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FBELE company was founded in 1997, specializing in the production of atomizer, atomizer and other frequency devices, which are used in civil and medical fields

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What is Piezo Atomizer

The ultrasonic atomizer uses the electronic high-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz or 2.4MHz, which exceeds the human auditory range, and the electronic oscillation does no harm to human body and animals). Through the high-frequency resonance of the ceramic atomizer, the liquid water molecular structure is dispersed to produce a naturally flowing water mist without heating or adding any chemical reagent. Compared with the heating atomization mode, the energy is saved by 90%. In addition, a large number of fine water droplets will be released in the atomization process, which will be adsorbed and combined with the floating smoke and dust in the air to precipitate, purify the air and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Why purchase FBELE Ultrasonic atomizer disc

low cost
Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production, the cost of Ultrasonic Atomizing Transducers is relatively low.

Non toxic and harmless

Non toxic and harmless, no need to add any chemicals, using the principle of ultrasound

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the Ultrasonic Atomization Discs.

long life time
Long service life

The working life is more than 8000 hours

Classification of piezo atomizer disc

Microporous atomization sheet: microporous atomization sheet is perforated by steel sheet The outer layer of the steel sheet is a ceramic vibrator, and the microporous atomizer is most used in the small humidifier Generally, humidifiers used in offices are relatively small, and the power used is relatively small, which is basically kHz frequency. The water is sucked up by the sponge suction rod and ejected from the fine hole in the middle of the atomizer

Ceramic atomizer: it needs a large voltage to drive. The conventional voltage is 24v-48v, so the power used is also relatively large. The commonly used frequencies are 1.7MHz, 2.4MHz, etc. it is generally used for atomization landscaping, vegetable preservation, etc

piezo atomizer

Instructions for Ultrasonic Humidifier Ceramic Atomizer

Under the correct use, the service life of the atomizer is about 3000 hours, and it is very easy to replace. Its service life is also related to the quality of water. If scale is deposited on the atomizer, please clean it with a soft cloth. According to different water quality and use purpose, different atomization tablets can be selected. For example, stainless steel coated atomization tablets are selected in areas with hard water quality, and glass glazed atomization tablets are selected in acid resistant service environment. The atomizer has the function of automatic water cut-off protection. When the water level is lower than the water level switch, the atomizer will automatically stop working. When the atomizer is working, do not put your hand above the atomizer. Your hand will feel tingling due to high-frequency vibration, but it is not electric shock or leakage.

The general household humidifier forms a positive feedback resonant circuit through the atomizer, BU406, capacitor and resistance. The voltage can be adjusted between 28v-50v DC voltage to control the output resonant power, so as to control the size of atomization. These are very simple.

FBELE: China Leading piezo atomizer Supplier


FBELE produces microporous atomization sheet processing customized 13.8mm microporous atomization sheet 20mm microporous atomization sheet microporous medical atomization sheet medical atomization sheet processing plant medical atomization sheet supplies 25mm ultrasonic atomization sheet 16mm-1.7mhz ultrasonic atomization sheet ultrasonic atomization sheet small portable water replenisher aromatherapy machine humidifier FBELE Brand is one of the leading piezo atomizer suppliers and all of our piezo atomizer can meet ROHS and REACH, high quality,competitive price.

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


I have cooperated with FBELE for two years. In the past two years, FBELE has provided good service every time. I want to thank the  FBELE sales team. You can have a try if you have the opportunity.


We are a small online store that just opened in 2021. We have just started doing business, so we need less quantity and more varieties. Fbele will treat all orders equally no matter how many. We hope to have more cooperation in the future.

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China Best piezo atomizer disc Manufacturer & Supplier

High quality Ultrasonic Chip Ceramic Fogger Atomizing, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

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Genaral Questions About Piezo Atomizer

How many years has your company been engaged in the piezo atomizer industry?

It has a history of 25 years and has won the trust of more than 2000 customers worldwide

What is the piezo atomizer? What's the usage?

Atomizing sheet is the core of humidifier, which can turn water into a high-frequency vibrating part of fog. It is composed of piezoelectric ceramic ring and metal diaphragm

Where are piezo atomizer mainly used?

Atomized tablets are mainly used in humidification, medical treatment, beauty, perfume, military, food, electronics, electricity, vehicles, painting, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, chemistry, fiber, pulp, printing, kiln industry, air conditioning, etc.

How to divide the atomizer?

There are two kinds of atomizing sheets: microporous and glass glaze, of which the specifications are 10mm, 13.8mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm, and the frequencies are also 110khz, 1700khz and 2400khz. The atomization volume of 16mm micropore is 30ml-60ml per hour, the atomization volume of 20mm diameter is 300ml per hour, the atomization volume of 25mm diameter and 1.7MHz frequency is about 450mm per hour.

What is ultrasonic atomizer, and what is the difference between it and ceramic atomizer and microporous atomizer?

Ceramic atomizer is an ultrasonic atomizer, which works in water. The working voltage and current are relatively large. It is a commonly used atomizer for large humidifiers. The spray is large, and it is an early atomizer. Microporous atomization sheet is a new type of atomization sheet, which is steel sheet

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