Notes on wigs

How to clean wigs

  1. Try not to approach high temperatures as much as possible, as false hair is not resistant to high temperatures due to the material used
  2. Most fake hair can be dyed. If you need to trim it, you can ask a professional stylist to trim and organize your hairstyle
  3. Fake hair is usually washed once every 1-2 months
  4. Wash with cold or warm water, and use regular shampoo when washing. It can be combined with regular conditioner
  5. When washing clean fake hair, try not to dry it with high-temperature air such as a hair dryer. Use a dry towel to gently absorb excess water from the fake hair and then place it in a ventilated area to avoid direct sunlight damage to the fake hair
  6. After washing, don’t comb the fake hair immediately. You should wait for the fake hair to dry before combing it
  7. Using a specialized comb for fake hair (available at different prices in the store) cannot be combed with a plastic comb
  8. Curling hair basically doesn’t use a comb, just tidy up the curled area by hand after each tie is donewigsFacial shape and hairstyleLong face shape: Hair can be made into a curly and wavy style, which can enhance elegant taste. A loose and flowing, neat and slightly messy hairstyle should be chosen;

    Round face shape: It is recommended to choose straight hair with a higher top and a snug fit on both sides. The vertical lines of straight hair can visually reduce the width of the round face;

    Square face shape: It is not advisable to have straight bangs. Asymmetric slanted bangs and short straight hair from the end to the cheek can be used;

    Triangle face shape: can be selected according to the ratio between face shape and hairstyle. When combing, the hair above the ears should be fluffy;

    Inverted triangular face shape: Choose an asymmetrical hairstyle with side split seams, revealing a full forehead, and the hair tips can be slightly rough and messy;

    The benefits of wearing a wig

    ① Wearing a wig can have a cosmetic effect, making changing hairstyles simple and convenient, saving time;

    ② : It can avoid the damage to hair quality caused by perming, dyeing, and pulling hair;

    ③ You can save the cost of doing hairstyles and dyeing hair at the hair salon, reducing expenses;

    ④ Wigs can be changed at will to avoid frequent visits to hair salons and damage to hair quality;

    ⑤ You can try various hairstyle designs and match different fashion styles, so wearing wigs is increasingly popular among people;

    wigs-2Precautions for wearing wigs

    Wearing a wig generally does not cause allergies, but it is best not to wear it for those with sensitive constitutions. In addition, wigs can have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If people who originally suffered from skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema wear wigs, their condition may worsen, and they should wait until the skin disease is completely cured before wearing them. In addition, the summer weather is hot, and wearing a wig is not conducive to sweating. Therefore, when choosing a wig, wearers should choose a high-quality wig, preferably with a breathable mesh, and should not wear it for a long time.

    How can girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First, cover your hair with a headband to prevent it from revealing, especially your bangs. If using a wig, be sure to match the color of your own real hair and not disconnect it.

    Wigs should be combed with a comb to remove any dust or hairs that stick to them, and they must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wig, first dry it with a dry towel, then blow dry it with a hair dryer or place it on a stand to air dry naturally. This is not only beneficial for health, but also extends the lifespan of the wig.

    When collecting wigs, they should also be washed clean and placed on a stand to avoid folding.

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