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What is Resistors

Resistor is generally called resistance directly in daily life. It is a current limiting element. After the resistor is connected in the circuit, the resistance value of the resistor is fixed, usually two pins. It can limit the current through the branch connected to it. A fixed resistor is one in which the resistance cannot be changed. Those with variable resistance are called potentiometers or variable resistors. The ideal resistor is linear, that is, the instantaneous current through the resistor is proportional to the applied instantaneous voltage. Variable resistor for voltage division. On the exposed resistor, one or two movable metal contacts are pressed tightly. The contact position determines the resistance between either end of the resistor and the contact.

The terminal voltage and current have a definite functional relationship, which reflects the ability of converting electric energy into other forms. It is represented by the letter R, and the unit is Ohm Ω. Actual devices such as bulbs, heating wires, resistors, etc. can be represented as resistor elements.

The resistance value of resistance element is generally related to temperature, material, length and cross-sectional area. The physical quantity that measures the resistance affected by temperature is the temperature coefficient, which is defined as the percentage of resistance value change when the temperature rises by 1 ℃. The main physical feature of resistance is to change electric energy into heat energy. It can also be said that it is an energy consuming element. Internal energy is generated when current passes through it. Resistance usually acts as a voltage divider and shunt in a circuit. For signals, both AC and DC signals can pass through resistors.

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FBELE thermistor has high precision, and the temperature measurement precision can reach 0.01 ℃, and the temperature measurement precision in wide temperature range is 0.1 ℃


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples.

High Stability

It has low noise, stability and reliability, low temperature coefficient, can withstand high temperature, and can still work normally at the ambient temperature of 170 ° C

Long Life Time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the resistor

Classification of Resistor

Classification by volt ampere characteristics

For most conductors, the resistance remains almost constant at a certain temperature and is a certain value. This kind of resistance is called linear resistance. The resistance of some materials obviously changes with the current (or voltage), and its V-A characteristic is a curve. This kind of resistance is called nonlinear resistance. Under the action of a given voltage (or current), the ratio of voltage to current is the static resistance at the operating point, and the slope on the V-A characteristic curve is the dynamic resistance. The expression of nonlinear resistance characteristics is complex, but these nonlinear relations have been widely used in electronic circuits.

Classification by material

  1. The wire wound resistor is formed by winding the resistance wire. The resistor is made by winding the high resistance alloy wire on the insulation framework, and the outside is coated with heat-resistant glaze insulation layer or insulation paint. The winding resistance has low temperature coefficient, high resistance accuracy, good stability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used as precision high-power resistance. Its disadvantages are poor high-frequency performance and large time constant.
  2. The carbon synthetic resistor is made of carbon and synthetic plastic.
  3. The carbon film resistor is made by plating a layer of carbon on the ceramic tube and depositing the crystalline carbon on the ceramic rod skeleton. Carbon film resistor is the most widely used resistor due to its low cost, stable performance, wide resistance range and low temperature coefficient and voltage coefficient.
  4. The metal film resistor is formed by coating a layer of metal on the ceramic tube. The alloy material is evaporated on the surface of the ceramic rod skeleton by vacuum evaporation.

Compared with carbon film resistor, metal film resistor has higher precision, better stability, lower noise and temperature coefficient. It is widely used in instruments and communication equipment.

  1. The metal oxide film resistor is formed by plating a layer of tin oxide on the porcelain tube and depositing a layer of metal oxide on the insulating rod. Because it is an oxide itself, it is stable under high temperature, resistant to thermal shock, and has strong load capacity. According to its application, it has universal, precision, high frequency, high voltage, high resistance, high power and resistance network.

Function of Resistor

Low power resistors are usually made of carbon film encapsulated in a plastic shell, while high-power resistors are usually wound resistors, which are made by winding a metal wire with high resistivity around a ceramic core.

If the resistance value of a resistor is close to zero ohms (for example, a large cross-section wire between two points), the resistor has no blocking effect on the current. The circuit in parallel with this resistor is short circuited and the current is infinite. If a resistor has infinite or large resistance, the circuit connected in series with the resistor can be regarded as an open circuit with zero current. The resistor commonly used in industry is between two extreme cases. It has a certain resistance and can pass a certain current, but the current is not as large as that in case of short circuit. The current limiting effect of the resistor is similar to that of the small diameter pipe connected between two large diameter pipes to limit the water flow. Resistance, the English name of resistance, is usually abbreviated as R. it is a basic property of a conductor, which is related to the size, material and temperature of the conductor. According to Ohm’s law, i=u/r, then r=u/i, the basic unit of resistance is Ohm, which is represented by the Greek letter “Ω”. There is such a definition: when a voltage of one volt is applied to a conductor, the resistance corresponding to one ampere of current is generated. The main function of resistance is to block the flow of current. In fact, “resistance” refers to a kind of property, and the resistance usually referred to in electronic products refers to such an element as a resistor. Ohm is often abbreviated as ohm. Commonly used units for resistance value include kilo ohm (K Ω), megaohm (m Ω) and milliohm (m Ω).

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