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FBELE specializes in the production of anti-theft alarm accessories. It is one of the most powerful anti-theft alarm accessories manufacturers in the same industry in China. Professional R & D and production: door magnetic switch, emergency button, smoke detector and a series of anti-theft alarm accessories.

  • Full range of certification,CCC,VDE,UL,CE etc.
  • 25years magnetic contact manufacturing experience
  • Free technical support
  • Acceptable customization

What is a door magnetic switch

The door magnetic switch is mainly composed of a switch and a magnet. The switch part is connected by a magnetic spring switch through a lead Shaped and packaged; The magnetic field in the magnet or alloy shell corresponds to the strength of the magnet in the plastic body. When the two are separated or close to a certain distance, it will cause the opening and closing of the switch, so as to sense the change of the position of the object.

Why Buy Magnetic Switches from FBELE

Good sound quality
Good Quality level

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the magnetic switches.

long life time
Long life time

FBELE adopts high-quality components for loudspeaker, some of which are imported from overseas, so its service life is longer.

Good sound quality
Strong Quality stability

FBELE micro speakers are produced with automatic equipment, which has strong stability in Quality level.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples.

Principle of magnetic sensor

The door magnetic switch is mainly composed of a switch part and a magnet part. Among them, the switch part is mainly a normally open dry reed tube; The magnet part is mainly a permanent magnet with a permanent magnet inside, which is used to provide a stable magnetic field. When the switch part is very close to the magnet part, that is, when the door or window is closed, the door magnetic switch is in the working state, and the alarm sound will be sent out after receiving the attack of forced intruders; When the switch part is far away from the magnet part, that is, the door or window is open, there is no forced intrusion, and the door magnetic switch is closed.

Magnetic Contact

Door magnetic switch installation

Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts are mostly installed at home doors and windows. If necessary, we don’t need to find someone. We can install them successfully by ourselves. First, buy the door magnetic switch and wipe the installation position of the door magnetic switch; Secondly, use screws to fix the switch part and magnet part on the door and door frame respectively, and pay attention to the corresponding position; Finally, install the cover plates of the two parts. So far, the door magnetic switch has been successfully installed.

FBELE: Your Reliable Magnetic Contact Supplier in China


For 25 years, FBELE has focused on the R & D, application, design and production of door magnet, door magnet switch, floating ball switch, proximity switch, reed, detector and anti-theft accessories. More than 50 million sets of door magnet switches are used in the field of anti-theft and automatic control.

FBELE Brand is one of the leading magnetic switches suppliers and all of our magnetic contact CE UL CCC,VDE,GS certification, high quality,competitive price.

FBELE is committed to the R & D, production and sales of magnetic switches. Series of magnetic switches include: WiFi door magnet, wireless door magnet, magnetic spring switch, door magnet switch, intelligent door magnet, dry reed, alarm, proximity switch, door and window sensor, door magnet, etc.

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.

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Best magnetic switches Manufacturer & Supplier in China

High quality magnetic switches, automatic production, with full range of certifications, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

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What is the function of the door magnet contacts?

The function of door magnet is to check whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are illegally opened or moved. It consists of wireless and magnetic blocks

What are the classifications of door magnetic switches?

Door magnetic switch is mainly divided into normal open and normally closed modes

How to install the door magnetic switch?

First, clean the corresponding positions of doors and windows and stick them firmly with double-sided adhesive tape; Or remove the covers of door and window magnetic detectors a and B, fix them with screws, fix them with screws, and then install the plates.

What is the difference between door magnetic switch and magnetic lock?

The magnetic lock they use for two doors, the door magnetic controller. On a single door, they mark the door magnetic switch, the door lock, the door magnetic is to judge the door switch, and it is a detection device; Magnetic lock is used to control the opening and closing of the door

Which company produces door magnetic switches with better quality?

Fbele company, with 25 years of production history, is a leader in the industry, with guaranteed quality and fast delivery

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