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FBELE magnet connector, Magnetic Power Connector ,automatic magnetic adsorption connection, neodymium iron boron magnet, strong adsorption force Rich experience in the production of magnet connectors, hundreds of schemes for rapid selection!

  • machine automatically plugs in and out
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Customized on demand

What is Magnetic Power Connector 

Magnet connector, also known as magnetic attraction connector, magnetic connector and magnetic connector, is one of the connectors widely used in electronic equipment, mainly composed of pogopin and magnet. Through the structural design of magnet and magnet contact, a connector with large adsorption force and suitable for small-size structure and light and thin products is provided. The former magnet type connector comprises an insulating body, several terminals and magnetic bodies arranged on the insulating body, the front surface of the insulating body is formed with a butt joint surface, and several terminal slots penetrating the insulating body are arranged side by side behind the butt joint surface. On the butt joint surface of the insulating body, each terminal slot is provided with a U-shaped slot around the terminal, and the magnetic body corresponds to the holding slot of the insulating body in a U-shaped block, The magnetic body is contained in the holding groove of the body. The magnet type connector of this structural design has a large overall height and size of the structure and a small suction force. It is not suitable for some structures with small sizes or for relatively light and thin products.

Why Purchase FBELE Magnetic Power Connector

long life time
Long service life

up to 100000-200000 functional connections

Easy to Operate
Fast charging time

5a-10a magnet connector design for high current transmission

Wide frequency response
Pace Saving

pogo type and SMT dip jumper connection can be realized by transferring the female terminal connector and PCB

Light and Convenient
Waterproof Design

the female end of the host can be dustproof and waterproof (ipx8)

Application Scenarios of Magnetic Power Connector

Smart wearable devices: smart bracelets, smart milk bottles, pet locators, Bluetooth headsets, smart wristbands, smart shoes, smart clothes, smart glasses, smart water cups, etc;

Product application

Smart home, smart appliances, air purifiers, automatic controllers, etc;

Medical equipment, wireless equipment, data communication equipment, telecommunication equipment, automation and industrial equipment, etc;

3C consumer products, notebooks, tablets, PDAs, handheld data terminals, etc;

Aviation, aerospace, military communications and military electronics;

Automobile, vehicle navigation, testing and measuring equipment, etc.


Functional characteristics of Magnetic Power Connector

  1. humanized design: automatic connection experience;
  2. human protection against falling: the suction interface is easy to remove, and it is not easy to drive the machine;
  3. long service life: up to 100000-200000 functional connections;
  4. waterproof design: the mother end of the host can be dust-proof and waterproof (ipx8);
  5. fast charging time: 5a-10a magnet connector design for high current transmission;
  6. space saving: pogo type and SMT dip jumper connection can be realized by transferring the female terminal connector to the PCB;
  7. Customization: diversified appearance and style, matching with the appearance of the host product, and improving the product grade and selling points;
  8. magnet type positioning: use the double junction of magnet and mechanism to protect the whole circuit against stupidity;
  9. environmental protection requirements: excellent corrosion resistance grade (48h-120h) to meet the harsh environment.

China Leading Magnetic Power Connector Supplier


FBELE’s popular magnet connector, standard spot, large quantity supply, stable performance, no burning, no power failure! Magnet connector, to meet different customer needs, customized magnet pogopin solution according to requirements!!

FBELE’s products cover the fields of mobile communication, smart wear, GPRS, handheld computer, digital camera, automotive electronics, education electronics, medical devices and 3C electronics

FBELE production experience, professional R & D and customization: magnet connector, magnetic suction connector, male and female magnet connector, integrated magnet connector, customized magnet connector. There are mature pogo pin magnetic suction charging connection cases. For details, please consult 0086-18868647636

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We saw FBELE on the forum. At that time, we thought that the enterprise’s technical articles were very thorough and in-depth, and its social responsibility was also strong. This year, we just need to have new product development, so we found fbele and asked them to purchase samples. The speed was very fast and the quality was good, waiting for the implementation of the project!


At the beginning of our new project, we encountered some difficulties because we found several other unprofessional Chinese manufacturers. Since we contacted fbele, the project has been promoted rapidly. We have to say that FBELE’s technical team is really strong. Thank FBELE’s technical team.

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