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What is Light Emitting Diode(LED)

Light emitting diode (LED) is a kind of commonly used light-emitting device, which emits energy through the recombination of electrons and holes. It is widely used in the field of lighting.

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) can efficiently convert electric energy into light energy. They are widely used in modern society, such as lighting, flat panel display, medical devices and so on.

This kind of electronic component appeared as early as 1962. In the early stage, it can only emit low luminosity red light. Later, other monochromatic versions have been developed. The light that can be emitted has been all over visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light, and the luminosity has also been improved to a considerable degree. It is also used as indicator light and display board at the beginning;

With the continuous progress of technology, LED has been widely used in display and lighting.

Why Purchase FBELE Light Emitting Diode

Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production line, the cost of LED is relatively low.

World famous brand

25 years of LED industry, 2000 clients all over the world

Long life time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the LED.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for LED

Main classification of Light Emitting Diode

LED can also be divided into ordinary monochrome LED, high brightness LED, ultra-high brightness LED, color changing LED, flashing LED, voltage controlled LED, infrared LED and negative resistance LED.

There are two control modes of LED: constant current and constant voltage. There are a variety of dimming modes, such as analog dimming and PWM dimming. Most LEDs use constant current control, which can maintain the stability of LED current, is not vulnerable to VF changes, and can prolong the service life of LED lamps. Here are some common:

Monochromatic LED

Common monochromatic LED

Ordinary monochromatic light-emitting diodes have the advantages of small volume, low working voltage, small working current, uniform and stable light-emitting, fast response, long service life, etc. they can be driven and lit by various DC, AC, pulse and other power supplies. It is a current controlled semiconductor device, which needs to be connected in series with a suitable current limiting resistor.

The color of common monochromatic light-emitting diodes is related to the wavelength of light-emitting, and the wavelength of light-emitting depends on the semiconductor materials used to manufacture light-emitting diodes. The wavelength of red LED is generally 650 ~ 700nm, that of AMBER LED is generally 630 ~ 650nm, that of orange LED is generally about 610 ~ 630nm, that of yellow LED is generally about 585nm, and that of green LED is generally 555 ~ 570nm.

High brightness monochromatic LED

High brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes and ultra-high brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes use different semiconductor materials from ordinary monochrome light-emitting diodes, so the intensity of light emission is also different. Generally, high brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes use materials such as gallium aluminide (GaAlAs), ultra-high brightness monochrome light-emitting diodes use materials such as gallium indium arsenide phosphate (gaasinp), and ordinary monochrome light-emitting diodes use materials such as gallium phosphide (GAP) or gallium arsenide phosphate (GaAsP).

Color changing LED

Color changing LED is a light-emitting diode that can change the color of light. Color changing LED can be divided into two-color LED, three-color LED and multi-color (red, blue, green and white) led.

Color changing LED can be divided into two terminal color changing LED, three terminal color changing LED, four terminal color changing LED and six terminal color changing LED according to the number of pins.

Flashing LED

Blinking light-emitting diode (BTS) is a special light-emitting device composed of CMOS integrated circuit and light-emitting diode, which can be used for alarm indication, undervoltage and overpressure indication.

When the flashing LED is in use, it does not need to be connected to other components. As long as an appropriate DC working voltage (5V) is applied to both ends of its pin, it can flash.

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Application Of Light Emitting Diode

In the 1990s, LED technology made great progress. Not only did the luminous efficiency exceed that of incandescent lamps, and the light intensity reached candle level, but also the color from red to blue covered the entire visible spectrum. This technological revolution from the indicator light level to beyond the general light source level has led to a variety of new applications, such as car signal lights, traffic signal lights, large outdoor full-color display screens and special lighting sources.

With the development of high brightness and polychromism of LED, the application field is also expanding From the lower indicator light with low luminous flux to the display screen, from the to the white light source of medium luminous flux power signal lamp and special lighting, and finally to the high luminous flux general lighting source in the upper right corner. The year 2000 is the dividing line of time. In 2000, the problem of signal display and lighting of all colors has been solved, and special lighting applications with low and medium light flux have been started. As a general lighting, the application of high light flux white lighting seems to be waiting for some time, and the light flux can only be realized by further substantial improvement. Of course, this is also a process, which will be gradually realized as the brightness increases and the price decreases.

LED display

Since the mid-1980s, monochrome and multi-color display screens have appeared, initially text screens or animation screens. In the early 1990s, with the development of computer technology and integrated circuit technology, the video technology of LED display screen was realized, and TV images were directly displayed on the screen. Especially in the mid-1990s, the blue and green ultra-high brightness LED was successfully developed and put into production rapidly, which greatly expanded the application of outdoor screen, with an area ranging from 100 to 300m.

LED display screens have been widely used in stadiums, squares, venues and even streets and shopping malls. The NASDAQ full-color screen on Times Square in the United States is the most famous, with a screen area of 120 feet × 90 feet, equivalent to 1005m, made of 19million ultra bright blue, green and red LEDs. In addition, it also accounts for a large proportion in the application of securities market screen, bank exchange rate screen, interest rate screen, etc. Recently, it has also made great development in the information screen of Expressway and elevated road. The application of light-emitting diodes in this field has reached a large scale, forming an emerging industry, and a relatively stable growth can be expected.

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