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FBELE intelligent access control system is a professional face recognition gate supplier, which provides customers with professional face recognition gate and intelligent access control system solutions, Through the use of face recognition gate, the data is real-time.

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What is DIY RFID Access Control System

Entrance and exit access control security management system is a new modern security management system. It integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures. It involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology and so on. It is an effective measure to solve the entrance and exit of important departments and realize safety prevention management. It is applicable to all kinds of confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, parking lot management, machine rooms, armory, confidential rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

Why use Access Control System

Password Identification
Password Identification

Advantages: convenient operation, no need to carry cards; Low cost

Card Identification
Card Identification

The access authority is identified by card reading or card reading plus password. According to the card type, it is divided into magnetic card and RF card

Code Recognition
Code Recognition

Safe, simple, convenient and fast. For the school, it saves time and labor costs

Biometrics Identification
Biometrics Identification

Identify the entry and exit through the biometrics of inspectors. There are fingerprint type, palm type, iris type, face recognition type, finger vein recognition type, etc

The Composition of Access Control Systems

the core part of the access control system, which is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. It is responsible for the processing, storage and control of the input and output information of the whole system.

Card reader: a device that reads data (biometric information) from a card.

Electromagnetic lock: the executive part of locking the door in the access control system. Users should choose different locks according to door materials, exit requirements and other needs. There are mainly the following types:

(1) Electromagnetic lock: the electromagnetic lock opens the door after power failure, which meets the fire protection requirements. And equipped with a variety of mounting racks for customers to use. This kind of lock is suitable for one-way, one-way, electric door.

The door magnetic detector can detect the safety state of the door at any time.

Cathode lock: the key to open the door. The personal photo of the cardholder can be printed on the card, and the door opening card and chest card are combined into one. Other equipment: wireless door magnet

Exit button: press the device to open the door once, which is applicable to the situation of unlimited exit. Door magnetism: used to detect the safety / switching state of the door.

DIY RFID Access Control System
DIY RFID Access Control System-

do you need an LCD access control system

The card reader of the access control system is equipped with LCD, which is not an advanced logo of the product. With LCD will have two advantages, one can display the card number and other information of the card reader, and the other can display the card swiping time. However, the access control system is a durable product that requires long-term use, but the LCD is not a durable product. As we all know, the LCD has a service life and is relatively fragile. It can not withstand long-term exposure to wet and static electricity. The damage of liquid crystal will also cause the damage of card reader circuit, making the card reader out of order, and people can’t swipe their cards into the door. You may think that when I check in, I can know that the time meets the requirements of humanization. In fact, it will bring another bad side. For example, if your employee finds himself late when clocking in, he should quickly find his leader and sign a special approval form. In this way, the notarization of attendance is lost. What’s the use of unfair and untrue attendance results. Therefore, the author believes that if you want to ensure the long-term stability of the access control system, you’d better not buy a card reader with LCD for a fancy function.

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