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What is LED & LED Display

Light emitting diode (LED) is a commonly used light-emitting device, which releases energy through electron hole recombination. It is widely used in the field of lighting.

Light emitting diodes can efficiently convert electric energy into light energy. They are widely used in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel display, medical devices and so on.

This electronic component appeared as early as 1962. In the early stage, it can only emit low luminosity red light. Later, other monochromatic versions have been developed. The light that can be emitted has spread all over visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, and the luminosity has also been improved to a considerable luminosity. The purpose is also used as indicator light and display board at the beginning;

With the continuous progress of technology, LED has been widely used in display and lighting.

LED display is a flat panel display, which is composed of small LED module panels. It is used to display text, image, video and other information.

LED electronic display screen integrates microelectronics technology, computer technology and information processing. It has the advantages of bright color, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long service life, stable and reliable operation and so on. LED display screen is widely used in commercial media, cultural performance market, stadiums, information dissemination, news release, securities trading and so on, which can meet the needs of different environments.

Featured Product

TFT Lcd Modules

4.3 inch 480×272 TFT LCD module, SPI/MCU interface IPS version full viewing angle, wide temperature with ctp


Free Samples high performance epistar chip ceramic 4w high power 3535 SMD RGBWW RGBW LED chip for led stage light

Neon SIGN LED & LED writing board

Flashing Sign LED Message hand Writing font Board Coffee Shop Sign neon light sign

led strip light

Wholesale Smart Cheap Wifi Flex 12V 5M Outdoor Flexible 2835 5050 SMD RGB Waterproof Led Strip/Led Strip Lights/Led Light Strip

LED numeric display

Red Color 7 segment led display four 4 digit seven segment display 0.56 inch numeric led digital display for led digital board

LED Modules

High lumens 2.4W PVC IP65 backlight acrylic letters Advertising light box size 7216 DC12V outdoor LED module COB

Light Emitting Diode

Dome lens 3MM/5MM DIP LED Lamps diffused hole round leds light emitting diodes white/red/blue/yellow/orange/green/7color flash

Lamp Socket

Vintage Universal Retro E27 Porcelain Ceiling E27 White Color Wall Mounted Screw Type Lamp Holder Socket

Flashlight and Headlights

3000Lm Led headlamp 3 LED Zoomable Head Flashlight 18650 Rechargeable Headlamp Long Range Hunting Headlight

Why Purchase LED & LED Display

High Quality Level

Super bright, uniform color and clear picture

World Famous Brand

25 years of LED & LED display industry, 2 million successful cases.

RGB Ratio

The three basic colors of red, green and blue of FBELE LED electronic large screen want to achieve the ideal pure color


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for LED & LED display.

What are the LED display and LCD display

  1. LED display

Led liquid crystal display uses LED light source, that is, led. Such LED is very power-saving, and because it is not a lamp tube, it can form an array and be evenly distributed behind the LCD screen. Good brightness makes the backlight more uniform. Such a display can be made thinner and more power-saving, and the service life of LED is longer than that of CCFL. The hair color is stable and not easy to turn yellow.

  1. Liquid crystal display

The common LCD uses CCFL light source, that is, cold cathode fluorescent lamp tube (similar to the scanning lamp tube in the copy). There is one on both sides of the screen, and there is a backlight plate on the back of the display, which is composed of fluorescent substances. The light sources on both sides can be evenly distributed on the back of the whole screen, so as to make the whole screen shine evenly. However, due to technical limitations, the brightness of such a display is not completely uniform, but it is difficult to find. At the same time, the lamp tube also has a certain service life and will turn yellow after a long time.

