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FBELE supply electromagnetic buzzer from size 6mm until 25mm,voltage from 1.5VDC to 24VDC, also can supply with drive unit magnetic sounder and without drive unit magnetic sounder.

  • Full range of size from 6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm,etc.
  • PBT,PPO plasticmaterial can withstand high temperature.
  • FBELE magneticbuzzer can pass wave soldering.
  • Foampackage suitable for sea and air shipment

What is Magnetic Buzzer

Electromagnetic buzzer: with 1.5V, it can emit sound pressure of more than 85dB, but the current consumption will be much higher than that of piezoelectric buzzer. When the size is the same, the response frequency of electromagnetic buzzer can be relatively low; The sound pressure of electromagnetic buzzer is generally up to 90dB

Why use Magnetic Buzzer

low cost
Low Cost

Due to the product structure, generally speaking, the cost of electromagnetic buzzer is lower than that of piezoelectric buzzer

small size
Small Size

Due to the product structure, generally speaking, the size of electromagnetic buzzer can be made relatively small.

long life time
Long life time

Electromagnetic buzzer has the characteristics of long service life and long working time

low consumption
Low Consumption

The special The energy consumption of electromagnetic buzzer is relatively low,

The difference between piezo buzzer and magnetic buzzer

Buzzers are divided into two categories: piezoelectric and electromagnetic: piezoelectric buzzers make sound by driving the vibration of metal sheets with the piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics; The electromagnetic buzzer uses the principle of electromagnetism to suck down the metal diaphragm when it is powered on and bounce back according to the elasticity of the diaphragm when it is not powered on. Therefore, the piezoelectric buzzer is driven by square wave and the electromagnetic buzzer is driven by 1 / 2 square wave. The piezoelectric buzzer needs relatively high voltage to have enough sound voltage. Generally, it is recommended to be more than 9V. Some specifications of piezoelectric can reach more than 120dB, and larger ones can easily reach 100dB.

magnetic buzzer

Structure of electromagnetic buzzer

According to the structure,Magnetic buzzer can be divided into:

  1. Passive electromagnetic buzzer                                                                                 On the contrary, it is suitable for higher current consumption specifications / higher frequency range to respond and sound with better sound quality (about 40 ~ 80mA * 500Hz).
  2. Active electromagnetic buzzer                                                                              Active (self-excited) buzzer vibration coil and oscillation coil are combined into one.

What are the precautions for electromagnetic buzzers?

The magnetic buzzer cannot be used as a crystal receiving machine. Because there is a vibration circuit inside the magnetic buzzer, when turned on, it will drive the internal small horn to sound an alarm. The magnetic buzzer is not just a trumpet. In addition, there are two types of magnetic buzzers. One is that it has its own oscillator inside. One is the need for an external oscillator, which is a regular miniature speaker. Without an oscillator, it cannot be used. Because its resistance is usually around 32 ohms, it has 8 ohms or 16 ohms. These are low impedance and cannot be used. If there are no high impedance headphones, a power transformer can also be used. Generally, a 6V or 12V power transformer can choose a power of around 3-5 watts. Because the diameter of the primary line of that transformer is very thin, with many revolutions and a large impedance. The purpose is to match the impedance of the load well and ensure that the load obtains high power.

magnetic buzzer

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Genaral Questions About Magnetic Buzzer

What are the main applications of magnetic buzzer?

Electromagnetic buzzer is a common sounding component in the design of electronic products. It is widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products.

What is the sound principle of electromagnetic buzzer?

The electromagnetic buzzer mainly uses the characteristics that the energized conductor will generate a magnetic field, and uses a fixed permanent magnet and the energized conductor to generate a magnetic force to push the tympanic membrane fixed on the coil. Electromagnetic type is mostly used in voice, music and other equipment because of its good timbre.

How about the internal structure of the Magnetic sounder?


On the contrary, it is suitable for higher current consumption specifications / higher frequency range to respond and sound with better sound quality (about 40~80ma*500hz).


Active (self-excited) buzzer vibration coil and oscillation coil are combined into one.

What are the characteristics of fbele electromagnetic buzzer?

The electromagnetic buzzer has high reliability, and is mainly supported by vehicle mounted products. Because of the pin terminal type, it can be directly installed on the printed substrate, with small φ 12type, and designed for wide band φ 16Type。 At the same time, we also have SDR series products to meet the needs of reflow packaging.

Why is the electromagnetic buzzer silent? What's the matter?

There is no sound or no sound after welding. This situation may be caused by the excessive power of the soldering iron used in the welding process (it is recommended to use 20-30w soldering iron) or the long time (it is recommended to complete a welding spot within 3 seconds), resulting in the heating and melting of the buzzer pin and the welding point of the coil.

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