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What is High Frequency Transformer

High frequency transformer is a power transformer whose working frequency exceeds the intermediate frequency (10kHz). It is mainly used as a high-frequency switching power transformer in high-frequency switching power supply. It is also used as a high-frequency inverter transformer in high-frequency inverter power supply and high-frequency inverter welding machine. According to the working frequency, it can be divided into several grades: 10khz- 50KHz, 50khz-100khz, 100kHz ~ 500KHz, 500KHz ~ 1MHz and above 10MHz. High frequency transformer is the most important component of switching power supply. There are many topologies in switching power supply. For example, in the half bridge power conversion circuit, two switching triodes are connected in turn to generate 100kHz high-frequency pulse wave, and then the high-frequency transformer is used to transform the voltage and output AC. the ratio of turns of each winding coil of the high-frequency transformer determines the output voltage. Three high-frequency transformers are the most prominent in a typical half bridge transformer circuit: main transformer, drive transformer and auxiliary transformer (standby transformer). Each transformer has its own measurement standard in national regulations. For example, as long as the main transformer is a power supply above 200W, its magnetic core diameter (height) shall not be less than 35mm. For the auxiliary transformer, when the power supply power does not exceed 300W, its magnetic core diameter reaches 16mm.

What is a good High Frequency Transformer?

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ISO9001,TS16949, UL, TUV, CQC certification

Bests appearance

After soldering, the pin pin pin is flat and smooth without foreign matters. The tape has no tolerance


FBELE have own mould central and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for High frequency transformer

Design Principle of High Frequency Transformer

In the design of high-frequency transformer, the leakage inductance and distributed capacitance of transformer must be minimized, because the high-frequency transformer in switching power supply transmits high-frequency pulse square wave signal. In the transient process of transmission, leakage inductance and distributed capacitance will cause surge current, peak voltage and top oscillation, resulting in increased loss. Generally, the leakage inductance of transformer is controlled to be 1% ~ 3% of the primary inductance.

Leakage inductance of primary coil —- leakage inductance of transformer is caused by incomplete coupling of magnetic flux between primary coil and secondary coil, between layers, and between turns.

Distributed capacitance —- the capacitance formed between transformer winding turns, between the upper and lower layers of the same winding, between different windings, and between winding and shielding layer is called distributed capacitance.

Primary winding – the primary winding shall be placed on the innermost layer, so that the length of wires used for each turn of the primary winding of the transformer can be minimized, so as to minimize the wires used for the whole winding, which effectively reduces the distributed capacitance of the primary winding itself.

Secondary winding —- after the primary winding is wound, the secondary winding shall be wound with (3 ~ 5) layers of insulation liner. This can reduce the capacitance of the distributed capacitance between the primary and secondary windings, and also increase the insulation strength between the primary and secondary windings, meeting the requirements of insulation and withstand voltage.

Bias winding —- whether the bias winding is wound between the primary and secondary or the outermost layer is related to whether the switching power supply is adjusted according to the secondary voltage or the primary voltage.


Manufacturing Technology for High Frequency Transformer


A determine parameters of bobbin

  1. all winding lines shall be flat without overlap
  2. single group winding can be done with monochrome wire, and double group winding must be done with two-color wire or open wire dipping tin to separate the foot position, so as to avoid wrong winding
  3. the crossing line must be separated by adhesive tape
  4. completely and evenly loosen the winding
  5. closely wound wires shall be uniform and tight
  6. both sides of the coil shall keep enough safe distance from the edge of the winding slot a, B
  7. the sleeve must be long enough, with one end extending into the safety tape of the winding pipe and the other end extending out of the upper edge of bobbin, but not close to the pin
  8. the outermost adhesive tape shall be cut on the core assembly surface, and the cutting part must be covered by the core.
  9. the edge of the tape shall be flush with the winding groove, and the tape shall not be skewed, folded back or damaged.
  10. tape shall be pasted under the crossing line to keep the crossing line insulated from the coil under it.

The second key point of manufacturing process for high frequency transformer


A vertical bobbin

Thick line: 0.8 φ Above winding 1 turn

Thin wire: 0.2-0.8 φ Winding 1.5 turns

Very thin line: 0.2 φ Following winding 2-3 turns

Principle of vertical bobbin winding method: the winding line shall be pressed to the bottom as far as possible and shall not exceed the convex point.

B horizontal bobbin: about 2-3 turns. Do not press the bobbin to the bottom to avoid scalding bobbin during soldering. If there are width restrictions and the specifications are strict, use this method. Press the bobbin to the bottom, solder, and then cut the pin to reduce the width of the whole transformer.

C horizontal type (horizontal type), bobbin wrapping method: about 2-3 rounds of loose wrapping, do not press to the bottom to avoid scalding bobbin during soldering.

Note: if the product has a width limit and the specification is tight, it is a special case that the winding part must be cut short. At this time, the winding must be pressed to the bottom as far as possible.

The third key point of manufacturing process for high frequency transformer



General casing location rules:

A external: the shorter the distance between the end of the sleeve and the pin, the better, but remember never to wrap the sleeve around the pin, which will cause empty welding.

B interior: a without side wall fitting, flat pasting bobbin is about 1/2l long

  1. there is side wall matching, and the casing must be in the retaining wall.

The width and material of the margin tape shall not be changed arbitrarily, because the width and material of the margin tape are related to the safety regulations when designing the transformer, and special attention shall be paid.

Width of wall tape: generally, it shall be the same as the height of the winding winding to prevent the copper wire from being stacked on the false wall during winding. However, if it is difficult to install the core, it will sometimes be wrapped about 1/2-3/4 in height, but the winding shall not be stacked on the false wall.

Skill: sometimes, if the thickness of the incoming and outgoing lines will be affected by the thick casing, the method of skipping the outgoing line can be adopted. At this time, pay special attention to the position of the casing, and be sure to have enough safety distance (the width of the false wall).

This point must go deep into the false wall. Sometimes, due to the large gap of the false wall or when the copper foil and the m/f are wound together, it is not obvious whether to go deep into the false wall or the m/t on the line. Safety rods with the same width as the m/t must be selected for measurement.

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