2、 Difference between LED display and LCD

  1. Compared with LCD, LED display has more advantages in brightness, power consumption, visual angle and refresh rate. LED technology can be used to produce thinner, brighter and clearer displays than LCD.
  2. The power consumption ratio between LED display screen and LCD screen is about 1:10, and LED is more energy-saving.
  3. LED display has higher refresh rate and better performance in video.
  4. LED provides a 160 ° wide viewing angle, can display various text, digital, color images and animation information, and can play color video signals such as TV, video, VCD and DVD.
  5. With different resolutions, the biggest advantage of LCD splicing screen is that it can realize high-definition display, that is, 1920 * 1080, which can display high-definition images and videos. Due to the large pixel spacing, the resolution of LED display screen is much lower under the same display area. Although the resolution can also be superimposed to high-definition, the required display area is larger, and the viewing effect is obviously not as good as that of LCD.
  6. The LCD splicing screen has splicing gaps of different sizes, ranging from 5.5-1.7mm, so there will be a physical edge between the screens after splicing, which will affect the viewing effect when the whole screen displays one face, while the LED will not have this concern. No matter how the splicing is, the LED display has no black edge.
  7. Liquid crystal display is not waterproof and is mainly used indoors, while LED display can be used in various occasions and outdoors.
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How to Judge The Quality of LED screen

1、 Maximum brightness

It refers to the brightness of each primary color of LED display screen at the highest gray level and the highest brightness under a certain ambient illumination. In short, it is the brightness measured by the light gun in the normal direction when the software is used to set the display screen to white 255.

For the outdoor LED display screen, there will be different requirements for the maximum brightness according to the use environment, because in occasions with strong ambient light, the brightness of the LED display screen is required to be higher, so that the people can see the content displayed on the screen clearly. Under normal circumstances, the maximum brightness requirement of the display screen facing south and north is lower, which can be met as long as it reaches 4000cd / m2, while the brightness of the whole screen of the display screen facing north and south is required to reach 70000cd / m2. The requirements of facing east, West and South are the same, because the sunlight will directly illuminate the LED display screen in part of the time. Theoretically, the brightness requirement is greater than 5500cd m2, and the brightness is enough.

2、 Color temperature

When we see that the image color is inconsistent or different from the material on the display screen, our picture will be seriously distorted, which is related to the color temperature of the white balance of the LED display screen. If the human eye directly looks at the display screen, the color temperature of the white balance is more appropriate between 6500 and 8000K. If it is the display screen used for TV broadcasting, the actual color temperature of the screen body needs to be adjusted to about 5500k, In this way, the picture on the display screen is real after being recorded and broadcast by the camera.

3、 Refresh rate


The refresh rate refers to the number of times that the information displayed on the LED display is fully displayed per second. If the refresh rate is too low, the human eye will shake when watching the LED display. Usually, we will see the scanning line when shooting with the camera. Generally, the human eye requires the refresh rate to be more than 300Hz, that is, as long as the refresh rate exceeds 300Hz, the LED display screen will not feel jittery when viewed with the naked eye. If the camera is used to shoot, it is generally required to be more than 600Hz to capture the scanning line according to the different settings of different cameras. High refresh can improve the brightness and color fidelity of the display. It can be detected with a digital camera. If it is a high refresh, the picture taken by the camera is very clear without snowflakes and scanning lines. This indicator is particularly important when renting screens and TV broadcasting.

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FBELE is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, installation and after-sales of LED & LED display. Its core products include indoor LED display, LED display, led full-color screen, transparent LED display,Light Emitting Diode,SMD LED,TFT Lcd Modules,LED Numeric Display,Led Strip Light,LED Module,Neon SIGN LED & LED Writing Board,Lamp Socket,Flashlight and Headlights
FBELE Technology Co., Ltd. [service hotline: 0086-18868647636] is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of LED electronic display screen, LED photoelectric engineering and LED application intelligent system products
FBELE’s LED & LED display are sold in more than 100 countries and regions, with more than 10000 cases. Provide comprehensive solutions for products, scheme design and engineering construction.

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We saw FBELE on the forum. At that time, we thought that the enterprise’s technical articles were very thorough and in-depth, and its social responsibility was also strong. This year, we just need to have new product development, so we found fbele and asked them to purchase samples. The speed was very fast and the quality was good, waiting for the implementation of the project!


At the beginning of our new project, we encountered some difficulties because we found several other unprofessional Chinese manufacturers. Since we contacted fbele, the project has been promoted rapidly. We have to say that FBELE’s technical team is really strong. Thank FBELE’s technical team.

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