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  • High temperature resistance
  • High stability
  • Low loss
  • Self-healing

What is Motor Start Capacitor

Starting capacitor refers to AC electrolytic capacitor or polypropylene or polyester capacitor used to start single-phase asynchronous motor. The single-phase current flowing through a single-phase motor cannot generate a rotating magnetic field, so a capacitor needs to be used to separate the phases. The purpose is to generate a phase difference of nearly 90 ° between the currents in the two windings to generate a rotating magnetic field.

Capacitive induction motor has two windings, namely, starting winding and running winding. The two windings differ by 90 degrees in space. A capacitor with large capacity is connected in series on the starting winding. When the operating winding and the starting winding pass through single-phase AC, the current in the starting winding is 90 degrees ahead of the current in the operating winding in time due to the effect of the capacitor, reaching the maximum value first. Two identical pulse magnetic fields are formed in time and space, so that a rotating magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the stator and the rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, the induced current is generated in the motor rotor, and the current interacts with the rotating magnetic field to generate electromagnetic field torque, which makes the motor rotate

Why Purchase FBELE Motor Start Capacitor


Low internal temperature rise, self-healing

High Temperature Resistance

It has high temperature resistance and can operate normally in the range of -40 ℃ ~105 ℃.

High Stability

Capacity and loss have high stability with temperature and frequency.

Low Loss

The loss is very low, which is much lower than that of CL capacitor (metallized polyester film capacitor), and the general loss is ≤ 0.0008%

How to Choose Motor Start Capacitor

MicrAs an electrician, it is common to replace the starting capacitor of the motor. Some of them are very easy. The model to be replaced is usually based on the principle of original replacement. However, sometimes there are some special cases. For example, the starting capacitor of the motor is severely burnt out and deformed, and the model parameters marked above can not be seen at all. Or if there is no same model around us, do we know the model parameters of the capacitor to be replaced quickly? Here are three methods. You can choose a suitable one according to your hobbies!

The first method is rote memorization. Here is an order. According to the motor power from small to large, 40-60 watt motors are generally equipped with a capacitor of 1-1.5uf capacity, 70 watt motors are generally equipped with a capacitor of 2uF capacity, 180 watt motors use a 6UF capacitor, and 350-2.2 kW motors use 450v200 μ F nonpolar capacitor is unnecessary to calculate, because the operating current has an allowable range. It is not difficult to remember these. You can know the starting capacitor model to be replaced as soon as possible. It should be emphasized that the starting capacitor and the working capacitor should be noted here, because the starting capacitor actually requires a larger current than the working capacitor, but because the capacitor selection can allow a certain floating range, most of them choose the working capacitor to be a little larger for both purposes, which means that some electric fans can not be started when they are started because they have been used for a long time and the capacitor loss has become smaller, Just change a capacitor with a larger capacity. The second method is more theoretical and has a slightly higher accuracy. However, some factors are the estimation of components, so the result is not very accurate. The drawback is that sometimes it is a little idle and troublesome. However, if you are familiar with the calculation for several times, the palm method is the same as calculating a calculation problem. It is not as complicated as you think. Various parameters are brought into the formula, and the circled result is to select the capacity of the capacitor, Calculate and select according to the following formula: c=350000*i/2p*f*u*cos ∮, where: CO ∮ refers to the motor power factor, generally 0.55—0.75 P refers to the motor pole pair, which is available on the motor nameplate or can be calculated according to the formula

U refers to the power supply voltage. In the rated state, f refers to the power frequency. In China, it is 50Hz, l refers to the rated current, and C refers to the capacitance capacity. The last method is the fastest and most accurate method. It is the electrician calculation software in the mobile phone. Download an electrician calculation software, fill in the parameters to be calculated, and the software will automatically calculate the capacity of the selected capacitance, which benefits from high technology.

Finally, here is the key point. This is also a summary of experience. If we can’t buy the estimated or calculated capacitance or don’t have it at hand, we can choose the nearest model with similar capacity and try to be larger. However, no matter which method is used for selection, we must check whether the current is consistent after the final replacement. The final results have been based on this test to determine whether the selected capacitance is appropriate. If the current difference is too large, It indicates that the configuration is wrong and must be re selected. Otherwise, it will leave behind future problems and cause greater trouble. However, as long as there are many final detection steps, even if the selection is wrong, there is still a chance to make up for it. Therefore, the last step is the key to replace the starting capacitor.


What is the starting capacitor principle?

The single-phase current flowing through the rotating magnetic field that cannot be generated by the motor requires a phase separation capacitor. Its purpose is to generate a rotating magnetic field by generating a nearly 90 ° phase difference between the currents of the two windings.

The capacitive sensor has two different motor windings, namely, the winding and the starting winding and the running winding. Two different windings at 90 degrees in space. Single phase AC can be analyzed during operation, winding and starting winding. Within the development time, the current in the starting winding is 90 degrees ahead of that in the operating winding, reaching the maximum value first.

The air gap between the stator and the rotor formed in the time and space of two basically identical pulse magnetic fields can be generated by such a rotating magnetic field. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, when the rotor impacts the induced current, the current rotating magnetic field between the two generates different mutually promoting electromagnetic torques, and the motor rotates to work together. Principle of starting capacitor

Due to different single-phase and three-phase power supplies, the motor will generate a three-phase rotating magnetic field,

The basic principle of single-phase AC motor system start-up is to use the principle that the current of traditional Chinese capacitor is 90 degrees ahead in the circuit, so that it becomes a magnetic field that can have an important impact in the starting winding and a company is 90 degrees ahead of the main winding. In this way, there will be an alternating magnetic field with an angle of 90 degrees between social development in the motor. To put it bluntly, It is to use the phase-shifting principle of our capacitors to turn the technical management of single-phase power supply into a two-phase power supply of 90 degrees to each other. To generate economic supply in the motor, it needs a rotating magnetic field of 90 degrees to each other in our own country. Only with a rotating magnetic field can the motor effectively rotate.

It is clear that when the starting capacitor is a thrust, the motor starts the motor, so that the motor can be moved in and rotate. Without him, when the single-phase AC motor starts, it is in the origin, rather than shaking and rotating. The starting capacitor is the “first bend” of the two-phase AC motor. He does not, and cannot force the magnetic field rotor. Of course, there is a problem. From this point of view, it is easy to understand.

When some two-phase AC motors learn the “buzzing” sound and don’t rotate, they look natural and start their own inspection to see if the capacitor is damaged.

However, the starting capacitance of our system is also divided into different sizes. If we do not install a capacitor technology, the motor enterprise can run. If it is too large, the motor will heat up when it runs too fast, and it is easy to burn out the motor during long-time operation; It is too small and cannot give sufficient force to the rotor. The thrust is too weak, and the motor control cannot be started normally. Therefore, when it is necessary to replace the starting capacitor, it is not allowed to change the size of the original supporting capacitor without authorization.

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