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What is Rocker Switch

Boat type switch is also called rocker switch. The structure is the same as that of the button switch, except that the button handle is changed into a ship type. Ship type switches are often used as power switches of electronic equipment. Their contacts are divided into SPDT and DPDT, and some switches are also equipped with indicator lights.

Why Purchase FBELE Rocker Switches

High Voltage
Free Samples

FBELE provide free samples for real customers.quantity below 5pcs is acceptable


Full range of UL TUV CUL VDE CE CCC certification,ISO9001

good consistency
Good Consistency

The automatic production of FBELE company ensures the excellent consistency of the rocker switches


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples

what is rocker switch?

Rocker switches are user-interface controls featuring a seesaw-like action to toggle electrical circuits on or off. When one side of the switch is pressed down, the other side rises, resembling a rocking motion, which gives the switch its name. They usually present with a concave surface to comfortably fit a finger or thumb. Rocker switches can vary in size, color, and number of poles and throws, accommodating different electrical loads and functions. They’re recognized for their ease of use and are often used in consumer electronics, automotive applications, and household appliances.

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Application of Rocker switches

Rocker switches are widely used due to their versatile nature across various applications. They are commonly found in:
Home Appliances: Like coffee makers, blenders, and fans for simple on/off control.
Automotive: For operating lights, windows, and other vehicle functions.
Industrial Machinery: To toggle power and control panels on heavy equipment.
Electronics: As power switches on computers, monitors, and power strips.
Lighting: In both residential and commercial settings for turning lights on and off.
Medical Devices: Where reliable and easy-to-use switches are essential for operation.

How to Choose rocker switches

Choosing the right rocker switch involves considering several key factors:
Electrical Rating: Ensure the switch can handle the current (amps) and voltage (AC or DC) of your application to prevent overload and potential failure.
Circuit Function: Decide between single-pole (SPST, SPDT) or double-pole (DPST, DPDT) based on whether you need to control one or multiple circuits.
Action Type: Determine if you need a momentary switch (only active when held) or a maintained switch (stays in set position).
Size and Mounting: Make sure the switch fits your panel cutout and has a compatible mounting style.
Environment: Consider IP ratings for resistance to dust and moisture if used in harsh conditions.
Ease of Use: Look for switches with clear on/off markings, and consider illuminated options for visibility.
Certifications: Check for relevant safety standards and certifications like UL, CE, or RoHS compliance.
Selecting a switch that aligns with these considerations ensures reliability, safety, and suitability for your specific application.

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China Leading Rocker Switch Supplier


FBELE has been specializing in the production of ship switches for 25 years. Its main advantages are: specializing in the design, R & D, manufacturing and production of various types of power switches; snap-in mounted rocker switches

FBELE Brand is one of the leading boat rocker switch suppliers and all of our circuit Illuminated rocker switches and non-illuminated can meet ROHS and REACH, CE,UL,high quality,competitive price.

FBELE is one stop solution for circuit breaker switches for your project.FBELE can provide OEM and ODM service.whether you are Distributor of rocker switches or you are manufacturer of electronic products.

FBELE is looking for an agent. Welcome to contact our business department today.

What does customer say about FBELE Company


We choose FBELE as our partner because FBELE has its own plastic mold factory, which can help us customize products and provide prototypes, which provides a strong guarantee for us to design new products.


FBELE not only provides standard products, but also provides us with free design. The solutions provided are very standardized, safe, practical, time-effective and technical. We are very satisfied. Thanks to FBELE’s design team.

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China Best panel-mounted switches Manufacturer & Supplier

High quality circuit breaker switches, automatic production, stable products, good consistency and quality assurance. FBELE is the preferred supplier for international famous brands.

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Genaral Questions About Rocker Switch

What are the main parameters of rocker switch?

a. The standard rated working voltage and current of ship type switch are relatively small. Refers to the safe voltage and current allowed by the switch during normal operation. If the voltage is greater than the standard value, it will lead to ignition breakdown between the two contacts, power failure and switch failure. If the current exceeds the rated current, the switch contact will be burnt out due to excessive current. b. Contact resistance of ship type switch. Refers to the resistance between each pair of contacts when the switch is turned on. The smaller the value, the better. The switch resistance is small, the power loss is small, and the use time can be delayed for a long time. c. Insulation resistance of ship type switch. The resistance values of the conductor and insulation of the switch are very low. The switch can be operated for about 5000-35000 times under normal working conditions.

How to see the quality of the copper plate of the ship type switch?

① Under the same material condition, check the size of the copper sheet. The longer the ship type switch is, the better (because the size of the socket spacing depends on the length of the copper sheet. The wider the jack spacing is, the easier it is to pull out two or three plugs at the same time). ② The thicker the copper sheet, the better. (the elasticity of the copper sheet will affect the life of the socket) ③ Check whether the copper sheet belongs to the one-time forming copper sheet, and the best one is all copper pieces, so as to further weaken the fracture of some links and the heating of rivets. ④ 4 contact mode of socket copper sheet and plug conductive sheet: A: point contact: B: surface contact: surface contact is always more conductive and safe than point contact (point contact is prone to spark and copper sheet is more loose)

How to look at the quality of flame retardant backseat of rocker switch?

a. Burn the rear seat with a lighter. The smaller the chance of extinguishing, the better (the higher the safety). b. It is best to ablate but not extinguish. c. The smaller the odor, the better. The faster the odor disappears, the better. (less harmful substances)

How to judge the quality of rocker and support head of ship type switch:

a. The strong spring support head is always better than the rubber head support (because the rubber head support smoothing agent will be worn after drying, which will cause the switch to be insensitive and the seizure (sliding) phenomenon. b. The bigger the rocker, the better (because the bigger the rocker, the better the heat dissipation) C, the full silver plating of the rocker is always better than the partial silver plating and the complete silver plating (because the conductivity of silver is always stronger than that of copper)

What factors restrict the specific application of waterproof rocker switch?

Such as: installation mode, product installation direction, air flow, pressure difference acting on the product, fluid rebound strength, working voltage, etc. Even though the sealing technology of the arc waterproof ship switch with excellent sealing performance has reached the leading level, it does not mean that the switch is completely sealed, and it also needs to prevent the invasion of corrosive gases or substances.

How to clean the ship switch?

When you get the ship type switch, gently rotate the moving and stationary contacts with the switch with your fingers, and drop anhydrous alcohol directly between the moving and stationary contacts. At the same time, continuously rotate the rotating metal handle with the switch, and then contact and rub the moving and stationary contacts with each other, so as to remove dirt and oxide layer and thoroughly clean them without poor contact, resulting in no electricity.

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