How to judge the quality of reed switch

Reed switches are a special type of switch assembly commonly used in circuits of relays, magnetic locks, and instruments. To determine the quality of a reed, one can proceed from the following aspects:

reed switch

Appearance inspection: Firstly, observe the appearance of the reed switch, and there should be no obvious mechanical damage, deformation, discoloration, etc. The surface should be smooth and tidy.

Structural inspection: Check the structure of the reed tube to ensure it meets design requirements, such as window shape, magnetic steel position, armature size, etc.

Action check: Test the reed tube in an environment with a magnetic field and observe if its switch action is normal. When the magnetic field disappears, the reed tube should be able to automatically disconnect; When the magnetic field reappears, the reed tube should be able to automatically turn on. At the same time, it is also necessary to test whether the switch speed meets the requirements.

Sensitivity check: Test the switching action of the reed tube under a certain magnetic field intensity and observe whether its sensitivity meets the requirements. Generally speaking, the higher the sensitivity of a reed, the more reliable the switching action.

Contact resistance inspection: When the reed tube is connected, measure its contact resistance and it should meet the product requirements. The smaller the contact resistance, the better the conductivity of the circuit.

Insulation performance inspection: Measure the insulation resistance of the reed tube when it is connected and disconnected, and it should meet the product requirements. The better the insulation performance, the better the stability of the circuit.

In summary, judging the quality of a reed tube requires comprehensive consideration of multiple aspects, including appearance, structure, action, sensitivity, contact resistance, insulation performance, etc. If any aspect of the reed does not meet the requirements, it should be considered a defective product.

reed switch

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