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FBELE – is a professional manufacturer of LED light strips. It is a 25-year-old manufacturer. It provides rich linear lighting products to cover indoor and outdoor lighting. The popular products are silicone neon light strips, flexible wall washing lights, cob light strips, waterproof light strips, RGB light strips, and constant current light strips!

  • high efficiency
  • Long service time
  • Good performance
  • Safe and reliable

What is Led Strip Light

LED light strip refers to the assembly of LED on strip FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named because its product shape is like a strip. Because of its long service life (generally the normal service life is 80000-100000 hours), and it is very energy-saving and green, it has gradually emerged in various decoration industries. Light band is the abbreviation of LED light band. Most people are not used to saying that the noun is too long, so they omit the LED in front and call it light band directly. In this way, the name of lamp strip also includes many old-fashioned lamp strips that directly connect LEDs with wires instead of FPC or PCB, such as large second-line, large third line, round second line, etc. of course, it also includes flexible lamp strips and hard lamp strips.

Why Purchase FBELE Led Strip Light

Safe and Reliable

Low voltage operation, safe and reliable use.

Environmental Protection Lighting Source

The green environmental protection lighting source does not produce harmful ultraviolet light, and is especially suitable for the display lighting of articles and drugs.

Long life time

Long service life, 10 years once installation.

Good Performance

Waterproof and shockproof; Low loss and long service life.

Classification OF Led Strip Light

Generally, LED lamp strips are divided into flexible LED lamp strips and hard LED lamp strips, but they also include old-fashioned LED lamp strips connected to the circuit board with wires, such as flat three wire 4.3w/m, flat four wire 6.48w/m, flat five wire 8.64w/m lamp strips, etc.

  1. The flexible LED light strip uses FPC as the assembly circuit board and patch LED for assembly, so that the thickness of the product is only 0.1cm and does not occupy space; General specifications include 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 15 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, etc. with a length of 30cm. There are also 60cm, 80cm, etc. different users have different specifications. And it can be cut at will, or it can be extended at will without affecting the luminescence. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound at will. It can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space without breaking. It is suitable for irregular places and places with narrow space. Because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, it is suitable for any combination of various patterns in advertising decoration.
  2. The LED hard light strip is an assembly circuit board made of PCB hard board. The LED can be assembled with patch LED or in-line led. Different components are used according to different needs. The advantages of hard lamp strip are that it is easy to fix, and it is convenient to process and install; The disadvantage is that it cannot be bent at will and is not suitable for irregular places. There are 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, 36 LEDs, 40 LEDs and many other specifications of patch LED for hard light strip; There are 18, 24, 36, 48 LEDs in different specifications with in-line led. There are both front and side LEDs. The side LED is also called the Great Wall light bar.
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Reason for not lighting

  1. The packaging protection of the LED light strip is not perfect, causing the light beads to be damaged by impact during transportation.
  2. The welding points of the LED light strip have the phenomenon of false welding. The vibration during the transportation causes the welding points to fall off and the light strip does not light up.
  3. The LED light bar has a small amount of solder, and the solder joint is easy to fall off.
  4. The solder quality of the LED light strip is poor, and the solder joints of the LED flexible light strip are easy to crack and fall off during the bending process.
  5. The bending angle of the LED light strip is too large during installation, resulting in the separation of the LED flexible light strip solder joint and the copper foil, resulting in no lighting.
  6. During the installation of the LED light strip, the product is excessively squeezed, resulting in the damage of the LED flexible light strip chip or the deformation and falling off of the solder joint.
  7. The solder resistance layer of the LED light bar circuit board is too thick, and the solder and the circuit board cannot be fully integrated during welding, which is also a phenomenon of false soldering.
  8. The LED light strip shall not be twisted during installation. If it is twisted, the solder joint of the LED flexible light strip will fall off and will not light up.


China Leading Led Strip Light Manufacturer


FBELE focuses on the R & D, production and sales of LED light strips Including RGB light belt, 5050 light belt, IC magic light belt, full-color light strip suit, horse running light belt, etc., we provide customers with different types of LED light belts, which are professionally customized. Welcome to contact us.

FBELE company is mainly engaged in lamp strips, LED lamp strips, etc. founded in 1997, after 20 years of entrepreneurship, development and development, fbele has become a modern lighting enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and engineering services,

FBELE lamp with LED lamp is super waterproof and shockproof, elegant and versatile Affordable, quality assurance! Solve all aspects of customer needs, so that you can rest assured! “FBELE” your choice!

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


I chose more than 10 suppliers. Among the suppliers of products of the same quality, fbele has the lowest price. Among the suppliers with the same price, FBELE has the best quality. We are ready to place the first order for FBELE.

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FBELE LED light belt adopts vacuum glue filling, and the protection grade reaches IP68. It can be used underwater for a long time. The LED light belt is made of FBELE, which is more reassuring

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