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What is Resettable Fuse

The recoverable fuse is composed of specially treated polymer resin and conductive particles (carbon black) distributed inside. Under normal operation, the polymeric resin tightly binds the conductive particles outside the crystalline structure to form a chain conductive electrical path. At this time, the recoverable fuse is in a low resistance state (a). The heat energy generated by the current flowing through the recoverable fuse on the line is small and will not change the crystal structure. When the line is short circuited or overloaded, the heat generated by the large current flowing through the recoverable fuse melts the polymer resin, the volume increases rapidly, forms a high resistance state (b), and the working current decreases rapidly, so as to limit and protect the circuit.

In terms of definition, PPTC (polymer positive temperature coefficient) is called recoverable fuse, and resettable fuse is self-healing fuse

Why use FBELE PTC Resettable Fuses

High Voltage

After cutting off the power supply and troubleshooting, it will automatically return to the normal state without manual replacement and can be reused.

Convenient installation
Easy installation

PTC has no difference between positive and negative polarity, and is not afraid of reverse connection. It can be connected in series with the circuit that needs protection. It is not only widely used, but also safe and reliable.

Light and Convenient
Product value-added

Due to the addition of high-tech elements, it can add new flash points to customers’ products, so that vulnerable circuits are no longer fragile. The use value of the product is improved. It can be sold at a high price

low cost
Cost reduction:

Less than other protection circuits: number of components, PCB area, damage during operation and additional costs; It can also improve production efficiency and reduce defect rate.

Automatic Recovery

When the fault of overcurrent and overheating is eliminated, the fuse element can be restored to the low resistance state automatically. This not only avoids maintenance and replacement, but also avoids the continuous cycle opening and closing state that may cause circuit damage. The reason why the recoverable fuse has the dual functions of over-current thermal protection and automatic recovery is due to its special manufacture. The recoverable fuse is made of a mixture of polymer and conductive materials. The polymer recoverable fuse is composed of polymer resin matrix and conductive particles distributed inside. Under normal circumstances, the conductive particles form a chain conductive path in the resin matrix. The polymer recoverable fuse shows low impedance (a). When an overcurrent occurs in the circuit, the heat generated by the large current flowing through the polymer recoverable fuse expands the volume of the polymer resin matrix and cuts off the chain conductive path formed by conductive particles, resulting in the rapid increase of the impedance of the polymer recoverable fuse, so as to protect the circuit from overcurrent (B). After troubleshooting, the resin cools and crystallizes again, the volume shrinks, the conductive particles re form the conductive path, and the polymer can restore the fuse to low impedance. Compared with the traditional fuse, it has the advantages of self recovery, small volume and more solid.


Application Scope of Resettable Fuse

Polymer recoverable fuse has no polarity and small capacitance. It is suitable for AC and DC power supplies and is connected in series with the protected appliances in the line. Lithium ion batteries often cause accidents such as combustion and explosion due to short circuit or overcharge, and polymer self resetting fuse can play an effective protective role.

Communication equipment: SPC exchange, user terminal equipment, general wiring security unit, etc.

Automotive electronics: Automotive harness, automotive anti-theft device, automotive micro motor, automotive electronic products, etc.

Electronic industry: power ballast, micromotor, fire alarm, instrument, etc.

Electrical equipment: satellite receiver, security equipment, loudspeaker, industrial automatic control, etc.

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Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


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