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  • Anti theft: if there is an illegal burglar, make sound.
  • Help: it can be used to call for help and alarm for accidents and emergencies of the elderly and children at home
  • Fire prevention: timely detect indoor smoke through smoke detector and send out fire alarm
  • Prevention of combustible gas poisoning: it can detect the leakage of gas such as gas and natural gas and give an alarm in time

What is Piezo siren & Piezo Alarm

Siren & Alarm is an electronic product that reminds or warns us that we should take some action in the form of sound, light and air pressure in order to prevent or prevent the consequences of an event. Alarm is divided into mechanical alarm and electronic alarm. With the progress of science and technology, mechanical alarms are increasingly replaced by advanced electronic alarms. They are often used in the fields of system failure, safety prevention, transportation, medical rescue, emergency relief, induction detection and so on. They are inseparable from social production. Such as door magnetic sensor and gas induction alarm.

Function of Siren & Alarm

High Voltage
Anti theft and robbery prevention

After the vehicle enters the “fortified” state, if there is an alarm, the new GSM anti-theft device will immediately dial the owner’s preset alarm telephone (mobile phone, landline, etc.) to give an alarm

Light Weight
Remote control

After the telephone alarm, the owner can monitor the movement in the vehicle by telephone to confirm the alarm situation. He can also deploy, remove and open / close the lock of the vehicle by telephone. It can also remotely control the vehicle, such as ordering flameout.

long life time
Central control door lock automation

After closing the door for 20 seconds, the central lock will automatically lock the door to ensure driving safety.

Convenient installation
Intelligent platform multi-directional alarm

In case of alarm, the system will use SMS to tell the owner the specific alarm (such as “vibration alarm” and “air pressure alarm”) through mobile phone network; As long as the mobile phone has network coverage, the alarm is not limited by distance.

Why is the gas alarm valid?

Generally, the performance of piezo alarm with poor quality will decline in 1-2 years, thus losing the safety type of alarm. The service life of advanced FBELE piezo alarm is 5 years, but the service life of other electronic components (such as transformer, capacitor, transistor, etc.) in the alarm is limited. Therefore, even advanced countries also stipulate that the validity period is up to 5 years. In order to ensure safety, a new alarm must be replaced after the expiration of five years.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

What is a home alarm system

Family thieves mainly invade doors and windows, and the proportion of door thieves is greater than that of window thieves. A door magnetic sensor is installed on the door of each household. If a thief pries the door, the door magnetic sensor will immediately transmit this information to the home alarm host. The host will send this information to the control center, and the center will immediately display the alarm location and nature (door thief).

FBELE: Your Reliable Siren & Alarm Supplier in China


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What does customer say about FBELE Company


Before we found FBELE, we cooperated with another factory manufacturer. Due to the quality problem at that time, we tried to cooperate with FBELE. Unexpectedly, the quality of FBELE products is very stable. At present, the cooperation has been nearly 10 years. We hope FBELE will always supply us.


Our cooperation with FBELE is because it can provide us with one-stop service, which can help us organize the goods of other factories in China to be transported to Brazil. At the same time, it can also help our company pay on behalf of us and solve our worries.

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FBELE is a professional manufacturer in Ningbo China. Its products sell well all over the world with quality assurance. It sells well all over the world. It is highly praised by customers. Professional quality casts the brand. Welcome to inquire.

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