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FBELE focuses on the research and development of voice control module, and well-known enterprises designate cooperative suppliers Voice control module, speaker volume up to 120dB, IO, RS485, RS232, can bus control, with audio output

  • Long life time
  • High Sensitivity of Sound module
  • Clear content of languageand sound
  • Superlow power consumption

What is Push Button Sound Module?

Generally speaking, the voice control module is the voice recognition technology (also known as voice instruction), which is commonly used in all walks of life for recognition function. The high-quality voice control module can provide convenient services for everyone, transfer information according to the relative module components, and then maximize the transmission effect

Why purchase recordable sound module chip

New design
New design

FBELE produces new designs almost every month for customers to choose.

long life time
Long life time

FBELE adopts high-quality components for loudspeaker, some of which are imported from overseas, so its service life is longer.

Good sound quality
Strong Quality stability

FBELE micro speakers are produced with automatic equipment, which has strong stability in Quality level.


FBELE provides mold opening and customizes products according to customer drawings and samples.

What is recognition system of voice recorder chip

The main function of the voice module is to enable the receiver to quickly recognize the voice content and receive the corresponding information through voice transmission. Therefore, the recognition system is also an important part of the voice module, which can be adjusted and controlled. We can recognize the type of voice from the voice module, or the voice provided by people leaving the recognition system role. Recognition system is a system function to guide the conversion of voice module.

sound module
sound module

What is Power amplifier module of Sound Recorder Board

The production process of the Sound Module is complex, mainly including piezoelectric film capacitance, group capacity meter, welding piezoelectric film wire, discharge piezoelectric film, pouring piezoelectric film, 1600H, glue, cover plate, testing, pouring Epoxy, aging, audiometry, printing, visual inspection, sealing paper, packaging. FBELE has first-class production technology in china

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sound module

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What does customer say about FBELE Company


In 2021, we need to make some samples when designing new products. Because we need the shell without opening the mold, FBELE used the engraving machine to make samples for us, which made our project go smoothly and gave us great help


Last year, we were in urgent need of products. Fbele helped us fight day and night for 15 days, and finally delivered the goods to customers, avoiding the loss of claims. Thank FBELE’s workshop and workers!

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