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FBELE provides high quality loudspeakers recognize FBELE China, specializing in the production of all kinds of loudspeakers, with a wide range of uses and top sales Speaker production experience, excellent product quality, trustworthy!

  • Size from 40mm-200mm in diameter
  • We can solder wire and connectors according to your request.
  • It can make black waterproof cone or paper cone
  • FBELE loudspeakercan be customized in sound and size.etc.

Loudspeaker features

It is characterized by the simple and ultra-thin characteristics of front and back radiation in the same direction of sound wave, ion and liquid crystal display

The internal magnetic thin horn has the characteristics of small volume, strong stability and long service life. It is ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 0.9mm, which can improve the design freedom and help to improve the design freedom of the whole machine

Why use loudspeaker

Wide frequency response
Wide frequency response

Raw speaker has a wide frequency response and is the first choice for those who love strong bass

Loud Sound
Loud Sound

FBELE uses good materials, so the sound pressure of the loudspeaker is very high

long life time
Long life time

FBELE adopts high-quality components for loudspeaker, some of which are imported from overseas, so its service life is longer.

Convenient installation
Convenient installation

FBELE’s horn can provide wire welding and connector soldering services to facilitate customer installation

Basic characteristics of loudspeaker

(1) The speaker has two terminals (two leads). When a single speaker is used, the two pins are not divided into positive and negative polarity. When multiple speakers are used at the same time, the two pins are divided into polarity.

(2) The speaker has a paper basin. Its color is usually black or white.

(3) The shape of loudspeaker can be divided into several categories, such as round, square and oval.

(4) The back of the loudspeaker paper basin is a magnet. When the external magnetic loudspeaker contacts the magnet with a metal screwdriver, it will feel the existence of magnetism; There is no such feeling in the internal magnetic speaker, but there is a magnet inside the shell.

(5) The water-proof loudspeaker is installed on the machine panel or in the speaker box.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

MF Speaker

Generally speaking, as long as the frequency response curve of the mid-range loudspeaker is flat, the effective frequency response range is greater than the width of the playback frequency band it undertakes in the system, and the impedance is consistent with the sensitivity and low-frequency unit. Sometimes, if the power capacity of the midrange is not enough, you can also choose the midrange with high sensitivity and higher impedance than the bass unit, so as to reduce the actual input power of the midrange unit. Alto units generally have cone basin and ball top. However, its size and power are larger than the tweeter and suitable for playing medium audio. The diaphragms are mainly composed of soft paper diaphragm and a small amount of soft alloy diaphragm.

The structure of Loudspeaker

Paper cone speaker, also known as dynamic coil loudspeaker, consists of three parts: ① vibration system, including conical paper cone, voice coil, and centering support; ② Magnetic circuit system, including permanent magnet, magnetic guide plate, and field core column; ③ Auxiliary system, including basin frame, wiring board, edge pressing and dust cover, etc. When audio current passes through the voice coil in a magnetic field, a magnetic field that changes with the audio current is generated. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of a permanent magnet, causing the voice coil to vibrate along the axial direction. Due to the simple structure of the speaker, rich bass, soft sound quality, wide frequency band, but low efficiency.

loud speaker

To Be World Leading loudspeaker manufacturer


FBELE is a professional speaker manufacturer in China. It is a high-end professional speaker enterprise integrating speaker product R & D, design, production and product sales.with enough stock for standard products.

FBELE is China leading factory of loudspeaker,FBELE’ are trusted by world leading speaker box manufacturer

FBELE is a professional loudspeaker manufacturer. It is a high-end professional loudspeaker enterprise integrating acoustic product R & D, design, production and product sales. Welcome to consult.

Call use today immediately.we are ready to serve you!

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We have cooperated with FBELE for 15 years. FBELE is very professional. Every time we need to buy products, as long as we give some small tips (such as models, pictures and even a little description of other companies), they can choose products for me, saving me valuable time


FBELE’s service is really good. Both the sample packaging and product packaging are impeccable. For some fragile products, the goods we received are intact, avoiding unnecessary trouble

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China best supplier for Loudspeaker.

FBELE The has set up several speaker and electroacoustic research and development teams, and more than 10 speaker operation technician teams. It has more than 10 invention and utility model patents

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