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FBELE, founded in 1997, focuses on the R & D and production of oral care products such as electric sonic toothbrush, tooth flushing device and nasal washer. The company has its own patented brand “FBELE”, and all FBELE brand products have passed CE, FDA, FCC, RoHS and other international demonstrations

  • Improve gum health
  • Control bacteria
  • Freshen the breath
  • Improve and alleviate gingivitis and periodontitis

What is Oral Irrigator

Tooth punch is a kind of household oral cleaning equipment. The main principle is to use flowing pulsed water to remove dental plaque and residual food below the gum line, so as to improve gum health. Compared with the ordinary toothbrush, the tooth punch is more effective in the treatment of dental plaque, gingivitis, etc. Because most toothbrushes can not let the toothpaste go deep into the crevices, grooves and cracks of the occlusal surface, where 80% of tooth decay occurs, and the tooth punch can let water or liquid into the crevices of the occlusal surface to neutralize the acid substances inside, and restore the calcium content of the tooth enamel that has been decalcified. The strongest evidence shows that it has a good effect on reducing bleeding caused by gingivitis. Recent research results show that it is better than traditional toothbrush and floss in reducing gingivitis bleeding and plaque. Another study from the University of Southern California showed that 99.9% of the plaque in the clean area was eliminated after three consecutive times of using 1200 ppm pulsed water to clean the teeth at 70psi.

Why Purchase FBELE Oral Irrigator

Improve gum health

Use flowing pulsed water to remove dental plaque and residual food below the gum line, so as to improve gum health

Control Bacteria

Reducing the risk of corrosion bacteria can cause corrosion. If we can control bacteria, we have a better chance to reduce the risk of decay

Freshen The Breath

Thoroughly clean the mouth and freshen the breath

Improve and alleviate gingivitis and periodontitis

It can improve and alleviate gingivitis and periodontitis. More than 90% of our adults have tooth decay, periodontitis and other problems. On the one hand, it can massage the gums

How to Use Oral Irrigator

For a person who uses a household dental impactor, low pressure is recommended at the beginning of use, and after a period of time, it is increased to medium pressure according to personal preference, taking comfort as the standard. The curative effect of middle and higher water pressure has been proved in clinic.

Any dentist will tell the patient that floss or dental punches are needed to maintain the health of gums and teeth. Teeth punches can make cleaning teeth more efficient and easier, and of course, protect gums. The steps are also simple:


Buy a tooth punch on a shopping website. Almost all large shopping websites have tooth punches. Remove the device from the box and connect the power supply. Some punches may contain rechargeable batteries, so they need to be fully charged before use.


Fill the sink and body with water. All tooth punches have a water tank to store cleaning water, so that the water level in the tank reaches a certain scale. Most of the punches can adjust the water pressure. Adjust the water pressure to suit yourself, and then start cleaning your teeth.


Use the punch correctly. As a substitute for dental floss, consumers can use it to clean their teeth efficiently. They just need to move up and down the tooth surface to achieve the goal. Of course, it can also be used to clean the occlusal surface of teeth


How to Choose Oral Irrigator


Generally, the higher the frequency of water flow pulse, the better the flushing effect. The pulse frequency should be at least 1200 times /min or more.

hydraulic pressure

The maximum water pressure should be above 90Psi. Too much pressure is likely to damage the gums. It is recommended to adjust the gear according to the gum tolerance.

Suitable nozzle

There are many kinds of spray heads for dental impactors, including orthodontic spray heads specially used for tooth correction, dental plaque spray heads used for dental implants, etc. it is recommended to select them according to their own oral conditions, and healthy people can use standard brush heads.

Tooth puncher recommendation: fbele brand

[parameters and evaluation]

☑ high frequency pulse meets requirements ✔

☑ frequency 1400 times / min, meeting the requirements ✔

☑ pressure 30-90psi custom adjustment meets requirements ✔

☑ performance ★★★★★

☑ cost performance ★★★★

[user comments]

The water column of FBELE tooth punch is very strong, and the residues are washed out. The third gear selection is convenient and fast, and the waterproof performance is good. It is recommended that you buy it!

Baby is very easy to use. After brushing your teeth every day, you can still wash out a lot of dirty things with a tooth flushing device. It used to be white brushing, and you can’t live without it!

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What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We saw FBELE on the forum. At that time, we thought that the enterprise’s technical articles were very thorough and in-depth, and its social responsibility was also strong. This year, we just need to have new product development, so we found fbele and asked them to purchase samples. The speed was very fast and the quality was good, waiting for the implementation of the project!


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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