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In the past 25 years, FBELE has focused on the production of all kinds of reflective vests, with complete styles and low price. It specializes in customized automotive reflective vests, with fast delivery, implementation of international standards and high quality

  • Waterproof and breathable Oxford textile
  • ISO9001-2000 certification
  • The vest can be printed according to customer requirements
  • Free design

What is Reflective Vest

The reflective vest is made of high visibility reflective materials. It can make the traffic police or police on duty smoothly at night or in special weather conditions, so as to reduce unnecessary casualties. It plays a special role in human production and life, especially in traffic engineering. This reflective vest is widely used in shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, rescue, parking lot, airport, traffic police and outdoor work or construction. It is a good safety warning article.

Why purchase FBELE Reflective Vest

High Voltage
GB20653 Standard

It meets the requirements of GB20653 standard and is developed according to the requirements of automobile passenger reflective vest.

Light Weight
360 Reflection

Candlelight, 360 ° reflection, no dead angle, eye-catching and safer at night.

long life time
Low temperature Resistance

Excellent high and low temperature resistance, normal use between – 40 ° and 50 *.

long life time
Long Life Time

Exquisite and firm stitching, wear-resistant material and edge locking, with a service life of more than 5 years.

Action principle of reflective vest

The reflective part of the reflective vest is made by using the principle of micro rhombic refraction of the lattice and the return reflection of glass beads with high refractive index through the advanced process of focusing and post-processing. It can reflect the distant direct light back to the luminous place, and has good retroreflective optical performance no matter in day or night. Especially at night, it can play the same high visibility as during the day. The safety clothing made of this high visibility reflective material can be easily found by night drivers whether the wearer is in a distant place or under the interference of light or scattered light. The emergence of reflective materials has successfully solved the problem of “seeing” and “being seen” at night.

Reflective Vest
Reflective Vest

Who use Reflective vest

It is mainly applicable to local workers who need light warning, such as police, road administration personnel, traffic commanders, safety supervisors, road maintenance personnel, security guards, motorcycle and bicycle drivers, night runners, cleaners, workers in dark light and so on.

FBELE: Your Reliable Safety Vest Supplier in China


FBELE reflective vest adopts beautiful and generous stitching technology, carefully designed and tailored for you, and selects low elastic silk fabric to improve the wear resistance and air permeability of the product.

After 25 years of continuous efforts, FBELE has tempered a high-quality team full of ability and professionalism

FBELE Specializing in the production of all kinds of reflective belt vests, complete styles, new styles, certification, directly supplied by manufacturers, low price, wear-resistant and durable, can customize the printed logo, more concessions, welcome to inquire

What does customer say about FBELE Company


There are many kinds of FBELE products, let me choose calmly! Good quality, technology in place! The products are durable, sell well all over the world and are trustworthy!


FBELE not only provides standard products, but also provides us with free design. The solutions provided are very standardized, safe, practical, time-effective and technical. We are very satisfied. Thanks to FBELE’s design team.

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China one stop solution for Reflective Vest

FBELE  has several automatic production, good consistency with stable quality. FBELE is China famous brand.High quality Reflective Vest

FBELE Certification

Genaral Questions About Reflective Vest

What is the meaning of the color represented by the reflective vest?

The meaning of each color of reflective vest: fluorescent yellow indicates the group leader; Red means security inspector; Blue indicates technology; Fluorescent orange is safety supervision.

What is the material of reflective vest?

Reflective vests are usually composed of reflective strips and grape fabrics. These two materials are more important. The main thing of reflective vests is the quality of reflective strips, which plays a reflective role. Generally, reflective strips have different brightness according to the needs of work, including ordinary brightness, medium brightness, brightness and silver. The higher the brightness, the better the reflective effect

What are the styles of reflective vests?

According to the needs of work, whether it needs multi-functional pockets, whether it needs to wear walkie talkies, tags, etc., which can make it more convenient and comfortable to wear at work. Some reflective vests have complex styles, and their manufacturing industry is relatively cumbersome, which has its own uniqueness.

What is the purpose of reflective vest?

Suitable for night operation or traffic control personnel; Emergency rescue command site; Production site; Rescue site

How to clean / maintain the reflective vest?

The cleaning temperature of reflective vest is 40 ° C (see the clothes label for the specified cleaning times), reduce mechanical operation, gradually reduce the cleaning temperature, and reduce rotational dehydration. Do not use bleach. The temperature of the bottom of the iron is 110 ° C, and steam ironing may cause damage to clothes. Dry cleaning and solvent decontamination are prohibited. Do not dry the drum. It is forbidden to use strong alkaline detergent, washing solvent or bleach.

How to choose reflective vest?

Professional comparison of manufacturers. Although many businesses are selling reflective vests, wholesale still suggests cooperating with fbele. The manufacturer has professional office decoration designers and testing (inspection and testing) departments. The product is more authoritative (explanation: voluntary obedience and support to power) and more practical. It can also be supplied at any time. We can choose to buy products suitable for ourselves. Fbele does not need to wait too long. It is absolutely suitable for cooperation.

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