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What is IR Remote Control

The remote controller is a kind of wireless transmitting device, which encodes the key information through modern digital coding technology, emits light waves through infrared diodes, converts the received infrared signals into electrical signals through the infrared receiver of the receiver, decodes them into the processor, and demodulates the corresponding instructions to meet the operation requirements for controlling the set-top box and other equipment. A remote controller is a device used to remotely control machinery. Modern remote controllers are mainly composed of integrated circuit boards and used to generate different messages (message definition in communication: it is composed of a group of interrelated meaningful symbols, which can express a certain complete meaning of information.) Button.

The bus door remote controller adopts the latest technology to encode and decode, and controls the solenoid valve of the door pump in a flashing way to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the automatic door. It is used to remotely open and close the doors of passenger cars (buses and medium buses) to avoid the driver’s worry of having to get on and open the door every time. The main component of the transmitting part of the remote controller is an infrared light-emitting diode. In fact, it is a special light-emitting diode. Because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, when a certain voltage is applied at both ends, it emits infrared rather than visible light.

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Non Directional

Non directional, can not be “face to face” control

Long Distance

The distance can be tens of meters or even thousands of meters

Long Service Time

The main advantages of wireless remote control are long service life and not easy to damage


Wireless remote control improves work efficiency and production efficiency

Application Field of IR Remote Control

  1. Industrial crane: industrial crane is one of the most widely used fields of remote control system. Taking Germany as an example, it accounts for about 40% of the annual output of remote control system; In particular, almost all newly added cranes in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper mills and material warehouses are equipped with industrial wireless remote controllers;
  2. Truck crane and truck mounted crane: generally, the remote control system of large truck crane is also equipped with a data feedback device, which can display the operating parameters (such as load, jib length, load torque, oil temperature, pressure, angle, etc.) on the display screen of the launching system, and the operator can monitor the crane according to the displayed data;
  3. Concrete pump truck: since the console is tens of meters (or even hundreds of meters) away from the pouring operation surface during the operation of the concrete pump truck, the traditional operation mode requires the cooperation of several people, which limits the performance of the concrete pump truck due to its low efficiency; For large pump trucks with long distance and large displacement, the contradiction is more prominent; The use of industrial wireless remote controller can maximize the performance of the whole machine. After the pump truck driver drives and locates at the working place, he can use the portable remote control system to operate each action of the pump truck in turn, such as the left and right rotation of the distributing rod, the luffing and lifting of the multi-level rod, etc. The operator can carry the launching system, stay away from the pump truck console, and directly stand near the hose nozzle to control the action of the placing boom and the operation of the concrete pump;
  4. Mining machinery: in case of low visibility in the mine, the industrial wireless remote controller equipped with feedback device can be used to control the hydraulic machinery. Even in places with low visibility and poor environment, it is easy to control the drilling operation of heavy rock drilling rack. The operator can select the nearest location to drill holes, instead of staying on the operation platform of the drilling machine 10 meters away from the drilling operation point. The radio control device adopts IP65 protection standard, which is fully suitable for use in humid and salty environment. It greatly increases the safety, comfort and accuracy of operation, saves investment and improves efficiency;
  5. For special machinery, such as the slag removal loader in the steel plant, the industrial wireless remote controller is used to remotely transform the loader. On the premise of not changing the existing manual operation mode, the mechanical power performance and operation function of the original crawler loader are 100% simulated, so as to achieve the goal of unmanned slag removal. The operator can freely choose the best visual position with a lightweight transmitter, and the remote-controlled loader can run freely in the slag removal operation. The successful application of the remote control loader has eliminated the accident hidden dangers caused by the bad environment, unclear vision and high-temperature slag falling in the past, freed the operators from the bad environment, improved the slag removal efficiency, improved the working environment of metallurgical workers, and reduced the labor intensity of workers;
  6. Building tower cranes: more than 60% of the building rotary tower cranes in Europe and North America are controlled by wireless remote control, which not only saves the cost during equipment manufacturing (no aerial console), but also fully ensures the safety and reliability, and improves the construction efficiency;
  7. Other aspects: with the development of industrial wireless remote control technology, industrial wireless remote control has been widely used in loaders, shunting locomotives, hydraulic machinery, mobile vehicles, port loaders and other equipment, and the market prospect is extremely broad.

Classification of IR remote control

The IR remote control uses a wavelength of 0.76 ~ 1.5 μ M to transmit control signals.

The commonly used infrared remote control system is generally divided into two parts: transmitting and receiving.

(1) The main component of the emission part is the infrared light-emitting diode. In fact, it is a special light-emitting diode. Because its internal material is different from ordinary light-emitting diodes, when a certain voltage is applied at both ends, it emits infrared rather than visible light.

The infrared wavelength emitted by the widely used infrared light-emitting diodes is about 940nm. The shape is the same as that of ordinary light-emitting diodes, but the color is different.


(2) The main component of the receiving part is the infrared receiving diode, which generally has two types: round and square. In practical application, the infrared receiving diode should be applied with reverse bias voltage to work normally, that is, the infrared receiving diode is applied in reverse in the circuit, so as to obtain higher sensitivity.

Since the emission power of the infrared LED is generally small (about 100MW), the signal received by the infrared receiving diode is relatively weak. Therefore, it is necessary to add a high gain amplifier circuit. In recent years, most of the finished infrared receiving heads have been used.

There are roughly two types of packaging for finished infrared receiving heads: one is shielded by iron sheet; One is plastic packaging. There are three pins, namely power supply positive (VDD), power supply negative (GND) and data output (VOUT). The pin arrangement of the infrared receiving head varies with different models. Please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. The advantage of the finished infrared receiving head is that it does not need complex debugging and shell shielding. It is very convenient to use like a triode. However, pay attention to the carrier frequency of the finished infrared receiving head when using.

The common carrier frequency of infrared remote control is 38kHz, which is determined by the 455khz crystal oscillator used at the transmitter. At the transmitting end, the crystal oscillator shall be divided into integer frequency. The frequency division coefficient is generally 12, so 455khz ÷ 12 ≈ 37.9 kHz ≈ 38kHz. Some remote control systems use 36kHz, 40KHz, 56khz, etc., which are generally determined by the oscillation frequency of the crystal oscillator at the transmitter.

The characteristic of infrared remote control is that it does not affect the surrounding environment and does not interfere with other electrical equipment. Because it can not penetrate the wall, household appliances in different rooms can use a universal remote control without mutual interference; The circuit debugging is simple. As long as the given circuit is correctly connected, it can be put into operation without any debugging; Easy coding and decoding, multi-channel remote control. Therefore, infrared remote control has been widely used in household appliances and indoor short-range (less than 10 meters) remote control.

Radio remote control

Radio remote control (RF remote control) is a remote control device that uses radio signals to control various remote mechanisms. After these signals are received by the remote receiving equipment, they can command or drive other corresponding mechanical or electronic equipment to complete various operations, such as closing the circuit, moving the handle, starting the motor, and then these machines can perform the required operations. As a kind of remote controller complementary to infrared remote controller, it has been widely used in garage door, electric door, road gate remote control, anti-theft alarm, industrial control and wireless smart home.

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