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FBELE produce Micro motor, with 25 years of experience, has high cost performance, small torque, more concessions, ultra-high cost performance, lower efficiency, longer height, high reliability and compact structure.

Motors & Fans & Heat Sink

Best Motor & Fan & Heat Sink with High Torque Supplier

FBELE is an enterprise specializing in the R & D / production / R & D / sales of DC micro motors.AC DC FAN & Heat Sink,Products including ff260, ff280, ff130, ff180, rf280, ff337, ff050 and other models, which are widely used in personal care appliances and household appliances.

FBELE products including :DC brushed motor;DC Gear Motor;Coreless Motor;Mini Water Pump;Stepper Motor;AC & DC FAN;Window Regulator motor;Heat Sink;Ndfeb Magnet

Send us your projects requirement, we will provide you best Motor & Fan & Heat Sink solution according to your request.

DC brushed motor

All size 14500rpm 3.6V Micro DC Motor For Beauty Instrument 12V 4.8V 9.2V PMDC Brushed Motor

DC Gear Motor

20GA180 20mm Micro DC Gear Motor 6V 12 V Gearbox Motor for Window Curtain

Coreless Motor

12V High Speed Small Robotics Motor Electric Mini Dc Coreless 1230 Motor For Tattoo Machine

Mini Water Bump

DC micro water pump 12V high pressure pump household self-priming large flow small water pump motor for Water dispenser

Stepper Motor

Permanent Magnet Electric Motor Reduction ratio 1:64 geared stepper motor / Tiny Controls Stepper Motor 24BYJ48


12v 24v AC/DC axial flow brushless cooling fan.small micro fan,high speed,quiet.

Heat Sink

Customization heat sink cnc Machining Heat sink Aluminum Parts Manufacturing aluminum profile fiit heatstick

Neodymium Magnetic

Strong magnetic materials power engine type Neodymium magnet Tile magnet motor magnet.

Motors & Fans & Heat Sink
China Motors & Fans & Heat Sink Supplier

FBELE provides high-quality Motors & Fans & Heat Sink with sizes ranging from 3mm to 200mm, different materials, various sounds and different levels of prices. It can also provide technical solutions.

FBELE: Your Reliable Motors & Fans & Heat Sink Supplier in China

FBELE produces complete sizes, high torque 2nm, temperature resistance, low noise and precise control. It is widely used in medical equipment, industrial automation, precision instruments, security and other fields, and provides customized DC micro motors

FBELE also produce DC cooling fan, DC centrifugal fan and 24V DC fan focus on high-performance cooling equipment to provide customers with high-performance, durable and ultra long cooling.

FBELE can be customized and processed according to customer needs, and a variety of sizes can be selected to quickly adapt to the different needs of different customers It can be inspected on the spot, with large quantity and better price.

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