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What is the difference between semiconductor and IC

Due to the global lack of cores, various industries have experienced a lack of cores. Now semiconductors and chips are hot topics. What is the difference between semiconductors and chips? Now let’s have a look.

Semiconductors are materials whose conductivity is between conductor and insulator at room temperature. Semiconductors are very important. Semiconductors are used in integrated circuits, consumer electronics, communication systems, photovoltaic power generation, lighting applications, high-power power power conversion and other fields. Semiconductors are divided into element semiconductors, inorganic compound semiconductors, organic compound semiconductors, amorphous semiconductors and intrinsic semiconductors.

Chip is a general term for semiconductor component products. Integrated circuit or microcircuit, microchip, chip / chip is a way to miniaturize the circuit, and most of them are manufactured on the surface of semiconductor wafer. Chip is an integrated circuit, which is composed of a large number of transistors. All kinds of chips have different scales, ranging from hundreds of millions of transistors to tens of millions of transistors. After the chip is powered on, a start command will be generated to start the chip, and then new commands and data will be received to complete the function.

The difference between chips and semiconductors lies in their classification features and functions.

Classification and difference: chip is a general term for semiconductor component products, which is a way to miniaturize circuits. Semiconductors are materials whose conductivity is between conductor and insulator at room temperature.

Different characteristics: chip is an integrated circuit that makes a circuit on a semiconductor chip. Integrated circuit includes chip manufacturing technology and design technology.

Different functions: after the appearance of chip transistor, various solid-state semiconductor components were widely used to replace the function and role of vacuum tube in the circuit. Semiconductors are mainly used in radio, television and temperature measurement.

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IC Features

Integrated circuit, or microcircuit, microchip, chip, in electronics, is a way to miniaturize circuits (mainly including semiconductor devices, but also passive components) and is usually manufactured on the surface of semiconductor wafers.

The aforementioned integrated circuit that makes the circuit on the surface of a semiconductor chip is also called a thin-film integrated circuit. Another kind of thick film hybrid integrated circuit is a miniaturized circuit composed of independent semiconductor devices and passive components integrated into the substrate or circuit board.

This paper is about monolithic integrated circuit, that is, thin film integrated circuit.

The integrated circuit has the advantages of small volume, light weight, less outgoing lines and welding points, long service life, high reliability, good performance, low cost and easy mass production. It is not only widely used in industrial and civil electronic equipment such as tape recorders, televisions, computers and so on, but also widely used in military, communication, remote control and so on. Using integrated circuits to assemble electronic equipment, its assembly density can be increased by tens to thousands of times than that of transistors, and the stable working time of the equipment can also be greatly improved.

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Classification of integrated circuits

Integrated circuits, also known as IC, can be divided into analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits and digital / analog hybrid integrated circuits according to their different functions and structures.

Analog integrated circuits, also known as linear circuits, are used to generate, amplify and process various analog signals (signals whose amplitude changes with time, such as audio signals of semiconductor radios, tape signals of recorders, etc.) whose input signals are proportional to output signals. The digital integrated circuit is used to generate, amplify and process various digital signals (referring to the signals with discrete values in time and amplitude, such as audio and video signals for logic control and playback of 5g mobile phones, digital cameras, computer CPUs, digital TVs).

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