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What is Micro switch

Micro switch is a kind of switch with small contact spacing and quick action mechanism, which uses the specified stroke and specified force to switch. It is covered with a shell and has a driving rod outside. Because the contact spacing of the switch is relatively small, it is called microswitch, also known as smart switch.

Also known as sensitive switch and quick action switch. Pressure actuated quick switch. Used for door switch in anti-theft system, etc

Micro-switch, as its name implies, uses a switch with very small force. It is a switch that the external mechanical force acts on the action reed through the transmission element to quickly connect or disconnect the fixed contact at the end and the moving contact.

The microswitch has micro contact spacing and quick action mechanism. The contact mechanism for switching action with the specified stroke and force is covered by the shell, with a driver outside and small shape.

Microswitches are composed of five categories of constituent elements. The contact spacing is small and the torque is large. Generally, there is a drive rod on the outside.

Why Purchase FBELE Microswitch

High Voltage
Free Samples

FBELE can provide free samples if the sample quantity below 5pcs is acceptable


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the Micro Switches


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for Micro Switches

Microswitch application

Microswitches are used for automatic control and safety protection in equipment requiring frequent circuit replacement. They are widely used in electronic equipment, instruments and meters, mines, power systems, household appliances, electrical equipment, aerospace, aviation, ships, missiles, tanks and other military fields. They have been widely used in the above fields. Although the switch is small, it plays an irreplaceable role.

At present, according to different application requirements, the mechanical life of microswitches on the domestic market ranges from 3W times to 1000W times, generally 10W, 20W, 50W, 100W times, 300W times, 500W times and 800W times. Beryllium bronze, tin bronze and stainless steel wire are generally used as reeds in China. Alps abroad can achieve 1000W times at most. Their reeds are made of rare metal titanium.

It can be used in computer mouse, automobile mouse, automobile electronic products, communication equipment, military products, test instruments, gas water heaters, gas stoves, small household appliances, microwave ovens, electric rice cookers, floating ball equipment, medical instruments, building automation, electric tools and general electrical and radio equipment, 24-hour timing


Micro Switch classification

There are many kinds of micro switches, with hundreds of internal structures. According to volume integration, there are ordinary type, small type and ultra small type; According to the protection performance, there are waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof types; According to the breaking form, there are single connection type, double connection type and multi connection type.

There is also a strong disconnect microswitch (when the reed of the switch does not work, the external force can also disconnect the switch); According to the breaking capacity, there are ordinary type, DC type, micro current type and high current type.

High temperature resistant, ordinary ceramic (250 ℃) and high temperature resistant (400 ℃)

Microswitches are generally of the basic type without auxiliary pressing accessories, and derive small line programs and large line programs. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added as required. According to the different pressing accessories added, the switch can be divided into button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, long boom type and other forms.

In size, there are small, super small, super small and so on. The function is waterproof. The most common application is the mouse button.

(1) Small microswitch:

The general size is 27.8 long, 10.3 wide and 15.9 high. In terms of parameters, there are different changes such as high capacity and low load.

(2) Subminiature microswitch

The general size is 19.8 long, 6.4 wide and 10.2 high. It has different functions of high precision and high life.

(3) Super miniature microswitch

The general size is 12.8 long, 5.8 wide and 6.5 high. This type has an extra thin design.

(4) Waterproof type

China Leading Micro Switch Supplier


FBELE specializes in producing and selling microswitches. All products have passed UL, ENEC and other international product certification and comply with ROHS environmental protection regulations Ensure the quality of products delivered.

FBELE is a manufacturing enterprise with self-supporting import and export rights, mainly engaged in the R & D and production of a series of industrial control switches such as micro switches, rocker switches, button switches,and custom switches.

FBELE microswitch is one of the well-known microswitch suppliers in the industry. The company’s products are reliable in quality, cheap and guaranteed after-sales. Welcome to inquire and discuss microswitch cooperation!

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


I have a store in Seoul electronics market, South Korea. Fbele’s products are updated quickly. Every time, I can capture market information and provide the latest and best selling products. Thank fbele’s design team for their support to our company for many years.

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