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FBELE is connector is a manufacturer integrating modern equipment, mold development, rubber core injection molding, electroplating management and foreign trade. It is an advanced connector testing instrument. The company complies with iso900:2015

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What is pin header

Pin, a kind of connector, English Name: pin header. This kind of connector is widely used in PCB circuit boards of electronics, electrical appliances and instruments. Its function is to act as a bridge between the blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit and undertake the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the busbar to form a plate to plate connection; Or it is used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; It can also be used for plate to plate connection independently. Due to different specifications required by different products, the row pins also have a variety of models and specifications. According to the standard of row pin connectors in the electronic industry, they can be roughly divided into five categories: 2.54mm, 2.00mm, 1.27mm, 1.00mm and 0.8mm. According to the number of rows, there are single row pins, double row pins and three row pins; According to the packaging rules, SMT (horizontal / vertical) and dip (direct / bending) are available. Busbar, a kind of connector, English Name: female header. It is a universal connecting device widely used in electronics, electrical appliances and instruments, mainly playing the role of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the row needle to form a board to board connection.

Why Purchase FBELE Pin Header Connector

Free Samples

FBELE can provide free samples if the sample quantity below 5pcs is acceptable

Accurate Dimension

the alignment, fit, thickness and thread accuracy shall be measured with vernier caliper

Best Quality

corrosion resistance, wear resistance, not easy to rust!

Excellent surface treatment

After excellent surface treatment, the appearance becomes very beautiful

Classification and type of Pin Header Connector & Sockets:

  1. The row pin headerand busbar are divided according to the spacing: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.27mm, 2.0mm and 2.54mm spacing.
  2. Divided by plastic height and plastic quantity (e.g. single plastic, double plastic, 3 plastic, etc.)
  3. It is divided into single row, double row, 3 row, 4 row, etc. according to the number of rows of pin header connectorsand busbar,
  4. According to the installation method, 180 ° is indicated by s, 90 ° is indicated by R, and SMT is indicated by M.

Packing method of pin header and busbar: bag, tube and roll.

Pin and busbar material: pin material: brass or phosphor bronze; Insulator material: Plastic UL 94V-0.

Surface treatment: gold plating 0.8u, tin plating and nickel plating


How to Use Pin Header Connector

1,Heat dissipation design: the pin and busbar will generate heat during operation. Too high temperature will affect the attenuation speed and stability of LED. Therefore, the heat dissipation of PCB and the ventilation and heat dissipation of box will affect the pin and busbar.

  1. Check whether the anti-static needle and busbar have good anti-static measures.
  2. When the current value of the pin and busbar is small, 20mA, it is generally recommended that the upper limit use current should not exceed 80% of the nominal value, especially for electronic equipment with small point spacing, due to poor heat dissipation conditions, the current value should also be reduced.
  3. Control the perpendicularity of the board. For the in-line pin and busbar, it is necessary to have sufficient technology to ensure that the LED is perpendicular to the PCB board when passing through the furnace.
  4. The temperature and time of wave front welding shall be strictly controlled. The preheating temperature shall be 100 ℃± 5 ℃, the upper limit shall not exceed 120 ℃, and the preheating temperature shall rise steadily. The welding temperature shall be 245 ℃± 5 ℃, and the welding time is generally recommended not to exceed 3 seconds.

Generally speaking, these five points should be paid attention to after purchasing the needle and busbar, which will avoid many problems affecting the performance of the needle and busbar. Users can avoid it according to these five points.

If you have more ideas about mother row need row, please tell fbele. We can turn your ideas into reality. For more information on pin and bus bar, please continue to pay attention to fbele pin and bus bar connectors. (you can place an order to purchase and proofing online)

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FBELE has been established for 25 years, specializing in the production and manufacture of bus bar, pin, bus bar, board to board connector, wire to board connector, harness processing and other products High stability and strong bending resistance The product category is complete, and the manufacturer supplies it from stock

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FBELE is a manufacturer specialized in FPC, board to board, terminal, socket, connector, pin and bus bar, pin and bus bar connector, pin connector, pin and bus bar patch customization and processing. Free sample sending and proofing, Tel: 0086-18868647636

What does customer say about FBELE Company


FBELE not only provides standard products, but also provides us with free design. The solutions provided are very standardized, safe, practical, time-effective and technical. We are very satisfied. Thanks to FBELE’s design team.


We have cooperated with fbele for 8 years. Previously, we only purchased standard products. Since 2019, we know that fbele can also provide processing business of semi-finished products, which saves costs for our company. In the future, we also want to cooperate with fbele on other projects, and the price is also important.

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FBELE has its own factories in China, which are full chain manufacturers and automobile connector manufacturers. FBELE provides one-stop connector product selection and customization solutions to meet the needs of various application fields such as automobile, industry and communication. Welcome to online consultation and order!

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