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FBELE metal lampshade ensures the durability and fall resistance of the ring lamp. Easy to install (power adapter), portable bag, whether indoor or outdoor shooting, shooting experience different shooting experience. [4 colors and 10 brightness levels]

  • Non toxic and irritant chemicals
  • Not easy to break
  • Long service life
  • Transparent luster

What is Nail Phototherapy Machine

Nail phototherapy is an advanced simulated nail technology that solidifies the phototherapy gel through the action of UV light. Using pure natural resin materials, it can not only protect the functions of nails and nail plates, but also effectively correct nail types, making nails more transparent and moving. Required tools: hand soaking bowl, softener, finger skin push, finger skin scissors, nutritional oil, hand brush, agent P, phototherapy UV lamp machine, phototherapy pen, extended paper holder, phototherapy primer, color glue, imported sand strip, imported grinding block, transparent glue.

Why Purchase FBELE Nail Phototherapy Machine

Non Toxic

Non toxic and irritant chemicals, harmless to human body

Not Easy To Break

It is as capricious, elastic and not easy to break as natural nails


Durable, anti propanol, bright color and won’t fall off

Transparent Luster

It does not make natural nails yellow, with crystal clear quality and transparent luster.

How to Do Phototherapy Nail Enhancement

In fact, the practice of phototherapy is not complicated, and it can last for a long time, so it is suitable for all beauty loving female friends as one of the good methods of nail enhancement. In addition, phototherapy nail is also divided into color gel, patch gel and other categories, and the effect is also very gorgeous and special. Now let’s introduce the practice of phototherapy.

Phototherapy nail practice

  1. Gel strengthening natural armor procedure (natural armor has been repaired):
  2. Engraving and grinding (pay attention to the engraving and grinding of the trailing edge and nail groove in place)
  3. Scrub the nail surface with special cleaning liquid
  4. Apply a thin layer of adhesive and bake for 30 seconds
  5. Apply transparent (pink) gel (note that the back edge and nail groove do not flow in) and bake for 2 minutes (the front edge should be wrapped with gel)
  6. Apply sealant, not too thin, bake for 2.5 minutes
  7. Cleaning with detergent
  8. Top nutrient oil
  9. Patch gel nail:
  10. Carving and grinding
  11. Apply the patch, and the surface of the patch needs to be engraved and ground
  12. Clean the nail surface with detergent
  13. Apply adhesive, 30 seconds
  14. Apply transparent (pink) gel for 2 minutes (wrap the front edge with gel), and polish the manicure shape
  15. Apply sealant and bake for 2 and a half minutes
  16. Cleaning
  17. Top nutrient oil

What are the advantages and disadvantages of phototherapy nail enhancement

The main chemical component of phototherapy gel nail is an acrylic resin oligomer cured by ultraviolet light. Through ultraviolet a line, it belongs to the curing principle of photosensitive curing system.

1、 Advantages:

  1. Non toxic and non irritating chemicals, harmless to human body;

Tasteless and fragrance free, it does not affect the human respiratory and mental system.

  1. It is as capricious, elastic and not easy to break as natural nails.
  2. Do not make natural nails yellow, with crystal clear quality and transparent luster.
  3. Durable, anti propanol, bright color and won’t fall off.
  4. It is conducive to shaping real nails,

Phototherapy gel nail has the advantages of high transparency, natural lightness, good toughness, no irritating taste, not easy to turn yellow and not easy to break.

2、 Disadvantages:

  1. It will be difficult to remove nails. It needs to be polished for a long time. After polishing to a very thin layer, soak the nails in the nail remover.
  2. After nail removal, the nail will be dry, dry and nutritious, so it needs to be coated with some nutritional oil.
  3. Phototherapy is very harmful to your nails when removing nails. I Phototherapy armor and crystal armor are both a kind of artificial armor Crystal nail is a kind of plastic that reacts and solidifies on the nail through the fusion of nail powder and nail liquid! Crystal nail is strong, and nail powder and liquid can make perfect shape And colorful, ever-changing It can be removed with professional nail remover Phototherapy nail is formed by the curing of phototherapy glue by the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp. Manicure is easy to damage nails only when it is not operated properly!

China Leading Nail Phototherapy Machine Supplier


FBELE nail enhancement phototherapy machine is a special drying and curing instrument for nail polish. Its output power should be stable and safe, and the lamp tube should be long-lived and durable. Most of them are 36W, 4-tube phototherapy machines; In addition, the phototherapy machine should have a timing function, which is more convenient to use

FBELE specializes in the research, development and production of nail lamp, phototherapy lamp, electric foot grinder and nail polisher manufacturers for nail glue drying, nail polisher and nail gloss. Main business: nail lamp, nail machine, nail phototherapy lamp, nail grinder, nail grinder factory and other manufacturers

FBELE nail enhancement lamp, also known as nail enhancement machine and nail phototherapy machine. It is specially used for drying phototherapy glue in nail enhancement process, and is mostly used in nail salon. Houyi nail enhancement lamp has various styles, mainly including 9w/36w48w nail enhancement lamp, which has beautiful and fashionable appearance, easy to carry and efficient nail enhancement.

What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We saw FBELE on the forum. At that time, we thought that the enterprise’s technical articles were very thorough and in-depth, and its social responsibility was also strong. This year, we just need to have new product development, so we found fbele and asked them to purchase samples. The speed was very fast and the quality was good, waiting for the implementation of the project!


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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FBELE company mainly deals in nail polish, phototherapy machine and nail enhancement set, and provides high-quality products and good services to the whole country. Our company, based on the concept of “pursuing excellence and sustainable management”, wholeheartedly serves customers

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