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What is Potentiometer

The potentiometer is a resistance element with three leads and the resistance value can be adjusted according to a certain change law. Potentiometers usually consist of a resistor and a movable brush. When the brush moves along the resistance body, the resistance value or voltage that is related to the displacement is obtained at the output end.

The potentiometer can be used as either a three terminal element or a two terminal element. The latter can be regarded as a variable resistor. Because its function in the circuit is to obtain an output voltage that is related to the input voltage (applied voltage), it is called a potentiometer.

Why Purchase FBELE Potentiometer

Small Space

Compared with mechanical potentiometers, digital potentiometers take up less space in addition to reliability


It is made of constantan wire or nickel chromium alloy wire as a resistor and wound on an insulating frame. Advantages of wound potentiometer: contact resistance, accuracy

Low Noise

It has Points: good heat resistance, resolution,distributed inductance and distributed capacitor and low noise electromotive force

Good Performance

It has the advantages of good heat resistance, power, reliability and wear resistance

Classification of Potentiometers

The key components of potentiometer are resistor and brush. Potentiometers can be divided into several types according to their structure and whether they have switches. Potentiometers can also be classified according to the materials of resistors, such as wire wound, synthetic carbon film, metallic glass glaze, organic solid core and conductive plastic. The electrical performance mainly depends on the materials used. In addition, there are potentiometers made of metal foil, metal film and metal oxide film, which have special uses. Potentiometers are classified according to their use characteristics, including general purpose, high precision, high resolution, high resistance, high temperature, high frequency and high power potentiometers; According to the resistance adjustment mode, there are adjustable, semi adjustable and fine-tuning types, and the latter two are also called semi fixed potentiometers. In order to overcome the adverse effect of the moving contact of the brush on the resistance body on the performance and service life of the potentiometer, there are contactless non-contact potentiometers, such as photosensitive and magnetic sensitive potentiometers, for a small number of special applications.

Adjustable winding potentiometer

Wire wound potentiometer: it has the advantages of high precision, good stability, small temperature coefficient, reliable contact, high temperature resistance and strong power load capacity. The disadvantages are that the resistance range is not wide enough, the high-frequency performance is poor, the resolution is not high, and the wire wound potentiometer with high resistance is easy to break, the volume is large, and the price is high. This potentiometer is widely used in electronic instruments and meters. The resistance body of the wire wound potentiometer is composed of a resistance wire wound on an insulator. There are many types of resistance wires. The material of the resistance wire is selected according to the structure of the potentiometer, the space containing the resistance wire, the resistance value and the temperature coefficient. The thinner the resistance wire, the greater the resistance and resolution in a given space. However, the resistance wire is too thin, which is easy to be disconnected during use, affecting the service life of the sensor.

Carbon film potentiometer

Synthetic carbon film potentiometer: it has the characteristics of wide resistance range, good resolution, simple process and low price, but it has large dynamic noise and poor moisture resistance. This kind of potentiometer should be used as a functional potentiometer, which is widely used in consumer electronic products. The production of carbon film can be automated by using printing technology.

Organic solid core potentiometer: wide resistance range, high resolution, good heat resistance, strong overload capacity, good wear resistance and high reliability, but poor moisture resistance and dynamic noise. This kind of potentiometer is generally made into a small semi fixed form, which is used for micro calling in the circuit.

Metal glass glaze potentiometer not only has the advantages of organic solid core potentiometer, but also has small resistance temperature coefficient (similar to wire wound potentiometer), but also has large dynamic contact resistance and large equivalent noise resistance. Therefore, it is mostly used for semi fixed resistance adjustment. This kind of potentiometer has developed rapidly, and its ability to withstand temperature, humidity and load impact has been improved. It can work reliably under harsh environmental conditions.

Conductive plastic potentiometer: wide resistance range, high linear accuracy, strong resolution, and long wear life. Although its temperature coefficient and contact resistance are large, it can still be used in analog and servo systems in automatic control instruments.

Digital potentiometer: potentiometer made by integrated circuit technology; A series of resistors are integrated into a chip, and MOS tubes are used to control the resistors in series

Connection between network and public end; The control accuracy is determined by the bits of the control, generally 8 bits, 10 bits, 12 bits, etc; It can be used in analog circuits for impedance matching, magnification control of amplification circuit, etc; Avoid the trouble of jitter adjustment operation; It provides a convenient way for automatic gain, voltage change, impedance matching, etc.

Multi turn precision adjustable potentiometer

Multi turn precision adjustable potentiometer: in some industrial control and instrument circuits, high adjustable precision is usually required. In order to meet the needs of production. This kind of circuit adopts a multi turn adjustable potentiometer. This kind of potentiometer has a large step range! High precision.

Resistance material classification

Carbon film: carbon film is used as the resistance film.

Metal film: a special cermet film made of ceramic and metal materials is used as the resistance film.

Wirewound: use metal wire as resistance. Compared with carbon film or ceramic metal film, it can withstand higher power.


Function & Judging of Potentiometer

Low Function of

The main functions of potentiometer in the circuit are as follows

  1. used as voltage divider

The potentiometer is a continuously adjustable resistor. When the rotary handle or sliding handle of the potentiometer is adjusted, the moving contact slides on the resistor body. At this time, the output voltage which is related to the applied voltage of the potentiometer and the angle or stroke of the movable arm can be obtained at the output end of the potentiometer.

  1. used as rheostat

When the potentiometer is used as a rheostat, it should be connected into devices at both ends, so that a smooth and continuously changing resistance value can be obtained within the travel range of the potentiometer.

  1. used as current controller

When the potentiometer is used as a current controller, one of the selected current output terminals must be the sliding contact outgoing terminal.

Testing and judging of potentiometer

The main requirements for potentiometer are: ① the resistance value meets the requirements. ② The contact between the central sliding end and the resistance body is good and the rotation is smooth. For potentiometer with switch, the switch part shall act accurately, reliably and flexibly. Therefore, the performance of potentiometer must be checked before use.

1) Resistance measurement: first, according to the resistance value of the potentiometer to be measured, select the appropriate resistance gear of the multimeter, measure the resistance value, that is, the resistance value between the two end pieces of AC, and compare it with the nominal resistance value to see whether they are consistent. At the same time, rotate the sliding contact, and its value shall be fixed. If the resistance is infinite, the potentiometer is damaged.

2) Then measure the contact between the center end and the resistance body, that is, the resistance value between the BC ends. The method is to slowly rotate the rotating shaft with the ohm gear of the multimeter in the appropriate range during the measurement process, and pay attention to observe the reading of the multimeter. Under normal conditions, the reading changes steadily in one direction. In case of jumping, falling or impassability, it indicates that the movable contact has the fault of poor contact.

3) When the center end slides to the head end or the end, the resistance between the center end and the coincident end is 0 in the ideal state. In the actual measurement, there will be a certain residual value (generally depending on the nominal value, generally less than 5 Ω), which is a normal phenomenon.

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