How is the IP waterproofing level of Piezo Siren divided?

Regarding Buzzer and Piezo Siren, especially during the rainy season with frequent occurrence of adverse weather, the waterproof performance of Buzzer and Piezo Siren is particularly important. So, how are the IP waterproofing levels of Buzzer and Piezo Siren divided? Below, we will provide you with a detailed analysis.

1、 Definition of IP waterproofing level

IP (Ingress Protection) waterproof grade is used to measure the ability of electronic products to resist external moisture intrusion. The IP level is composed of two numbers, the first number represents the dust level, and the second number represents the waterproof level. For example, IP54 indicates a dustproof level of 5 and a waterproof level of 4.

piezo siren

2、 Classification of IP waterproofing levels of buzzer and siren

The IP waterproofing level is divided into 10 levels from 0 to 9, and the larger the number, the higher the waterproofing level. The details are as follows:

  1. IPX0: No waterproof grade, the product does not have waterproof function.
  2. IPX1: Anti drip Type I, with no harmful effects on vertically falling water droplets.
  3. IPX2: Anti dripping type II, with no harmful effects on water droplets falling within a range of 15 ° from the vertical direction.
  4. IPX3: Rainproof, waterproof, with no harmful effects from rainfall within a range of 60 ° from the vertical direction, and can basically prevent small-scale precipitation.
  5. IPX4: Anti splash type, anti splash water, no harmful effects from water splashing in any direction, can prevent small to moderate rainfall.
  6. IPX5: Anti spray type, directly affected by water spray in any direction without harmful effects, can prevent moderate to heavy rain scale precipitation.
  7. IPX6: It is anti big wave type, and there is no harmful effect of violent sea waves or water intrusion of sea waves, which can prevent heavy rain to rainstorm scale precipitation.
  8. IPX7: To prevent the impact of short-term immersion, the amount of water entering the casing will not reach a harmful level after being immersed in water at the specified pressure for a specified period of time, which can prevent the impact of short-term immersion.
  9. IPX8: To prevent the impact of continuous immersion, the water inflow into the casing will not reach a harmful level after continuous immersion, and it can work in shallow water layers.
  10. IPX9: Anti impact of high-temperature and high-pressure water spraying, spraying high-temperature and high-pressure water in all directions of the shell has no impact, and can work underwater to a certain extent in certain harsh environments.piezo siren

    4、 How to determine the authenticity of IP waterproofing level

    How to determine the authenticity of the IP waterproof level when purchasing electronic products? Firstly, you can check the IP level identification in the product manual or specification table; Secondly, it is possible to check whether the manufacturer has obtained relevant waterproof certification, such as GBT 4208-2017 shell protection level (IP code), etc; Finally, it is possible to understand whether the usage environment and mode of use of the product meet the requirements for waterproof grade.

    5、 How to use electronic products with IP waterproof grade correctly

    1. Avoid using electronic products in damp environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
    2. When using electronic products in rainy or harsh weather, try to keep the products dry and avoid prolonged exposure to water.
    3. Do not store electronic products in excessively damp places, such as basements, storage rooms, etc.
    4. If the product is labeled with an IP waterproof grade, it should be used and maintained correctly according to the grade requirements.
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