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What is Heat Sink

Heat Sink is also called radiator aluminum profile or Aluminum Heat Sink. Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, light weight, good heat dissipation performance and good energy-saving effect.

The surface of thealuminum heatsinks extruded is anodized for surface treatment to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and appearance beauty of the aluminum.

The commonly used types of Extrusion Profile Heat Sinks in China include: electronic, electrical and computer radiator aluminum profiles, industrial heat sink, radiator profiles for power semiconductors, etc.

Aluminum profile radiator is widely used in machinery, automobile, wind power generation, engineering machinery, air compressor, railway locomotive, household appliances and other industries because of its superior performance.

Why Buy FBELE Aluminum HeatSink


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

Free Samples

FBELE can provide free samples if the sample quantity below 5pcs is acceptable

Long Service time

FBELE uses high-quality materials to make HeatSink, so it has a long service life


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink

Advantage of industrial heat sink

Aluminum profile radiators mainly include high-pressure cast aluminum and tensile aluminum alloy welding. Its advantages mainly include:

① The heat dissipation of aluminum profile radiator is good, and the characteristics of energy saving are very obvious. In the same room, if the radiator with the same specification is used, the number of aluminum cast pieces is less than that of steel.

② The aluminum profile radiator has good oxidation and corrosion resistance without adding any additives. Its principle is that once aluminum encounters oxygen in the air, it will form a layer of oxide film, which is tough and dense to prevent further corrosion to the body material.

Choose aluminum profile radiator, and it is best to choose high-pressure cast aluminum module combined radiator. The radiator is integrally die cast, so there is no problem of weld water leakage. Moreover, its biggest advantage is that the product is not limited by the district heating system, and can not be corroded by oxygen even in the open boiler system. Due to the modular design, if the indoor temperature is found to be insufficient after a heating season, one or two pieces can be installed in the second year to meet their own needs, instead of replacing the whole group of heating like the steel radiator.

In addition, since the requirements for water quality of aluminum radiator are different from that of steel, the mixed installation of aluminum radiator and other materials should be avoided.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Installation steps of Aluminum Heat Sink

First, please unpack the aluminum radiator and install the vent valve and Union first. 2. The position of the hole for installing the special hook can be drawn on the wall according to the provided installation drawing or relevant requirements. 3 When installing the aluminum profile radiator, consider the damage to the radiator caused by the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the heating pipe. 4. Put the 12 expansion pipe in and flat. 5. Please use the impact drill to drill 12 holes, and the depth is appropriate for the outer side of the expansion pipe to be flush with the wall after the expansion pipe is put in. 6. Install the bottom hook and tighten the screws after meeting the requirements. 7. Place the aluminum profile radiator on the hook installed at the bottom, install the upper hook and adjust the position of the hook. After clamping, tighten the expansion screw. When placing the radiator, place the vent valve above. 8. After installing and assembling the pipe joint, install the pipe according to the requirements of the drawing and connect it with the water inlet and outlet. Fasten all parts. The rear side is 3.5cm away from the wall and 5cm away from the kick angle line. 9. Please input hot water, open the vent valve and vent until water comes out. The operating pressure of aluminum profile radiator shall not exceed 0.12mpa listed in the manual 10. The oxygen content in the heat medium shall not be greater than 0.05g per square meter. The medium water used for radiator shall meet PH9 ≤ 9, and pH ≤ 12 when there are internal anti-corrosion measures

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FBELE company is an enterprise that develops, produces and sells various specifications of aluminum materials, aluminum radiators and heat sink. Products are widely used, including lighting industry, industrial industry, decoration industry, auto parts, daily use, furniture, etc.

Aluminum Heat sink are used in regulated power supply, switching power supply, variable frequency power supply, audio equipment and electronic products FBELE is a professional manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales of aluminum profile radiator

FBELE Extrusion Profile Heat Sinks, aluminum electronic radiator, Aluminum Heat Sink, direct sales from the source manufacturer, customizable, delivery, fast delivery, complete specifications and types, lightning delivery, welcome to inquire, we will serve you wholeheartedly, operate in good faith, and look forward to cooperating with you

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We cooperated with FBELE since 2018,what ever time I send massage to FBELE, I allways get their quickly reply even in middle ninght in BeiJing time, it seems we have no time difference with FBELE,It’s really amazing,it really very good service!


We know FBELE in June 2021 ,we are new client,

When I first bought FBELE products, I was worried about the quality, but after receiving the first batch of trial order goods, my doubts were dispelled. FBELE product quality is very good! We will place big order this year, thanks for FBELE!

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FBELE Aluminum Heat Sink is independently developed and produced by the manufacturer. Many products have obtained practical patents. Aluminum profile radiator has high-power heat dissipation, long service life and the price is lower than the average market price The aluminum profile radiator is made by FBELE and is durable Welcome to inquire!

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