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FBELE is an intelligent electric screwdriver manufacturer integrating the production and sales of intelligent electric screwdriver and brushless intelligent electric screwdriver. It is an electric screwdriver brand that provides high-quality intelligent electric screwdriver, intelligent electric screwdriver price and intelligent electric screwdriver

  • With and without carbon brushes
  • Automatic alarm signal
  • Safe low voltage power supply
  • Light weight and small volume

What is Electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver, also known as electric screwdriver and electric screwdriver, is an electric tool used to tighten and loosen screws. The electric tool is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque, which is mainly used in assembly lines. It is one of the necessary tools for most manufacturers. Electric screwdriver — referred to as electric screwdriver for short

Completely ergonomically designed

  1. light weight and small volume
  2. safe low voltage power supply
  3. grounding and anti-static of screwdriver head
  4. torque accuracy ± 3%
  5. speed control (high speed and low speed)
  6. push / slide / push down switch
  7. lever start
  8. with and without carbon brushes
  9. there is an automatic alarm signal

What is a Best Electric screwdriver?


The torque of intelligent electric screwdriver can be controlled with high precision, and the error can be controlled within ± 5%

Controlled by sections

The speed and torque of intelligent electric screwdriver in locking process can be controlled by sections

Internet of things cloud system

The intelligent electric screwdriver can also be integrated into the “Internet of things cloud system” to realize remote data reading, analysis and operation

Safe, environment-friendly and stable

It is safe, environment-friendly and stable. There is no noise during the operation of the electric batch. The key components are imported products to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the products

Selection of Electric Screwdriver

As the saying goes, “if you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools.”. Although a small electric screwdriver is very common, there is also some knowledge on how to choose and use it correctly.

  1. According to the needs, it is necessary to distinguish between home use and professional use. Most electric screwdrivers are designed for professionals. When purchasing, it is necessary to distinguish between professional and general home use electric screwdrivers. Generally, the power difference between professional and general household electric power batch is in power. The power of professional electric power batch is large, so as to facilitate professionals to reduce workload. The general household electric power batch has relatively small workload due to small project, so the input power of electric power batch does not need to be very large.
  2. The outer package of the electric screwdriver shall have clear patterns without damage, the plastic box shall be firm, and the buckle for opening the plastic box shall be firm and durable.
  3. The appearance of the electric screwdriver shall be uniform, the surface of the plastic parts shall be free of obvious shadow wires, dents, scratches or bumps, the assembly dislocation between the shell parts shall be ≤ 0.5mm, the aluminum casting coating shall be smooth and beautiful without defects, and the surface of the whole machine shall be free of oil and stains. When held by hand, the handle of the switch shall be flat. Generally, the length of cable shall not be less than 2m.
  4. The nameplate parameters of the electric screwdriver shall be consistent with those on the CCC certificate. The detailed address and contact information of the manufacturer and manufacturer shall be provided on the instructions. The nameplate or certificate of conformity shall have the traceable batch number of the product.
  5. Hold the electric screwdriver by hand, turn on the power, operate the switch frequently to make the tool start frequently, and observe whether the on-off function of the electric screwdriver switch is reliable. At the same time, observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon in the TV and fluorescent lamp on site. To confirm whether the electric screwdriver is equipped with an effective radio interference suppressor.
  6. The electric driver shall be powered on and operated for one minute, and shall be held by hand during operation. The hand shall not feel any abnormal vibration. Observe the reversing spark. The reversing spark shall not exceed 3/2 grade. Generally, there shall be no obvious arc light on the surface of the commutator when viewed from the air inlet of the electric driver. There shall be no abnormal noise during operation.

What is Screwdriver

A screwdriver is a common tool used to turn a screw into place. It usually has a thin wedge head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head.

There are mainly two kinds of characters: one word (minus sign) and cross (plus sign). There are also common hexagon screwdrivers, including inner hexagon and outer hexagon. When the screwdriver is used to pry the paint cover, the working principle of the lever is used. The greater the distance from the power point to the fulcrum, the more labor-saving, so the long screwdriver is more labor-saving than the short screwdriver.

The screwdriver uses the working principle of the axle when it is used to screw in screws. The larger the wheel is, the more labor-saving it is. Therefore, it is more labor-saving to use a screwdriver with a thick handle than a screwdriver with a thin handle. When repairing a mobile phone, you need to use a screwdriver to open the shell (some mobile phone shells are snap fit without a screwdriver). Most of the screws used are hexagon socket screws; Different mobile phones have different specifications, generally including T5, T6, T7, T8, etc. some models are also equipped with special screws, which require a special screwdriver. In addition, we need to prepare some small slotted screwdriver and small Torx screwdriver.

When selecting and matching such tools, batch a and B should be selected, which almost includes the shell opening tools of all mobile phones. When opening the casing, select the appropriate screwdriver according to the type and specification of the fixing screws on the casing. If it is not selected properly, the screw groove may be screwed flat, resulting in slipping. The screwdriver has no round head, because the round head has no torque at all. One word is to ensure that there is torque, and the cross can make the force more evenly distributed. According to the power source, there are manual screwdriver and electric screwdriver; According to the batch head or cutter head, there are flat head and Phillips.

The head of a high-quality screwdriver is made of spring steel with high hardness. A good screwdriver should be hard but not brittle, hard but tough. When the opening of the screw head becomes bald and slippery, the screwdriver can be knocked with a hammer to make the groove of the screw deeper so that the screw can be unscrewed without damage; Screwdriver is often used to pry things, which requires a certain toughness without bending. In general, it is hoped that the hardness of the screwdriver head is greater than HRC60 and is not easy to rust.

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FBELE is a professional manufacturer of electric screwdriver. Its products include PLC electric screwdriver, PLC electric screwdriver, PLC electric screwdriver, brushless electric screwdriver, brushless electric screwdriver, brushless electric screwdriver screw locking equipment, laser marking machine, charging drill, thermostatic soldering iron and other equipment to improve production efficiency

FBELE has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of intelligent servo electric screwdriver, brushless electric screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver, screw arranging machine and surrounding supporting intelligent products. It is a national high-tech enterprise Co., Ltd!

FBELE company is a professional R & D, manufacturing and sales enterprise. It is a good helper and mainly produces industrial grade electric screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver, screw machine and other related peripheral products. Hotline: 0086-18868647636

What does customer say about FBELE Company


FBELE’s Ultrasonic distance sensor is applied in our newly developed new products. At the initial stage of research and development, FBELE’s technical team gave us great technical support, enabling our project to move forward smoothly
Now that the project has been implemented, FBELE will be asked to help develop new projects in the future.


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.

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FBELE is an enterprise focusing on screw locking for 25 years. It can provide intelligent screwdriver, electric screwdriver, automatic screw feeder, automatic screw machine, turntable screw feeder, handheld screw machine and full-automatic screw machine. Welcome to call us at 0086-18868647636

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