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FBELE SMD lamp bead emits light on the side, with small appearance size, large luminous angle and high brightness consistency; FBELE adopts advanced LED automatic production equipment to provide you with high-quality SMD lamp beads!

  • Small size
  • large luminous angle
  • Competitive price
  • high brightness consistency

What is SMD LED

SMD LED means surface mount light-emitting diode. SMD chip helps to improve production efficiency and different facility applications. It is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. Its voltage is 1.9-3.2v, and the red and yellow light voltages are the lowest. The heart of the LED is a semiconductor chip. One end of the chip is attached to a bracket, one end is a negative pole, and the other end is connected to the positive pole of the power supply, so that the whole chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin. The semiconductor chip is composed of two parts. One part is a p-type semiconductor, in which holes are dominant, and the other end is an n-type semiconductor, mainly electrons. But when these two semiconductors are connected, a p-n junction is formed between them. When the current acts on the chip through the wire, the electrons will be pushed to the p region. In the p region, the electrons and holes compound, and then they will emit energy in the form of photons. This is the principle of LED lighting. The wavelength of light, that is, the color of light, is determined by the material forming the p-n junction.

Why Purchase FBELE SMD LED

Low Cost

Due to big production quantity and automatic production line, the cost of LED is relatively low.

Fast delivery

Most of FBELE’s SMD has stock,delivery time will be 1day.

Long life time

The FBELE uses the latest and best raw materials to prolong the service life of the SMD LED.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples for SMD LED

Main Model of SMD LED

SMD LED 3528

3528 SMD lamp beads, power 0.06w, lumen values 6-7lm, 7-8lm, 8-9lm, and the maximum luminous efficiency can reach 150lm/w. [1]

SMD LED 2835

2835 SMD lamp beads, power 0.2W, lumen values 20-22lm, 22-24lm, 24-26lm, and the maximum luminous efficiency can reach 130lm/w.

SMD LED 5050

5050 SMD lamp beads, power 0.2W, lumen values 20-22lm, 22-24lm, 24-26lm, and the maximum luminous efficiency can reach 130lm/w.

SMD LED 5630

5630 SMD lamp beads, power 0.5W, lumen values 50-55lm, 55-60lm, and the maximum luminous efficiency can reach 130lm/w.

SMD LED 3014

3014 SMD lamp bead, power 0.1W, lumen value 11-12lm, 12-13lm, and the maximum luminous efficiency can reach 130lm/w.

Rocker Switches manufacturing equipment

Classification of SMD LED

Commonly used LEDs include in-line led, TOPLED, piranha and high-power LED.

1) In line led:

The electrical connection adopts the form of 2-pin direct plug, which is a traditional and low-end product. Due to the large thermal resistance of the package, the chip is not easy to dissipate heat, so the light effect attenuation is fast and the service life is short. The advantage is that it is cheap and can be made into a very small light angle.


The electrical connection adopts the method of 2, 4 or 6-pin patch, which is a commonly used light source at present. According to the size of the package outline, it is divided into 0805, 1206, 3528, 3535, 5050, 5060 and other specifications. The larger the package outline, the better the heat dissipation performance, the larger the bearable power and the more output light energy.

3) Piranha:

It is a 4-pin in-line package. Its heat dissipation performance and reliability are better than the ordinary 2-pin in-line package. It can withstand 50~70ma working current. It is a commonly used light source at present.

4) High power LED:

LEDs designed and produced with large-size chips and enhanced hot channel technology are usually divided into 0.5w\1w\3w\5w and other specifications. A single 1wled can withstand more than 300mA of working current and output more than 100 lumens of luminous flux. It is widely used in civil and commercial lighting, traffic control, photography, night vision and other fields. The price of high-power LED is still high. With the gradual maturity of the technology, it will hopefully completely replace the traditional lighting source and lead the world into a solid light source era.

China Leading SMD LED Manufacturer


FBELE SMD lamp beads, specializing in the production of LED, SMD LED lamp beads, in-line led, low light attenuation, high brightness, long service life, are widely used in lighting, industry and other fields, meet the export standards of Europe and the United States, and the products are exported to Europe and the United States

FBELE has been specialized in manufacturing LED light source patch lamp beads for 25 years. With accumulated rich production experience, the products can be manufactured according to your required brightness range, luminous color, size, etc

FBELE[0086-18868647636] specializes in the production of LED lamp beads, SMD LED lamp beads, in-line LED lamp beads, high-power LED lamp beads, piranha LED lamp beads, pointed nipple tower shaped square shaped shaped special customized LED lamp beads and led 16 years of production technology team, taking meeting customer needs as the guide

What does customer say about FBELE Company


Our company has just started to import Chinese products from this year and is not very familiar with customs declaration and transportation. FBELE has taken the trouble to help us handle the import, which has solved our worries at home. Very very very good service.


I chose more than 10 suppliers. Among the suppliers of products of the same quality, fbele has the lowest price. Among the suppliers with the same price, FBELE has the best quality. We are ready to place the first order for FBELE.

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FBELE chip lamp bead LED lamp bead manufacturer has been specialized for 25 years, focusing on chip lamp beads and plug-in LED lamp beads. Free samples of chip lamp beads are provided, and the equipment is advanced. Welcome to see the factory!

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Genaral Questions About SMD LED

Why does the LED chip lamp's pearlescent decline?

The attenuation of LED chip lamp beads is what we usually call low-power lamp beads. There are the following reasons: poor thermal conductivity of the iron support, yellowing of epoxy resin, insufficient contact between the chip and the support, large chip attenuation, and phosphor attenuation in case of white light.

LED chip lamp beads yellow?

Most of the reasons for the yellowing of LED outer sealing adhesive are caused by the mismatch between epoxy resin and curing agent. However, it cannot be ruled out that the baking time of the outer sealing adhesive is too long. Solution: purchase a complete set of outer sealing adhesive and curing agent, such as the model 800 or 2339 glue of Shanghai Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., and the following conditions will not occur. Strictly follow the operation instructions to avoid the reasons such as too long or insufficient baking time. This situation is well controlled.

Leakage of LED chip lamp beads?

During the production of LED chip lamp beads, the machine equipment was not grounded, and the personnel did not wear the electrostatic Bracelet (it must have a rope), which caused improper electrostatic protection. Then, the pad welding of the bonding wire was biased during the packaging process, and finally, the quality hidden trouble of the chip itself.

LED chip lamp beads do not light up?

First, we need to check whether the power supply works normally and whether the indicator light is on. If not, please check whether the power supply is connected properly; Check whether the power cord of the lamp bead is well connected with the positive and negative poles of the power supply, and whether there is any inversion. If there is any problem above, please connect it correctly.

LED chip lamp beads are not powered?

When the LED chip lamp beads are not powered on, in order to facilitate the selection during the purchase, LanJin optoelectronic manufacturers suggest to prepare a 3V button battery, which can be used to easily check the light emitted by the LED. Generally, the aluminum substrates of three 1W lamps are all driven by 12V, and few are directly used by 220V. You can see if there is a constant current source or a 12V drive power source.

What are the models of SMD LED lamp beads?

There are various types of LED beads, including in-line and chip type, and high-power lamp beads. The current of the lamp beads ranges from several tens of milliamperes to several amperes, and the voltage is relatively consistent, most of which are at three or more volts. What are the models of SMD LED lamp beads? Roughly speaking, there are in-line LED lamp beads, SMD LED lamp beads and piranha shaped LED lamp beads according to the model package classification.

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