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FBELE mechanical buzzer has good quality and complete models. It can accept small orders. The lead length can be customized. Samples are provided free of charge. Customization is acceptable. Voltage: 1.5v-24vdc, 220VAC

  • Voltage:Voltage: 1.5v-24vdc or 220VAC
  • With wire type,with pin type.
  • It can make black color or white color.
  • Mechanical buzzer can be customized

What is electromechanical buzzer

Mechanical buzzer has high resistance, infinite DC resistance and large AC impedance. It is a narrow-band sound device, which is usually made of piezoelectric ceramic. A large voltage is required to drive, but the current is very small, just a few ma. The power is also very small. Active buzzer with internal oscillation and driving circuit. Power on and it will sound. Like the horn, the passive buzzer needs to add alternating audio voltage to make sound, and can also make sounds of different frequencies. However, the sound of the buzzer is bad anyway, so it is often added with square wave instead of sine wave.

Why use Mechanical buzzer

High Voltage
High Voltage

High voltage, can be used for warning and sounding of electrical products like egg oven,soybean milk machine, etc.

easy to use
Easy to use

Most mechanical buzzers are active, with internal oscillation and driving circuits.

long life time
Long life time

Mechanical buzzer has the characteristics of long service life and long working time

low consumption
Low Consumption

Only a relatively small current is needed to drive, so the energy consumption is relatively small

Structural principle of mechanical buzzer

The mechanical buzzer is mainly composed of multivibrator, buzzer, impedance matcher, resonance box and shell. Some piezoelectric buzzers are also equipped with light-emitting diodes on the shell. The multivibrator is composed of transistors or integrated circuits. When the power is connected (1.5 ~ 15V DC working voltage), the multivibrator vibrates and outputs 1. 5~2。 5KHz audio signal. The impedance matcher pushes the buzzer to sound. The buzzer is made of lead zirconate titanate or lead magnesium niobate piezoelectric ceramic materials. Silver electrodes are plated on both sides of the ceramic sheet. After polarization and aging treatment, it is bonded with brass sheet or stainless steel sheet.

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Function of mechanical buzzer

Mechanical buzzer is an electronic buzzer with integrated structure, which is powered by DC voltage. It is widely used as a sound device in electronic products such as computers, printers, copiers, alarms, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and so on.

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Our cooperation with FBELE is because it can provide us with one-stop service, which can help us organize the goods of other factories in China to be transported to Brazil. At the same time, it can also help our company pay on behalf of us and solve our worries.

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