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FBELE metal lampshade ensures the durability and fall resistance of the ring lamp. Easy to install (power adapter), portable bag, whether indoor or outdoor shooting, shooting experience different shooting experience. [4 colors and 10 brightness levels]

  • Low power consumption
  • High stability
  • Long service life
  • Energy saving

What is Selfie Ring Light

Also Camera fill light is also called camera light, head light, news light, etc. Its main function is to provide auxiliary light when shooting in the absence of light conditions, so as to obtain reasonable picture materials. The camera fill light has excellent control performance, such as adjusting brightness, color temperature, displaying remaining power, etc.

Previous camera fill lights used halogen bulbs, which were externally connected to mains power. It has been eliminated.

Led fill lights are mostly used. Because of its high light efficiency, low voltage, small size, long service life, fast response speed, strong seismic capacity, energy conservation, environmental protection and other characteristics, it is rapidly popularized.

Professional camera fill light

The new generation of camera fill lights use LED as the light-emitting body and rechargeable battery for power supply. Some of them adopt the power supply mode of external mains.

Why Purchase FBELE Selfie Ring Light

Ultra long service life

Ultra long service life, and the service life of high-power LED white light is up to more than 50000 hours

Green and Environment-friendly

Green and environment-friendly, high-power LED white light lamp does not contain lead, mercury and other polluting elements, and has no pollution to the environment

Energy saving

Energy saving, more than 80% less than high-pressure sodium lamp. Compared with halogen lamp, it can work under low pressure, cold start


Low voltage safety, LED is a low-voltage DC device, which does not need high voltage. The voltage driving a single LED is a safe voltage, so it is safer than a white light lamp using high-voltage power supply

How to Use Selfie Ring Light

FBELE electronic live broadcast beauty fill light three color adjustable

With the development of society and the expansion of people’s communication circle, people want to leave their own and the phantom around them all the time; With the popularity of only mobile phones, people’s demand for self portraits is also increasing. But now we want to take self portraits in some special places, such as KTV, disco, quiet alley, etc. in places where the light is not very good, but we are worried that the light is not enough to beautify our face. What should we do? Or what if you want to take some funny photos but can’t find a suitable scene? Beauty fill light to help you!

Place the beauty fill light on the top of the mobile phone (the side can also be used), and turn on the switch (there are two buttons on the top of the fill light, one is the switch is also the brightness adjustment button, the other is the color adjustment);

Adjust the brightness of the light, and the light intensity has three levels, from weak to strong; (there are two buttons on the top of the fill light, one is the switch, which is also the brightness adjustment button, and the other is the color adjustment);

Adjust the fill light color according to your desired scene and needs. (there are two buttons on the top of the fill light, one is the color adjustment button, the other is the switch, which is also the brightness adjustment button);

When you need to charge the beauty fill light, just remove the clip at the low end of the fill light, and you can connect the V8 (Android interface) interface for charging

Selfie Ring Light
Selfie Ring Light

How Does Selfie Ring Light Work?

Led fill light is the use of LED light-emitting diodes to fill the light of the subject. Due to low energy consumption and high brightness, LED lights are generally used in camera phones or digital cameras for filling the light when the light is not filled. Because the brightness of LED is far lower than that of real flash lamp, it can only play the role of “fill light”. Now some mobile phones have used the same flash as cameras, such as Sony Ericsson’s K790C, which uses xenon flash. The effect is better than led fill light, but it can’t be used as a flashlight like LED.

Principle of LED flash lamp: LED does not emit light through the electronic jump inside the atom, but by applying voltage to both ends of the PN junction of LED, so that the PN junction itself forms an energy level, and then the electrons jump on this energy level and produce photons to emit light. The service life of qualified led under rated power should reach about 100000 hours. If the mobile phone is designed to use the LED driving current beyond the rated current, the LED life will be greatly shortened to thousands or even hundreds of hours.

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FBELE 200w high-power fill light beauty light, fill light scheme in live broadcast room, indicating 95+, highly restored color It is widely used in live broadcast room, portrait photography, photography studio light, live broadcast, fill light manufacturer direct sales, and one is issued on behalf of others!

FBELE specializes in R & D, production and sales of LED environmental protection fill light, led strobe light, LED flash light, led fill light, led environmental protection fill light, super waterproof IP68, no debugging Welcome to inquire

FBELE, mainly produces LED ring light live fill light, photo beauty light, photography soft light shooting, constant light self shooting, live fill light, led mobile phone self shooting light, photo main live broadcast, beauty thin and tender skin, light whitening artifact, HD small camera, net red fill light

What does Customer say about FBELE Company


We saw FBELE on the forum. At that time, we thought that the enterprise’s technical articles were very thorough and in-depth, and its social responsibility was also strong. This year, we just need to have new product development, so we found fbele and asked them to purchase samples. The speed was very fast and the quality was good, waiting for the implementation of the project!


In 2019, I contacted FBELE through my friend’s introduction. My friend has cooperated with FBELE for 10 years, and the cooperation is very happy, and then recommended it to me We bought fbele products. At present, we are very satisfied with the quality and delivery date. I will also recommend them to my friends.

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FBELE ring light live fill light is packed tightly and intact, with three color fill light: cold light, white light, warm light, and two color temperatures, which is suitable for a variety of self timer and live broadcast desired shooting effects. Highlight and detail gear adjustment, no matter how high or low, you can adjust it as you want.

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Genaral Questions About Selfie Ring Light

Which kind of battery is good for beauty selfie lighting?

The built-in lithium battery has the characteristics of convenient charging, low use cost and simple maintenance. Therefore, consumers should give priority to the beauty selfie lighting lamp designed with the built-in lithium battery.

Can the selfie fill light make "me" more beautiful?

Whether it is beautiful or not depends on the individual’s photographing skills and self-quality. The supplementary light is only an important external factor.

with a self timer, the imaging will be good?

The selfie fill light is only an auxiliary item, which can help the front camera get more light. But imaging is not only this, but also the quality of the front camera is very important.

What are the main parameters of the beauty lighting lamp?

Subjective parameters: multi level dimming, back plating mirror, macro lens

What should I pay attention to when using the selfie fill light?

Most of the selfie fill lights are designed with clips, which will scratch the screen and the back shell if used for a long time. For mobile phones, it is also necessary to apply a film hanging cover.

Is the beauty selfie fill light suitable for all mobile phones?

Beauty selfie fill light may not be suitable for all mobile phones. You should know that some mobile phones have a front fill light design, which can illuminate your beauty without selfie fill light.

Which brand of beauty selfie lamp is good?

Fbele has been committed to the design, development and manufacturing of digital products and accessories for many years. The products focus on fashion and humanization And different accessories are matched with suitable themes and manufactured with different high-quality materials and processes. Is your first choice!

Is the photographic fill light useful?

It is necessary that good light can better shape the texture of still life. Whether it is taken by mobile phone or camera, the image quality is better when the light is sufficient than when the light is poor. Mobile phones, in particular, have visible noise when the light is slightly poor.

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