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FBELE is an intelligent Hot air gun manufacturer integrating the production and sales of intelligent Hot air gun and brushless intelligent Hot air gun. It is an Hot air gun brand that provides high-quality intelligent Hot air gun, intelligent Hot air gun price and intelligent electric screwdriver

  • Temperature rises quickly
  • Prevent dust
  • low voltage power supply
  • more efficient

What is Hot Air Gun

Hot air gun is a tool that uses the hot air blown from the gun core of the heating resistance wire to weld and remove components. According to the working principle of the hot air gun, the main part of the hot air gun control circuit should include temperature signal amplification circuit, comparison circuit, SCR control circuit, sensor, risk control circuit, etc. In addition, in order to improve the overall performance of the circuit, some auxiliary circuits should be set, such as temperature display circuit, shutdown delay circuit and zero crossing detection circuit. The temperature display circuit is set to facilitate temperature adjustment. The temperature displayed by the temperature display circuit is the actual temperature of the circuit, and the worker can manually adjust it according to the temperature displayed on the display screen during operation. Hot air gun is one of the most used tools in mobile phone maintenance, and the process requirements are also very high. From removing or installing small components to large integrated circuits, hot-air guns are used. In different occasions, there are special requirements for the temperature and air volume of the hot air gun. Too low a temperature will cause faulty soldering of components, and too high a temperature will cause the worst components and circuit boards. Excessive air volume will blow away small components. At the same time, it is also important to choose a hot-air gun. Do not choose a low-grade hot-air gun because of the price

What is a Best Hot Air Gun?

Temperature rises quickly

The temperature rises quickly when the machine is turned on, and the high temperature can be reached in tens of seconds

Convenient to Operate

FBELE temperature change switch knob is very convenient to operate

Prevent Dust

The nozzle is designed with spherical shutter, which can effectively prevent dust and avoid accidental blockage

More Efficient

It can be vertically placed on the desktop, freeing hands and making the work more efficient

Operation instructions for hot air gun

  1. Before use, make sure that it is reliably grounded to prevent static electricity on the tool from damaging components.
  2. It shall be adjusted to the appropriate temperature and air volume, and the temperature and air volume of the hot air gun shall be adjusted according to different nozzle shapes and working requirements; The disassembly and welding time of resistance, capacitance and other micro components is about 5 seconds, the general IC disassembly and welding time is about 15 seconds, and the small BGA disassembly and welding time is about 30 seconds, The disassembly and welding time of large BGA is about 50 seconds (for example, when the a1130 nozzle is used for the white light 850B hot air gun, the air volume is adjusted to level 1 and the temperature is adjusted to level 3.5; when the nozzle is not used, the air volume is adjusted to level 4 and the temperature is adjusted to level 4. When the a1130 nozzle is used for the digital atten850d, the air volume is adjusted to level 3 and the temperature is adjusted to 350 degrees; when the nozzle is not used, the air volume is adjusted to level 4.5 and the temperature is adjusted to 380 degrees).
  3. When the power switch is turned on, the hot-air gun shall be preheated until the temperature is stable before welding. During use, the welding iron part shall be evenly heated at 1~2cm above the element and the element shall not be touched; During disassembly and welding, pay attention to the safety of surrounding components.
  4. Do not use too much force when installing the nozzle, and do not strike the worktable with the welding iron to give a strong impact, so as to avoid damage to the heating wire and high-temperature glass.
  5. Be very careful during high-temperature operation. Do not use a hot-air gun near flammable gases and objects. Pay attention to personal safety. Turn off the power supply and wait for it to cool when replacing components and leaving. Unplug the power plug when it is not used for a long time.
  6. When the work is completed, turn off the power switch. At this time, the automatic cooling period begins. Do not unplug the power plug during the cooling period.

What are the types of hot air guns

What is a hot air gun? What are the types of hot air guns? The hot air gun belongs to a welding tool, which uses the resistance wire in the body to produce hot air to weld or remove some devices. There are four types of hot air guns: common type, standard type, digital temperature display type and high temperature type. What is the difference between these four types? This paper gives a comprehensive introduction to the four kinds of hot air guns.

Ordinary hot air gun

The price of this type of hot air is the cheapest, about 300. It is obviously certain that the temperature is not very stable. The temperature of the hot air is higher and lower, and the air volume is also very unstable. There are also scales on the hot-air gun, but they are only used to adjust the power of the hot-air gun. Many of them change the temperature. Therefore, the preheating is very slow when the hot-air gun is started. Generally, after a while, the temperature will change greatly. It is easy to burn things if you don’t pay attention.

Standard hot air gun

The price is slightly higher than that of the previous type. It is about 500. The scale on the gun body is used to adjust the temperature. As soon as it is started up, the temperature rises very quickly. Generally, it takes only a few seconds to reach the specified temperature. Within an appropriate range, the air volume is relatively stable. It is more suitable for electrical appliances used to repair small parts such as mobile phones. Most people use this air gun.

Digital temperature display type hot air gun

The function of this type of hot air gun is basically similar to that of the standard hot air gun, except that there are multiple temperature display functions. Generally speaking, the temperature display is relatively accurate, but there are some cases where the display is not very accurate, which is easy to mislead people. In addition, some hot air guns are produced earlier, or the manufacturer is different, and the quality is inconsistent, In this way, the hot air gun produced is not very practical.

Apart from the three types of ordinary, standard and digital temperature display, the last type of hot air gun is high-temperature. As the name suggests, the high-temperature hot air gun has a very high temperature, which is between 800 and 900 degrees. In addition, the high-temperature hot air gun can be used normally only when it is fixed and connected to the high-pressure air outlet. The high-temperature hot air gun can control the temperature by itself. There will be 1-2 temperature sensors inside, It can be used to control the temperature. The anti dry burning equipment inside can prevent the heating wire from burning out due to high temperature. Our company also provides small hot air blower and hot air generator. You are welcome to call us for advice.

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FBELE company is a first-class manufacturer of hot-air welding guns in China. The FBELE hot-air welding guns and high-quality hot-air welding guns are made of pe/pvc/hdpe/pp and other fusible materials!

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


FBELE’s Ultrasonic distance sensor is applied in our newly developed new products. At the initial stage of research and development, FBELE’s technical team gave us great technical support, enabling our project to move forward smoothly
Now that the project has been implemented, FBELE will be asked to help develop new projects in the future.


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.

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FBELE specializes in the production of hot air guns, hardware, electronics and electrical components. The products have obtained international certification. Choosing us means that you have set up a processing plant to meet customer needs. Welcome to consult: 0086-18868647636

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