresponding headphones according to your needs. Except for E-sports headphones, the rest can be said to be music headphones. Music headphones are also biased in design. You can choose the corresponding music headphones according to your favorite music type. If you often listen to rock music, you need headphones with prominent tri band middle and low frequencies to cope with a large number of bass of rock music.

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